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November 19, 2018

The Ripple Mafia

The Ripple Mafia story comes to life:

Ladies & Gentlemen,

One of our partners just submitted a wonderful elaborated piece about RIPPLE.  We won’t leave many words about it. Just make sure to grab your favored beverage, sit down, and let this piece of extensive research sink in.  Please enjoy the write up “The Ripple Mafia” As well look at the EXPLOSION of volume for XRP on BITMEX! 

What if I told you that the Noble Prize laureate and economist Milton Friedman talked about electronic cashback in 1999?

Or how about that? Cypherpunks have been calling for decentralized and anonymous financial transactions since [...]

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January 14, 2018

Altcoin.IO – Decentralized Exchange with Atomic Swap Wallets – Do we really need another exchange? This is what you might have read already often once a new Exchange ICO has started.  Well, the answer is, that we probably don’t need the next rubbish one. But a GOOD decentralized Exchange would be definitely helpful. Having EtherDelta with all its security issues and the most terrible user experience one can ask for. It is refreshing to see a project Like! Who indeed seems to take this approach seriously. Hence without going for a money grab to raise funds, not to mention any names “ED” via an ICO.

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