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20 Celebrities in Crypto – Moreover to counteract the silly season a bit! We found a cute infographic tat we wanted to share with you. 20 Sports Stars, Rappers & Billionaire’s which are in Crypto.

No matter who you follow on this list, their all intersting in how they use and got into cryptocurrency trading or hodling. So keep an eye out for the future of different celebrities as we will be updating the list over time! If you see anybody or hear anything, please feel free to let us know as we are always around to add any new celebs here 😉

The Rothchilds

Though the amounts are smallish. This might just be the start for them, plenty of cash on hand for this family that is thought to be part of the Illuminati. That reason alone they likely are hiding a much bigger stash of Bitcoin and Crypto Altcoins as the top 20 celebrities in crypto.

20 Celebrities in Crypto #1 Rothchilds

George Sorros

Yes the man we love to hate!? At least some do thinking he is some kind of super devil, but the truth is far less interesting. He is the flipside of our Warren Buffett. On our 20 celebrities in crypto list. As contencious as George Sorros might be, he is the champion of currency trading. In addition to once bringing the bank of england to it’s knees!

Floyd Mayweather

A person that is more of an opportunist than a crypto enthusiast it seems. Promoting such as an Isreali ICO and landing himself in hotwater with the SEC in doing so. Israeli’s are the one of the financial underbellies of the world and regarded as grifters/scammers in financial products because of their unending greed and lack of ethics. We hope Floyed will re-evealuate his decisions and stick to bitcoin in the future!


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