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Auto trading solutions differ vastly one from another. Due to our widespread posts about Crypto Signals. We are often approached to join this channel or write about that provider, and mostly we decline. However, the solution by SwT – a swing trading channel – is a fresh approach, as it is hands-free for the customer.

We did not test this service itself with our accounts but want to write about this solution. As we knew from our reader’s emails that there is quite a demand for that. While we stay away from any settlement. Where a bot is executing trades without a pair of human eyes, the SwT is an API Auto Trading Bot.

This means mainly that their traders do the technical analysis. Hence the bot executes the trades on the client accounts via API.
Please know, that giving someone else the possibility to send trades to your account comes with a risk. You must be willing to take it. Let’s have a look.

SwT is a trading group, that is around on Telegram for quite some time. Their way to generate profits is swing trading. This means they are offering signals based on fast price movements and closing the trade within a day. Instead of buy & hold, they anticipate a price increase in a short-term timeframe. This, of course, often results in lower gains per trade. The total amount of trades on a single trading day is much higher than usual. Sometimes even 30-40 on a single day.

It is about reaping many small profits, which combine to a more significant gain. However, for swing trading, you often need to be fast. As you have to be around to listen to the channel and execute many trades. Which can be difficult if you work or have a family life.

Based on this situation, SwT started to search for a solution to execute their trades per API and send the signals directly to the customer’s Binance account. This way also people with a busy life can participate in their short-term trades.

auto trading solution

The Crypto Auto Trading Solution by SwT

There are several plans SwT offers to subscribe to and depending on this plan you can

a) get access to their Telegram channel and execute the swing trades yourself
b) hook your API key to their bot and let them perform their Binance trades
c) provide your API key to their bot and allow them to execute their leveraged Bitmex trades

For both API solutions, you have to deactivate the withdrawal option for security purposes when generating the key. The SwT bot does not execute trades if the API key allows executing withdrawals.

Let’s tackle each of their options:

Crypto Swing Trading Telegram Channel

SwT crypto swing trading channel is now four months in existence. You can look back on a pretty good win rate and a growing. Satisfied customer base (from the sentiment in their chat rooms).

The trading team by SwT observes coin movements on Binance 24/7 and issues many short-term/small gainers trades. Which accumulates a cute profit percentage over the day. Their service covers Binance only. Also if they find some hidden long-term gems with good potential. They let their members know and inform them about it.

Binance Auto Trading

As SwT issues often 30-40 of these short-term trades it can be hard to follow them. You need much screen time to participate in most of the trades. Hence we guess it is impossible to take all of them. That being said, this is a crucial part to get the full gain potential with them.

There will be a few losers with the swing trading methodology. Also, this is common. The overall results shall bring positive results, so it is important to take most of the trades. Using an API Auto Trading Bot is the next logical step it seems.

It trades the swing signals, while the user is sleeping or on a whale-watching tour in Iceland. The channel claims an account growth of 95% of their Binance account, once the bot came to use in mid of February. The bot offers an interface for the customers to enter the wished amount in total, which they want to trade and are willing to risk.

They can set a particular amount per trade as well. If you try it with a conservative number of 1% you can calculate your way up to 5% or 10% and decide later on, depending on your risk appetite.

However, it is essential to get a feeling for how things work and to get confidence that everything is working out as expected on a technical level. As a special feature SwT offer to move your funds into BTC or USDT if they anticipate huge moves. Quite unique is their full refund guarantee.

Bitmex Auto Trading Solutions

This one is for risk lovers, as you can also hook in your Bitmex account with their API Auto Trading Bot. For leveraged Bitmex trades, SwT does support & resistance-based trades that fish for 200$+ moves. In a sideways movement environment, they focus more on scalping within shorter time frames. They usually use 10x leverage for their trades unless they are scalping. While this service is just one month old, its start has been pretty nice, showing a 400% gain on the master account.

For Bitmex, you don’t have the option to decide on an amount for a particular trade. They follow strict risk management rules and set the amount of the trade accordingly to your account size, percentage-based.  Trading-leveraged contracts on Bitmex is risky, keep in mind.

SwT does not make use of a stop/loss. But subscribers can define the wanted risk level from their side. They state that it does not match their trading style as it would decrease the gains, as per the vast volatility crypto in general offers.

Instead of stop-loss, they use an average-out technique. However,  the customers can put a stop/loss on their own. Also here we have a nice offer for the case something turns out wrong: If they issue a trade that results in a big loss, they will refund your fees, so you have some equity to recover. Once recovered, you re-pay those fees.

The Auto Trading Tech Behind

For research reasons, we contacted the dev behind the bot and had a quick talk with him.  The bots have to work correctly, so nothing gets messed up. The developer seems to know what he is doing and uses a hook to telegram to post the signals to a particular channel. 

We did not see the bot working live but asked some of their customers in private about their experiences and they have seen no major issues so far. There have been some failed orders, but this has been resolved the team very fast. According to the users, they did not suffer from Bitmex’s “System overload” problem as the trades are placed before the action starts.

If an order doesn’t get placed, the bot is coded in a way to keep trying at the needed price. SwT states to execute extra trades manually if a customer faces this issue.

The Pricing

These auto trading solutions come with pricing as follows:

Premium Plan (Binance Auto Trades)
(for accounts <0.1 BTC)
0.021 BTC – 1 month
0.045 BTC – 3 months
0.085 BTC – 6 months
0.14 BTC – 1 year
0.3 BTC – 3 years

No performance fee is collected for PREMIUM users.

Elite Plan (Bitmex Auto Trades) 
(minimum account size >0.5 btc)

0.5 btc 1 month (+ a fee of 15% of the generated profits once the initially paid fees are earned back)
0.25 btc one time (+ a fee of 70% of the generated profits)
0.35 btc one time (+ a fee of 50% of the generated profits)

A performance-based fee is pretty unusual in the crypto signal scene and is actually a good sign that SwT is confident with its returns. They tell their subscribers to calculate the due fees themselves and to send them accordingly. Though this is not as trust-based as it might appear, as SwT can check the balances through the API.


We are against completely automated bot trading, as we have never seen a working bot that is able to stay profitable on a consistent level. We have to differentiate it to this solution. As it is an API Auto Trading Bot that trades signals by traders. Actually, it is only used to send the trades directly per API to the customer accounts.

The results look pretty solid until now, though there are only long-term data for the Binance service available. So far the Bitmex plan is looking fine as well but comes with more risk. And while they have their own risk management techniques in play, they claim to be open to every single idea by the community in addition to the already achieved 2-300% gains, they locked in a few days, according to their results data, which you should request.

This solution is pretty unique right now and we find the concept interesting, especially the performance fees is something we like. Sure, it might be a harsh feeling to give away a share of your profits, but one has to take a look at the whole picture.  It is a model where both sides can benefit mutually from growth and this is a strong motivation to provide good work. As being said, we did not try the product on our own accounts as we are more conservative but wanted to share it with you as we have requests for such solutions often.

It might be worth a look. Our suggestion is to talk with the team and get yourself an impression, let them show you their past results, and if you have a chance speak with the current members as we did. Right now, almost one month after the launch of the Bitmex product, they all seem to be quite satisfied. Besides Bitmex, the Binance auto trading bot can be a quite profitable solution with less risk.

One way to get your feet wet would be starting out with the premium plan for Binance and observing how the bot does there, how responsive the support is, and what other members have to tell. The generated profits here could be re-invested into the Elite plan if this teases you. As always we would love to hear your opinion! Let us know if you tried it out or if you have any particular questions.

Update: We got some emails with complaints about this service. Some people are concerned about the strong language in the free channel, a missing clear track record of the results, and the removal of members in the free chat room. While we are not paying members of this service, we still requested access to the trollbox of the paid channel and observed only one removal so far, which happened due to the abusive behavior of the particular member.

Furthermore, we got a screenshot where a reader asked for a transparent track record and the reply has been rude. Use at your own caution and don’t use it if you cannot confirm past results on your end. Again, we did not check the outcoming results of this channel, but wrote about it, as per the automation requests we received.

Update 2: We joined their chatrooms to make sure everything is right, and the customers seem to be happy with the service. Apparently, only one member has been kicked out for rude behavior. Speaking with their traders about the strong language, they apologized and want to take care in the future, as this has happened after the 16h work sessions. The track record is difficult to provide for the past, but they started it now and we will share it here once it is online. We also spoke to a few members and they have been doing good so far.


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. The information provided from SmartOptions is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance.

Please do your own research and never let anyone trade your account for you. We do not support or advertise Fund Management in any kind of manner. We solely review signal providers, their work/analysis/provided education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.


