Coinigy Review – Is it really worth its price?

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Firstly, there is one thing you learn fast when you step into the alt-coin game. It is that you will see yourself registering in multiple exchanges. Here is a promising coin; there is an excellent opportunity. The game goes on and on.

Most likely, you will find all those coins scattered in various exchanges. Ok, I am registering here, and there is no problem. Keeping an overview of all your wallets and running trades is a pain.

Meanwhile, even more, the quality of the UX, The charts, or the processes of these exchanges. Ongoing issues are such a hassle from one exchange to another.

Thus, in this Coinigy Review, we ask if it makes our lives easier. Does it solve our problems? Some provide essential or profound tools for technical analysis, some do not. Well, they are here to solve that problem, and in this review, we show you why. Coinigy’s subscription-based website/model is kicking it!

Likewise, in the same vein, we find that Coinigy seems to be quite a progressive approach to solving this problem. Coinigy is a platform that has evolved with the power of private seed funding. They made a battleship out of the gathered funds.

To note, the service that is offered by Coinigy can be chopped into three major areas. Firstly, the exchange part, secondly, the trading part, and lastly, the integrated app store. All of these features can be tested in a free 30 Day trial. That comes with a sweet bonus, which we will elaborate at the end of this review.

Coinigy Review: The Exchange Cockpit

This cockpit is the essence of Coinigy. Imagine there is one well-designed interface that lets you instantly trade on more than 45 exchanges. Like Cex.Io, Poloniex, HitBTC, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Binance (soon to come), and all the others. The trick is to use the APIs that the exchanges offer to connect your account to your Coinigy account directly.

This is much work to set up, but it rewards you in the long run with a one-of-a-kind trading cockpit. You will have some great charts there on Coinigy, as they make use of an industry leader: TradingView provides them!

These charts are excellent, and many seasoned FX traders have switched over to Tradingview due to its capabilities. Which will parse your Tradingview Charts directly into their platform. From there, you have a significant advantage over Coinigy. You get all the trading possibilities from most of the exchanges.

Coinigy is ready for mobile devices, so once you connected your API. You can enjoy the pleasure of mobile trading there. Coinigy is run on Google data centers, so it runs smoothly and stable.

A nice feature is the app store they have integrated. Which gives you the opportunity to run several 3rd party apps on your charts. However, it is not yet used in a groundbreaking way. We can see it could deliver well in the future.

Coinigy Review – Dashboard

Accommodating is the portfolio manager that will do an excellent job in keeping an overview of your trading activities. 

The Extras of Coinigy

Besides the better charts you get with Coinigy, you will receive several extras with your subscription.

The most important you get, however, is the ability to set up Take Profit and Stop-loss orders. In the world of Crypto, this is priceless. As it is a very much-needed feature for disciplined trading. Only Binance offers that right now.

When we tested Coinigy with the free trial. we searched for this option. Yet we have not been able to find it. So the support told us, that this feature is locked to subscribing members. Further features of Coinigy are:

  • Arbitrage Scanner 
    This tool is designed to find gaps in the prices between several exchanges. When the SIA hype was on, it showed us two exchanges with a considerable arbitrage in the price of this coin. If you had bought the coins on the exchange at a low price and then transferred them to another one at a higher price, you could have made some instant profits. However, it is difficult to make gains with arbitrage trading as the transaction times are often long between exchanges. The prices can move fast, and exchanges also like to lock wallets if opportunities like this happen.
  • Crypto Ticker as Chrome Extension
  • SMS Price Alerts
  • A neat Google Sheets integration, for spreadsheet-powered traders
  • Newswire Module
  • Marketwatch for Portfolio & market trends

There are several features in the making. We can’t wait to see them released:

  • A Chart Scanner, which searches for technical setups across the pairings
  • A Social Scanner, which scans social networks for current trading sentiments
  • A Block Explorer

The Verdict of our Coinigy Review

That is to say, Coinigy is a beautifully designed platform – no doubt. It has a great look and feel and makes sense if you are an active day trader. Having stakes in many altcoins on many different exchanges. Coinigy has three significant advantages:

  1. Firstly, the connection of all your exchange accounts on one platform
  2. Secondly, the option to set stop-loss AND take profit limit orders. This is where almost all the exchanges suck, and it is a fundamental feature.
  3. Thirdly, the charts and trading tools, which are provided by Tradingview

If you are an active day trader, it makes sense to have one cockpit for all exchanges – great value. If you are making investments in your coins. You won’t need it, and it is too expensive for what it delivers.

The value of what you get for the price of $20 / month doesn’t kick it.

You have to ask yourself the importance of having all exchanges in one place.

The option of having stop-loss & take profit will limit orders at the same time. A good portfolio manager. It is a price alert feature that is well worth this price for you.

However, there is a lovely bonus for newbies, which is why we suggest subscribing to the free 30-day trial. Once you sign up, you will get a cute video course by email that teaches you the basics of technical analysis. Examples: (RSI, Fibonacci, Moving Averages, etc.) for free – very neat and handy.

Interested in trying Coinigy out?


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  1. The new UI layout is disgusting and they should sack who ever thought that was the way forward. i will not be renewing my subscription until another version or they put it back as it was, Because as soon as this beta is the new version you’re be stuck with it and to me its painful to use now.

  2. Unfortunately, they have chosen to modify the design for the ui in a manner that hampers rather than enables trading, when used by the 24-7 daily trader. The current UI you are displaying here is excellent for trading. You can see the three col. of the order book and market history in a glance, while also waching a good size, high contrast chart, with alerts and indicators. The new design uses tiny fonts, low contrast design, only the price/qty (NO TOTAL) for the order book and you must scroll down, leaving the order book behind to see executed orders in order history. They reduced the chart size and put a nifty color splash for the market trend in the space betweent the chart and order book, space that, imho, should have simply stayed as it was. They could have simply used a more modern color to effect a contemporary look.

    You will have three…yes, that is all… lines below the chart and a FAR BIGGER than the CHART market depth graphic representation… that will display the order book price, sell, and quantity. It cannot be scrolled. It was an attempt at a compromise with people who were upset but idk.. I guess they just don’t get traders.

    They are solving a problem that did not need solving. In the process, they are alienating long-time users who are now looking for alternatives. The problem is that it makes trading onerous. I tried using it for all day use and OMG… the strain.. and more clicks.. and more reliance on exchanges themselves.

    The problem they did need to solve was the lag associated with the tools. If they had modified the UI to a contemporary color scheme and tweaked the lag they would have had an amazing product.

    It is so very sad to see improvements that degrade what has historically been an amazing service.

    Avoid. It’s no longer worth the money.

    Someone needs to dev a new one using the design of the classic coinigy — anyone interested?


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