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The Best Discord Crypto Signals 1st (Altcoins & BitMEX/ByBit)

The Best Discord Crypto Signals 1st (Altcoins & BitMEX/ByBit)

by Rico ChetteOctober 24, 2018

Best Discord Crypto Trading Signals / Discord Servers for Altcoins and Margin Trades on Bitmex / Bybit. What to consider – What to choose. Infos, Reviews, Results & Discounts.

Yes. We heard you. Yes, we have to accept that some of you just don’t get it going with Telegram channels. We read every email we get. There have been many requests to create a post similar to our elite crypto signals on Telegram/Bitmex and Bybit signals post for the Discord crypto platform. I put a few weeks of time into researching the best crypto Discord groups and writing this article. I hope it will help you to find a “community home” in the world of crypto Discord groups. 

You can open a beer or brew a coffee now, sit back, and read about my Discord crypto journey. It is a long and hopefully insightful read. I’d be happy if y’all enjoy it and make the right decision based on my research and end as a satisfied customer cashing in and growing your bankroll.

The Search for Real Discord Crypto Servers

Honestly, I do not use crypto Discord groups very much and was not warm with it at first. However, our readers dictate the content we produce. So, I searched for good Discord crypto servers hosting crypto and BitMEX/ByBit signals.

Guess what? It was not easy at all! While I liked how the servers organized their content in channels, I found nothing but fake results bragging and leaker channels. I found a lot of shady groups fed with wrong signals.

If they complain, the kick is near. However, I liked how they organize content in segments. This is a big plus of Discord crypto against Telegram crypto trading signals.

I had to search with a magnifier to find and bring you reliable channels. It was the much-quoted ‘needle in the hay’. Then, I asked friends, asked the community, audited so many channels, and wasted a lot of time until I left without a goodbye.

Even a scammer thought he could make it in this post. “Oh darn, this is going to be a life challenge”. Suddenly, I found a handful of GOLDEN channels beneath all the dirt. And now you can hopefully profit from my painful work. Let’s get amazed with crypto Discord groups and get some elite crypto signals!

Discord Crypto Signals

Bitmex Signals | Altcoin Signals BitMEX & Binance Auto Traders | Performance Tracker

  1. Welcome to the Discord Crypto World
  2. Discord Crypto Servers: Hand-selected and Stress-tested Crypto Signal Groups
    • OnwardBTC (Altcoin & Leverage Signals/ Auto Trader/Professional Traders/Active Trading/Mentorship)
    • Sublime Traders (Scalping/Swing Signals/ Cornix Auto Trader / Trading Education / One on One Sessions)
  3. Conclusion

If you don’t like to read and want to join now with our 10% discount codes!

Onward BTC
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Sublimetraders Coupon
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Looks like you found a Sublime Traders referral code! You will receive a 20% discount by using this Sublime Traders discount coupon. Show Less

Welcome to the Discord Crypto World

A Crypto Signal Discord Server and its Structure

Started back in the days of the ICO frenzy, where using #Slack was common sense at first. Due to the ongoing security issues, the crypto community switched almost entirely to Discord.

Discord is a free and secure chat tool that the elders among us might not yet be familiar with. It is a popular platform used by gamers, and it gets much attention from teenagers nowadays.

Discord allows text, voice, and video chats, which makes it a great tool to get. It is perfect for gaming, for fan communities to get in touch, and also separates servers into several channels. Discord servers use an organized layout for different topics. This makes it really easy to navigate for starters.

This in combination with other features like video chats can be very helpful in providing cryptocurrency signals and educational live trading sessions. From a technical point of view, this platform is perfect for crypto groups.  Discord is compatible with all browsers and devices, making Discord elite crypto signals accessible to everyone.

How Crypto Signal Servers Use Discord

One of the emerging platforms used by many communities is Discord crypto to share and aggregate information.

Discord crypto is a free, secure, and multi-platform VoIP messaging platform designed to ease communication between its users. The discord crypto community gets drawn to this platform because of its lightweight nature, low latency, bot integration, and comprehensive moderation tools. The opportunity to structure a Discord server into several channels makes it very comfortable for clients of groups that offer more than just simple signals to find what they want.