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  1. Hey there, the markets dipped almost 2000$ in the time frame you joined and alts were bleeding like anything. This market is clearly not for impatient guys like you. Better luck next time mate 🙂

  2. I’m a lazy ass to write comments on a review but today I had just had to. I was not even a paid subscriber for any of their services and got into the free group Swt_lh after reading this review (thanks to Today, when everyone was hell bullish on BTC these guys gave out their call to short with targets and in 5 hours BTC dipped 500$. It’s the first time I’m celebrating a dump. I’m up 40% in my portfolio already and joining their elite. Best part is they work on profit sharing so I don’t have to worry about anything, they get paid only if they make me rich ?.

  3. Hello, past month 5 trades got stuck out of Almost around 50+ successfull trades. Plus our bot has stoploss and trailing take profit feature from 20+days now. Past month the number of trades were low because of the sluggish market. This week we already did more than 30+ trades. I’m dead sure you’re not a premium member or the one whom I refunded his fees. Because we return the fees according to our performance and anyone can ask for it. Contact me if you want one. Thanks. 🙂

    • I have verified this information with former members and can confirm a pretty responsible behavior in a loss streak series. My observations are gathered in the trollbox.

  4. Hey nishant thanks for showing your concern regarding this. The increase in fees was scheduled a month ahead justified with the service upgrades we’re going to bring on board.

    Here’s everything you can expect from PREMIUM SERVICE.

    1. Binance bot for intraday short trades with TRAILING TAKE PROFIT feature implementation.

    2. #AI pump detection BOT of BINANCE with TTP. ( in final stage of development)

    3. BITTREX intraday trading bot.

    4. Monthly GEMS (low market cap coins, with great project & yet to to come on big exchanges) recommendations which reaps really nice profits within a shorter frame than LONG HOLDs.

    5. LONG HOLD (TA based) recommendations which will easily reap 100-200% in a couple of months Hold.

    6. Mid-term picks for 20-40% gains in few days of hold.

    7. BTC/USD weekly analysis and disaster management from its affects on ALTs by sudden pumps & dumps.

    8. Premium Discussion trollbox with Analysts, GEM finders & ICO diggers.

    9. Early access to BTC DANCE SALE list always.

    Earlier it was containing only bot trading at binance with not TTP (trailing take profit) & Stoploss

  5. VERY poor performance, I bought premium for 2 months, still no gains after a month (not in average at least) a lot of buy signals keep hanging for weeks in the bot because they have no stop loss…. I recommend you “smartoptions” dont inform anymore services like this unless you have tried for at least a couple of months.

    • Dear anotherone, with all respect, we stated with big boxes and multiple times in the text, that this is not a recommendation or a review. We had many requests for such a service and came across one, so we informed as there was an interest for it. Personally, I would not use money for any kind of bot trading as I am a conservative one. However, if I would do that, I would know that I am putting my equity at risk and therefore it is me who is responsible for loss. I would not blaming others, and it makes no sense to make an article to a review/recommendation if it is none. Our crypto signal posts, these are clearly reviews and we stand to the providers listed, not to confuse with an informational piece like this one.

  6. They have updated their price by many folds.
    PREMIUM PRICING w.e.f. 14th May 2018

    60 days – 0.08 Btc
    120 days- 0.15 Btc
    180 days – 0.28 Btc
    360 days – 0.5 Btc

    We have also introduced a trial plan which can only be subscribed one time per user at 0.01BTC for 10 days.

  7. Steve, I joined their Free Channel to check them out. For all this while, I have been on their channel, all I have seen is SPAM messages, wanting you to join some other channel. What BS !

    • Yes, Gurpreet – I saw this, the kind of cross-promotion nobody likes. I am wondering why channels still do that, and even more why user click on cross-promotion links.

  8. Like many of crypto traders, I have been looking into charts almost entire day every day since end of last year.
    I have done scalping, mid, long term trades, and everything.. I also followed paid signal channels hoping that I can rely on the experts’ signals and save time, and make profit. But clearly, even if you follow signals, it was ultimately my responsibility to press the button to create trades. Many of paid signal channels claim that they helped members gain like 50% from the signal. In fact, it goes up and spikes 50%, and in less than 1 min, it goes down to 30% gain. But still those paid channels claim 50% gain. There is a lot of hype in this way. This is frustrating because when signing up for paid channels, I try to calculate the break even point and also how much I can get out of this.

