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April 29, 2021

Kraken Exchange Review – Best crypto exchange for U.S. Traders?

Is Kraken the best crypto exchange for U.S. traders?

Kraken Exchange Review is in! We are not kidding when we say this could be one of the best crypto exchanges for U.S. residents. I would say this is one of the longest-running exchanges and only has improved through the years. Coinbase started in 2012 but Kraken Exchange started in 2011.

It was founded by Jesse Powell. He started it out of concern for the old MT. GOX which at the time controlled most of the cryptocurrency trading throughout the world. His concerns were spot on! He always has been a straightforward low-key individual in the crypto space, basically no BS…

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October 25, 2020

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange “Now and in the future!”

Cryptocurrency Exchange which is the best?

Which Cryptocurrency Exchange you use may depend on many factors. Mainly where you live and what you seek to do with your cryptocurrency. In this article we seek to look at the NOW and the FUTURE. (Last updated February 09th, 2021). Governments have started to make their mark, this goes along with the institutional push.

Paypal recently stated it will start to accept crypto, and it is said they are looking to acquire a number of crypto firms, including Bitgo. This is likely to give the go-ahead to many other institutional/corporate entities to jump into the crypto exchange and the crypto market in general.

We write [...]

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October 29, 2017

Coinigy Review – Is it really worth its price?

Firstly, there is one thing you learn fast when you step into the alt-coin game. It is that you will see yourself registering in multiple exchanges. Here is a promising coin, there is an excellent opportunity. The game goes on and on.

Most likely you will find all those coins scattered on various exchanges. Ok – registering here and there is not a problem. Keeping the overview over all your wallets and running trades is a pain.

Meanwhile even more, the quality of the UX. The charts, or the processes of these exchanges. Ongoing issues that is such a hassle from one exchange to another.

Thus, in this Coinigy Review we ask if it makes our lives more [...]