One of the good things about discord is the niche groups you can find there. Groups offer some very specialized options for many crypto folks. These include updating crypto portfolio strategies and finding the best crypto signals in general.

Crypto Trading Signals on Discord

Discord crypto allows the integration of third-party applications that help in managing the communities. These are called bots. The bots are responsible for collating news items, ratings, price updates, and online chatter. Some bots also conduct fundamental and technical analyses on events and activities using set algorithms.

Discord crypto trading signals are typically generated from a ton of in-depth research, analysis, and tracking on different platforms. Contrary to most Telegram groups, the (legit) crypto Discord groups we found all offer Altcoin Signals as well as Signals for leveraged trading on Bitmex or Bybit.

Trading signals will usually help traders and investors identify optimum entry and exit points. Additionally, trading signals will help you in setting trade margins, profit limits, and stop-loss limits. However, trading signals are transmitted in real-time. They are mostly accurate for a short period (scalps) or calculated in a longer run (swings).

Traders are therefore advised to always use the most recent data and to stay on top of things when it comes to updates for running trades. The sentiment can make a turn at any given time.

Caution – Discord is a Pandora’s Box Full of Shady Groups

The reason why we hesitated bringing this post up for such a long time, is as simple as it gets. We did not find any elite crypto signals groups on Discord. There are several Discord groups focused on providing crypto trading signals. But most of them were leaker groups, that will burn your money sooner or later. Furthermore, there are several other “pump and dump” groups. If you want to sign up with some, please do your due diligence first.

You should take time to review and evaluate signal providers with a reliable, credible community. You should also look for unique products and features. Happily, after all the research, we found a handful of legitimate and very successful crypto signal providers on Discord crypto.

All Hail Discordia!


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance.

Please do your own research and never let anyone trade your account for you. We do not support or advertise Fund Management in any kind of manner. We solely review signal providers, their work/analysis/provided education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.


Our Hand-selected List Of Crypto Groups On Discord presents the best crypto Discord groups~

First off, the preparation process of this article took very long. Finding a legit crypto trading server on Discord isn’t easy. I don’t know why, but Discord seems to attract all kinds of shady snake oil sellers, and you will find mostly awful leaker channels. (I will explain later why these “bargains” will cost you more money than bringing home the bacon)

We already had a minor amount of cryptocurrency Discord channels for premium channels which are very good and worth recommending. However, most others have been a scam in one way or the other.

However, thanks to our amazing community, we found more, checked them, weeded out the semi-good channels, and this enables us finally to provide this list. So, if you like to be up to date with the best Discord Crypto Signals, leave a bookmark for this post and check back later. There might be more to come. For now, let’s start with our Diamond Channels from A grade quality – and, Lord, these boys can trade!


~ Altcoin & Leverage Signals/ Auto Trader/Professional Traders/Active Trading/Mentorship) ~
+++Experienced Traders, Several Different Trading Strategies+++

Onward BTC
Discount code
Join OnwardBTC today for free
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If you’re just starting off in crypto trading, OnwardBTC is of the best Discord servers you will find. Their Crypto Discord Channel is a universe on its own and barely comparable with anything else in this space. This is “Earn while you Learn” in a great way.

Holy cow, these guys are fanatics when it comes to trading – this is not your average cryptocurrency signal group. It is a complete pack with three traders who work with different trading styles. This is a great Discord crypto signals server to educate yourself about the basics of trading and get technically analyzed signals at a very reasonable price.

Meet the Founders

Th OnwardBTC group has been trading in the crypto world for over 3 years. They are a trio of traders and one marketing guy. OnwardBTC’s team specializes in trading on the Bybit platform and also offers bonuses and membership premiums if you sign up on Bybit through them.

Onward BTC Team
  • Christian – The founder and head of Onward BTC. He is responsible for much OnwardBTC’s trading education for members & auto-trading bots.
  • Mikas – He’s responsibe for swing trades, Technical Analyses and VIP videos.
  • Michael – Responsible for short-term scalp trades & Technical Analyses. He focuses on VIP customers with advanced educational videos.
  • Joist – Head of marketing for OnwardBTC.

Once you experience their super-fast response times and high level of customer engagement, you will understand why we decided to have them on this list. The value they offer in the form of education and profits is a lot more compared to their low membership charges.

