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The World’s First 100% Accurate Bitmex Indicator – REKTICATOR 2000

The World’s First 100% Accurate Bitmex Indicator – REKTICATOR 2000

by SteveJuly 10, 2018

Calculate your likeliness of getting Rekt on Bitmex

While the clickbait-ish title of this post (yes, I admit that) is meant to be quite funny, though the topic of this post is quite serious. Due to our Bitmex Signals & general Crypto Signals Post, we are in several trading chatrooms by many signal providers (we stay in all channels we recommend to make sure, the quality remains of what we are suggesting you guys) and the things we read there, are screaming “I WANT TO GET REKT” way too often. Sure, you might have joined one or more of these channels to get advisory and guidance – which is a good thing if the channel is operated in a good way and you want to encounter your insecurities. The thing is, we see the same mistakes made on Bitmex over and over again. We don’t judge that, we’ve been there ourselves years ago and we know this is just the way our brain and our emotions work. But these habits will kill your balance sooner or later. Experienced traders know that. So, we created a “Bitmex indicator” for you to check yourself if you are trapped in the common pitfalls of trading. 

This indicator, which is basically a quiz, calculates your chances of getting rekt, based on the answers you choose.  By doing this test you will be able to estimate how your emotional/psychological habits translate into a percentage of likeliness of getting burned. If you want to take this test, make sure that your chosen replies align with your behavior, and not what you think the right answer might be. You can’t choose a “wrong” answer, but you can answer in a wrong way if you try to guess which option might be “correct”. Reflect yourself and choose how you would have acted in reality. Taking out the picture of what we might have for ourselves and take a step beside, is the first thing to kill your emotions and bad trading habits. Real replies = real results.

And now have fun getting abused by the BITMEX REKTDICATOR 2000.

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