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February 2, 2020

The best Bitcoin Wallets in 2020

Before we start the question is what are the best Bitcoin wallets to store your Bitcoin on (Crypto) read and find out so you don’t lose your Bitcoin. (The discount links are the bottom)

Bitcoin is the first-ever Cryptocurrency that was created. This Crypto asset has grown in value to become one of the most formidable forms of currency in the world today. At the time when Bitcoin just flooded the market, it was almost entirely valueless. Still, in a matter of only a few years, it had risen to start competing with significant currencies in the world based on the current worth of the Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin, like most other Cryptocurrency, has a feature that [...]

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August 24, 2018

Crypto Debit Card: A Real Life Wirex Review

Bonus: A interview with the CEO Pavel Matveev

WireX – one of the few working crypto debit card projects. 1.5 Million Customers. 1.5 Billion Transactions. Over 130 countries are available. A hybrid personal finance platform that bridges old world banking and new world.

When you try to use your cryptocurrency holdings in the real world, you will face boundaries and limitations. Mass adoption has not gone that far, that you can spend it anytime, anywhere. Until that happens, there is the WireX crypto debit card as another kind of Fiat bridge. I am currently on vacation, and I paid for the flight, the accommodation, the restaurants, the thousands of little things [...]

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May 28, 2018

How To Inherit Your Crypto The Right Way

Let’s face it – we humans have a proven mortality rate of 100%. Despite one or the other of our readers might find this topic kinda morbid, we must dare to ask for the answer what happens with your cryptocurrency holdings when we die. You probably have a family around you and you probably use cryptocurrency to invest in your and your families future.

With the exploding growth rates in the past and the awareness that we are still in the early adopter stage, it seems to make sense to invest a part of your savings into promising blockchain projects by purchasing and holding coins and tokens. Whilst it is another question which coins to hold for the long run (we [...]

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April 16, 2018

Pillar #10 HODL THAT! “Holding us all up”

Pillar is our coin of interest today! In this issue of our popular HODL THAT! series, we want to present an analysis by a Telegram channel we follow closely: 4C-trading. We like their exclusive content very much and are currently in the rating process. So we can decide if we take them in our crypto signals post.

Until now the quality of their content is not that far behind Bitcoin Bravado. It is even more progressive in our opinion. We will follow closely and let you know. For today, we want to present one of their top picks as HODL THAT #10!

Which is especially interesting in the light of the current ongoing things with Facebook and its data leak. This was [...]