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February 25, 2018

TheHempCoin (THC) – Market Manipulation Or Just Fuzzy Stoners?

Sometimes you think you see a chocolate pudding, and it turns out to be a bowl of shit. It all looked so well for the HempCoin ($THC) when we wrote our Hodl That #8, and at first, the plan seemed to work out nicely, even with the bitcoin moves that massacred altcoins across the board. The support around 2k sats held bravely and once the team behind $thc published their new whitepaper, with further masternodes and other significant pieces of information for a bright future the price went up slowly. And then it went it south. It dived deeper then Hagbard Celine's Lief Erikson. And even FUCKUP (First Universal Cybernetic-Kinetic Ultra-Micro Programmer) [...]

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February 9, 2018

“Is The First Litecoin Hard Fork LitecoinCash A Scam, Sir?”

Interview with Tanner, Development Lead of LitecoinCash

Interview with LitecoinCash Dev Tanner

A few days back we published a piece about the first Litecoin hard fork “LitecoinCash” and, oh boy, we have been grilled for that. Due to the not yet confirmed support of exchanges and existing Litecoin wallets, the LCC team describes a way of claiming the free coins on their website by the use of their wallet – which needs the private key. As one should know, you never put the private key into any other places like websites or wallets, and as Crypto is nowadays wild west, the concerns of the community are not [...]

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February 3, 2018

Litecoin Is Getting Lit With The LitecoinCash Hard Fork (1:10 Ratio)

Those of you that bought Litecoin ($LTC) in the dip, might be able to make some attractive returns on that buy. One could think crypto is a kitchen business with all that forks and knives to catch, and now the time has come for a sleeping giant: LTC.There is LitecoinCash to come, which brands themselves as Litecoin Hard Fork, but this is just a marketing ploy due to Charlie Lee.  However, this means free coins – and the project sounds pretty promising. Truth to be told,  everyone is crying SCAM right now – we think it is just clumsy marketing in combination with an unfortunate distribution of the free coins, by the help of the developed LCC wallet (which [...]

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January 29, 2018

HODL THAT! #8 – THC With Hard Fork and Cheap Masternodes

UPDATE: It looks like the hard fork has to be postponed again. There are unconfirmed rumors in the telegram group. Furthermore, the minimum collaterals for the masternode have been increased to 20,000 THC as per the recently released white paper.Β 

Potcoins – sadly often used for pump and dumps – are actually really useful to their industry and provide a realistic use case for a cryptocurrency. In this issue of HODL THAT! we want to take a look at The Hempcoin ($THC) and why we think it could be pretty worth it to hold it for some time or even use the upcoming opportunity of their masternodes. There are several fundamentals we like and make us think $THC could be a [...]

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