SPECTRE [INFOGRAPHIC] “How they will Disrupt the Trading Industry”

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The world’s first broker-less financial trading platform. Broker Fraud Eliminated. Period.

Briefly Below we will list why SPECTRE is so powerful in its concept. Above all Brokers make money by not only charging you a commission. They also make money by trading against you. Even so your loss is their gain simply put.

Broker Centralized Problem

  • Credit Card deposit needed to the broker’s account
  • Non-transparent, completely hidden balance sheet
  • has access to your account
  • can reject or postpone your withdrawals
  • has an army of call agents that will harras you
  • wants to make you gamble with your funds
  • manipulates price feed and does everything to make you lose more and more

The Oanda Solution…

  • No deposit needed, trade directly from your Ethereum wallet.
  • Transparent balance sheet owned by token holders. Visible to all traders.
  • is private. Only you have access
  • Instant withdrawals directly after each trade
  • No call agents to deal with
  • On board education and risk management tools

Spectre Uses price feed by OANDA, a verifiable live price feed, monitored by multiple audited financial sources. On the whole 100% good sourced information.

Conclusion “SPECTRE = a fair battleground for traders

The above infographic says it all but in closing we wish to put a vivid point on this and state yes SPECTRE is upgrading with blockchain technology the binary options space.

Oanda has long been a source for quality trading in the forex markets. Because of this we look forward to the future of Spectre. In this case since they are now one and the same we are sure of great things to come!

Oanda once had the best technology ever called box options, maybe they will with the use of blockchain tech create something new and advanced never before seen. We certainly hope so!


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