    After going through several paid channels, I joined this channel. I am using both Premium and Elite services. I like both services for different purposes (i.e. diversification of investments)
    1. Premium for steady gains. Abhi finds 20~40 signals a day (sometimes no signals at all. those days with less than 15 signals do not count towards subscription, so it extends subscription) For now, gain for each signal is about 2%. It is about probability. If there are 15 signals got hit, and made 2% gain, and 5 signals dipped, then we can still average out and make overall profit. This doesn’t provide a lot of gain, but it is steady gain. It is more like buying a bond, compared to stock day trading.
    2. Elite for risky, but big gains. I really like this service. Minimum maintenance required from members (Premium service will eventually get there, but for now, there are a lot of enhancements in the pipeline, which requires members to renew API keys, and all at the moment) For Elite service, after making breakeven point, there is 50% profit cut, that should be sent to Abhi and the team. But this is ok because Elite service is a permanent service with one time payment. Abhi is accountable for generating profit, and making up for the loss if any occurs. So far, there have been 34 trades, and only 1 trade was a loss. It was because of high 25x margin. We normally use 10x margin, and had not had any liquidation on our 10x positions.

    Both Premium and Elite services helped improve my daily life significantly. I used to look at charts almost 8 hours a day, but since I joined the services, I spend less time looking at charts. Also, there are chat rooms for each service, so I sometimes chat with members – share all information, experience and sentiments. It is more like friends / family chat room.

    I recommend these services for those who are serious about trading, but trying to balance life and crypto trading.

  9. Hi All
    I joined that channel after not a small loss so far I can answer honestly on one question I recover my loss even I’m in profit for exact numbers on investment and gain I’ll answer like that I stop calculating profit just look the numbers getting bigger it’s enough for me
    Bot system for Binance and Bitmex it’s working more 100% you just watch or sleep and they trade for you more than brilliant
    I had enough from other funny channels which claiming crazy percentage from them I was in loss
    I can say only one thing lovely group brilliant Admins (always responding quickly and deal with everything)
    Brilliant trollbox with friendly people
    Im using premium+elite
    I’m there forever

  10. Hi All,

    I have been using the SwT Elite for about two weeks and can say that it really works. I already got my fee back and then some profits. The guys know their stuff, sometimes you look at the charts and read other “established ” traders view which is 180 degree opposite to SWT…and then …bang… SwT is correct and the others start looking for excuses: whales, inside info, nazi alien Yeti etc.

    I had very bad experience from other channels before them, with edited or erased signals, this one is for real. Keep in mind the guys put their own money and /share profits, so if they don’t make money they don’t get paid.

    Also, they are really friendly and helpful and beside the work their chat is one of the most funny ones.

    After you get your fee back you can stay back and enjoy the ride, check from time to time how much your BTC is growing 🙂 You buy peace of mind with a profit!

  11. Hi gpaolo! I am the dev of the Binance Bot.
    Firstly, i want to say thank you for being honest with us.
    This might sound as a standard excuse but our development and size of our member count is growing really fast! It is hard to give a report of everyone’s profit results, mainly because we are constantly updating with new features (Right now i am working on trailing take profit)! As far as i know some elite results have been posted in the free channel, however i agree that it is hard to find some premium results, and honestly, maybe the members have a hard time tracking it too since the channel offers 20-40 signals in a day (Spreading the portfolio is a good technique for swing trading as you may know). We have added a profit overview feature. maybe sometime you can ask any member for a screenshot of that?

    Right now these go blank every time i restart the bot for an update, but i’ll add the ability to safe those.
    I might have one message of it back in the chat, if you want to see that contact me on telegram @CryptoScholte.
    I have personally calculated my profit and noticed that even though the trades deliver 1.9% profit on average your balance might increase with 3% a day!
    By the way, sorry for the late response, and as always, have a great day!

  12. The service that these people propose could be interesting, but I think these gentlemen should be very piuchiari and transparent about what they propose. I understand how their offer works from this article on Smartoptios certainly not from what the administrator told me. In addition there is a community, but people are not as clear as other Signal services on Telegram. A client gave me information saying: “If you trust them well, if you do not trust do not buy this service “. When I asked him exactly how much he invested he did not answer my question … giggles, missiles, etc. This is what you see in the chat. Probably the administrators can not communicate well the value of the service service that could be great … At the moment I am waiting to understand exactly whether I can trust it or not. Also about the features of the bot is missing a clear sheet with all the choices you can set. In short, to date this article on Smartoptions is the only clear thing that exists on this service. But I believe that clarity should arrive first of all from whom the service proposes. I await further directions.


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