First Month Free!

Yes, you read that right. OnwardBTC is great for those of you starting off on a budget. It’s even better with the free first month for you to try out how Discord servers work.

If you sign up to Onward BTC’s sponsored broker Bybit, you get a bonus plus a FREE MONTH to try out their trading signals service. They make it so affordable and easy for newbies to enter the trading market and learn from their expertise. OnwardBTC deserves to be on top ranks in the Discord crypto signals scene.

Now if you’re just starting out as a crypto trader, this is an excellent opportunity. You can see if this server is suitable for you and also get a solid comprehension of how Discord servers work.

Transparent Results

Smart Options always brings you the signals that offer a transparent and credible track record of past performances. In that regard, OnwardBTC offers a detailed spreadsheet for anyone to review their past performances.

Onward BTC performance
Click to see performance history.

Apart from OnwardBTC’s maintained sheet, you can also see their past performances on the monthly signal results page. When looking for trading signal servers in crypto Discord groups, always choose a provider that offers a transparent and honest track record of its performance. This is what sets the professionals apart from the scammers.

Sublime Traders

Sublime Traders

(added 2-2021)

~ Crypto Trading Signals for Binance, Bybit, FTX, BitMEX, and Coinbase Pro~ | Bitcoin Analysis | News | Market Overview | Auto Trader ~

+++Advanced Signal Group by Seasoned Traders offers Auto Trader & Market Updates+++

Sublimetraders Coupon
Discount code
20% discount on the Sublime Traders 3-month plan
Looks like you found a Sublime Traders referral code! You will receive a 20% discount by...Show More
Looks like you found a Sublime Traders referral code! You will receive a 20% discount by using this Sublime Traders discount coupon. Show Less

Sublime Traders are one the latest additions to the signal providers recommended by Smart Options. They are a relatively progressive group that adds something extra to what elite crypto signals should offer. The Sublime Traders Discord crypto server is an all-in-one package offering a wide range of services.

Being one of the best Discord servers, Sublime Traders’ services are divided into 3 core components. SupportEducation, and Automation. The services include but are not limited to:

  • Spot trading signals
  • Long/mid term trades
  • Futures trading signals
  • Scalping trades
  • All trades include TA charts
  • Full automation with the Cornix Bot
  • Crypto trading education
  • Trading videos
  • One on One sessions
  • Access to Sublime Tradingview Indicators
  • Live video streams
  • Tips and strategies
  • Amazing interactive community

Meet the Founders

The team behind Sublime Traders is a trio of 3 guys and 3 skills.

  • @logicalorangex – Head trader & profit monster, can create profit where there is none.
  • @dmoon – Researcher and source, to which he can find you a moon rock on mars.
  • @oviwan888 – Python guru, same say he was born on 010101.

Signals Review

Sublime Traders offer great support to their members, quality trading education, and an easy-to-use auto-trader. Their trading team is available round the clock for any queries that you may have. Although their pricing model is a bit expensive, they very well have the ability to offer value in return.

You have the option to Auto, semi-auto, or use trade signals manually. The Sublime signals flow is also something that sets them apart from the rest of the Discord crypto community. The SublimeScanner helps them identify trade opportunities and the signals flow involves human curation before the signals reach members.

The Judgement

Sublime traders is my personal favorite and top-pick if you want to learn a great trading methodology from the pros, and if you value the education work they put in their community. They are not the cheapest but you buy education along with the trade signals. There is so much garbage out there if you want to start learning to trade.


I stepped back from Discord for so long – actually, I felt too old for it, as the gamer teens are using it, but sometimes it is good to overcome one’s aversions and take a fresh look at something. It was not easy to get an entry into the world of crypto Discord servers  – as honestly, there was much more garbage than on Telegram, which is not easy to achieve.

However, in this case, I have to say, that I found some of the best channels I’ve ever seen on Discord.

If you want to learn to trade and get great signals Sublime traders is a great crypto community hub dedicated to beginners.

Do you want our consultation about which channel to choose? please do it in the comments. We get many emails from our other posts so we have to repeat ourselves very often. Make it accessible to others by dropping a comment with your request! Thank you in advance! Safe trading and happy profits!

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