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Coinigy Review – Is it really worth its price?


One thing you learn quickly when you step into the altcoin game is, that you will see yourself registering in multiple exchanges. Here a promising coin, there an excellent opportunity – but most likely you will find all those coins scattered on multiple exchanges. Ok – registering here and there is not a problem, but keeping the overview over all your wallets and running trades is a pain. Even more the quality of the UX, the charts and processes of these exchanges vary very much and you have to find into each of them. Some provide basic or profound tools for technical analysis, some are not and you can be happy to have candlestick charts at all. Coinigy is here to solve that problem and in this Coinigy Review we want to have a look if the subscription-based website is really kicking it.

Let’s review coinigy, that seems to be quite a progressive approach in solving this problem. Coinigy is a platform that has evolved with the power of private seed funding – and they made a battleship out of the gathered funds. The service that is offered by coinigy can be chopped into three major areas: The exchange part, the trading part and the integrated app store. All of these features can be tested in a generous 30 Day trial, that comes with a sweet bonus, which we will elaborate at the end of this review.

Coinigy Review: The Exchange Cockpit

This cockpit is the essence of coinigy. Imagine there is one well designed interface, that let’s you instantly trade on more than 45 exchanges like Bittrex, Cex.Io, Poloniex, HitBTC, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Binance and all the others. The trick is to use the APIs that the exchanges offer to directly connect your account to your Coinigy Account. This is much work to setup, but rewards you in the long run with an one-of-a-kind trading cockpit. You will have some great charts there on coinigy, as they are provided by an industry leader: TradingView! These charts are very good and even many seasoned FX traders switched over to Tradingview due to its capabilities. Whilst for Bittrex there is a great Chrome Extension, which will parse you Tradingview Charts directly to their platform, you have the great advantage with Coinigy that you get all the trading possibilities from most of the exchanges.

Everyone that has tried to trade on Bittrex on a mobile device, knows the hassle pretty good – their mobile view is GARBAGE. Coinigy is ready for mobile devices, so once you connected your API, you can enjoy the pleasure of mobile trading there. Coinigy is run on the Google Datacenters so it runs smooth and stable.

A nice feature is the app store they have integrated which gives you the opportunity to run several 3rd party apps on your charts – however, it is not yet used in a groundbreaking way but we can see it delivering in the future.

Really helpful is the portfolio manager, that will do a good job in keeping an overview about your trading activities. 

The Verdict of our Coinigy Review

Coinigy is a beautifully designed platform – no doubt. It has a great look and feel and makes sense if you are an active day trader, having stakes in many altcoins on many different exchanges. Coinigy has actually two big advantages:

  1. The connection of all your exchange accounts on one platform
  2. The charts and trading tools, which are actually provided by Tradingview

If you are a an active day trader it makes sense to have one cockpit for all exchanges – great value. If you are doing investments in your coins, you won’t need it and it is too expensive for what it delivers. Having in mind, that you can get Tradingview charts for free directly in Bittrex, the value of what you get for the price of $20 / month just doesn’t kick it. Basically you have to ask yourself if the value of having all exchanges in one place, a good portfolio manager and a price alerts feature is worth this price for you. We think coinigy could become obsolete anytime with HALO platform for example.

However, there is a very nice bonus for newbies, which is why we suggest to subscribe to the free 30 day trial. Once you signup you will get a cute video course by email that teaches you the basics of technical analysis (RSI, Fibonaccis, Moving Averages, ect) for free – very neat and handy. If you are interested to try Coinigy out, you can signup here for their free 30 day trial.

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