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October 3, 2018

The Ultimate Bitmex Guide

The Ultimate Bitmex Guide: In this collaboration post between Cryptomedics and SmartOptions, we want to demystify the Bitmex Universe. This Bitmex guide shall be the first stop for everyone, that wants to hop on the Bitmex train and learn how to use this great piece of a FinTech platform. Going Bitmex is not easy for beginners, especially if you don’t come from Forex trading or other derivates offering leverage, on top of that Bitmex has some specialties you should know about. We detail this in our Bitmex Guide. We at SmartOptions chimed in and added our secret sauce for you and explain the common pitfalls that one can face with the platform. Let’s dive into it and learn [...]

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August 11, 2018

5 Things Every Bitmexer Should Know…

Operating at Bitmex is like a casino gamble, moments of extreme tension, adrenaline and emotions that put you on edge! This 5 Tips give you a small idea about what is possible. For further reading we suggest the BitMEX Guide and the BitMEX Leverage Guide.

It’s a dangerous environment where we need to be careful, secure and need to know how to manage everything in the best way: capital, bankroll, emotions and – on top of that all – the tricks to succeed in the long run!

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