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February 1, 2018

Cryptolume.Co – Advanced Data-Based Crypto Analysis

There is a new tool that brings fresh air into the business of Crypto Tools. Cryptolume is a data-fed dashboard with tons of visualized information and can provide some excellent insights and a convenient overview for the advanced trader. Trading cryptos is different from trading FX due to the lower volume in general. This makes technical analysis, in general, a bit tougher and one is right to consider volume-based data before entering trades. Crypto is a young market, and therefore easy to manipulate. Volume and some indicators can give you a hint if something is in the bush – Cryptolume┬ácan help with that. However, you should find your nerd glasses first!

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January 29, 2018

Tether kicks Auditor to the curb

Yeah, we got a bit fancy with the intro, right?

This is just a short note to our readers to stay careful when it comes to holding Tether ($USDT). With the recent news about the synthetic dollar, it becomes pretty dangerous to use it in stormy times. We also liked to use it to get out of our altcoins when bitcoin went wild or we suspected wild waters. However, we will refrain from doing that anymore in the future. There was always something fishy with the concept, of having basically an exchange (the team of Tether has quite a few matches with the one of Bitfinex) being able to print money out of thin air, but now it became even worse.

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October 29, 2017

Coinigy Review – Is it really worth its price?

One thing you learn fast when you step into the alt-coin game is that you will see yourself registering in multiple exchanges. Here is a promising coin, there is an excellent opportunity. The game goes on

Most likely you will find all those coins scattered on various exchanges. Ok – registering here and there is not a problem. Keeping the overview over all your wallets and running trades is a pain.

Even more, the quality of the UX. The charts, or the processes of these exchanges. Ongoing issues that is such a hassle from one exchange to another.

In this Coinigy Review we ask if it makes our lives more easy. Does it solve our problems? Some [...]

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