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July 21, 2018

Is This The Death Of Altcoins?!

Altcoins Looksee

Altcoin guest Post Provided by CryptoMedics (Read the review of their service here) You might have realized that Altcoins have been suffering while Bitcoin dominance is going up. Many of our favorite Altcoins have taken another major hit. The Satoshi value of most large caps is still depressed compared to back when BTC broke beneath $6,000.

Take a look at this:

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March 13, 2018

Bear Market “How To Short Cryptos, and get REKT on BITMEX.”

We are in a bear market right now, and whilst there are first signs for a starting uptrend that will take us all to 40, 60, 100k (of course), we likely will see a few dumps until this is going to happen. When we started with Cryptos everything was so easy – money was lying literally on the street. You bought some coin or token you never heard before, just held it and one day, magically, it’s value has doubled, tripled, quadrupled and we all have been able to feel a bit like a modern Warren Buffet. Yeah. Those have been the good times – and then the bears took over. Bitcoin goes down and tears all the altcoins along with it. Too bad, we can’t profit from [...]

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November 30, 2017

A Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide for those who want to succeed.

Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide: Is beginner’s guide to Cryptocurrencies trading and Holding. (Hodl) Celebrating the historic moment of Bitcoin crossing the magical 20k mark, we went a step further in the direction of mass adoption. Most will come and try to get their feet wet with cryptos now. For those, we want to present a brief entry into the Crypto world.

Overview of this Cryptocurrency Beginners Guide:
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November 16, 2017

Altcoins à la Carte: What We Order Right Now – Bon Appetite!

Altcoins à la Carte: We are bringing you 3 nice coins today. Having BTC cracking down the 7,3k again, we can expect a run-up to 8k. On the other hand, the volume is getting lower. Once BTC falls we expect to see it @ $6880 and Alts should shine again then.

Bitcoin serves a tasty menu of cheap altcoins again and we are ready to order a nice menu. So we will hold it strongly and probably just watch the show until the rush is over and we get back into the correction. We expect the coming December to be the month of the alts. Here are some of our high potential coins with a good set of news and bottom low prices right now. Waitress BTC, please take our order: