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The Bitcoin Birthday Bounty – Win Free Crypto Signal Memberships

The Bitcoin Birthday Bounty – Win Free Crypto Signal Memberships

by SmartOptionsOctober 29, 2018

October 31, ten years ago, Bitcoin has released its Whitepaper – from there the revolution was unstoppable and changed the lives of many. Digital money was not a pie in the sky anymore – instead, a vision has been formed, progressed into an actually used payment form and started slowly to enter our world. Pioneers became rich & others became depressed as they lost access to their coins – a whole industry grew on the back of the cryptocurrency movement. And Bitcoin and other cryptos have still a long route in front of them; still they made already a big gift. The gift of hugely volatile trading assets that enabled traders to increase their crypto holdings and accumulate more of the coins, whose tech they believe in.


Let’s celebrate the 10th Birthday of Bitcoin (and the first birthday by SmartOptions by the way) and win a free 3 – Month Membership for one of the best crypto signals on Telegram, on Discord or BitMEX signals channels.

The Bitcoin Birthday Bounty

The Prizes

By participating in the Bitcoin Birthday Bounty, you can win FREE 3-MONTH MEMBERSHIP in the following channels:

InfoCrypto (Telegram)
1x 3 Month Membership
Value: $240
Read the Review

Cryptomedics (Telegram)
1x 3 Month BitMEX & Altcoin Bundle
Value: 0.09BTC
Read the Review (Altcoin Post / BitMEX Post)

Bitmex Lifestyle (Telegram)
1x 3 Month Membership 
Value: 0.07BTC
Link to Review

Margin Signals (Telegram incl. Auto Trader)
1x 3 Month Membership
Value: $387
Link to Review / Auto Trader Review

Crypto Addicts (Telegram incl. Auto Trader for Binance & Bitmex)
1x 3 Month Membership Full Pack
Value: $447
Link to Review

Bitcoin Compass (Telegram & Discord)
1x 3 Month Membership Full Pack
Value: $201
Link to Review

1x 3 Month Membership
Value: 0.15BTC
Link to Review

Coin Observatory (Discord)
1x 3 Month Membership
Value: 0.07BTC
Link to Review

Verified Crypto Traders Bronze Membership (Telegram)
1x 1 Month Membership
Value: 0.03BTC
Link to Review

The Mission

To generate some lots for this draw, you need to complete one of the following tasks (5 submissions possible; only one submission per platform). Basically, you just have to write about one of our three signal posts and let the world know about them. There are so many shady fishes in this sea, we think it is important to spread the word about the legit ones.  Help us with that and win a free three-month membership!

How To Participate

To win one of these excellent premium memberships, we prepared a little bounty for you. Each completion of one of the following tasks is one lot, and you can submit up to five actions to generate five lots. Spread the word about the success of our hand-selected Signal Groups and write about the movement! Here are step-by-step instructions to get you started:

  1. Pick one of these three posts:
    Telegram Crypto Signals
    Telegram Bitmex Signals
    Discord Crypto Signals
  2. Write a post about crypto signals and place a link to one of three mentioned posts above within your write-up. Have personal experiences with one of these providers? Write about it! Have some best practices on how to use the signals? Write about it! Want to drop a general note about trading cryptocurrencies? Write about it and mention/link one of these three posts!You can write and link to it on
    • a blog
    • your twitter
    • in a facebook crypto group
    • Reddit
    • Steemit

    Each of these platforms can generate you one lot. Example: If you write and submit two blog posts on the same website, you will get only one lot. If you write a blog post and a Steemit article, you will get two lots. If you publish a blog post, a Steemit, create a post in a crypto facebook group, you’d get three lots and triple your chanes to win.

  3. Submit your work:
    [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

The Conditions

We like to do it the KISS way, just consider the following:

  • The draw ends at 4th of November, 11:59 PM GMT
  • Don’t spam anywhere to take part without the consent of the site/group owner
  • By taking part you agree, that we may forward your email address/Telegram handle to the respective channel owner to set you up in case of a win.

If you face any questions this post did not answer, don’t hesitate and drop a comment, we will follow-up quickly.

And now: hit the keys, Ladies and Gentlemen!

UPDATE: The winners have been chosen and notified. The draw is closed.

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