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7 weird crypto cults that will blow your mind!

7 weird crypto cults that will blow your mind!

by Rico ChetteAugust 12, 2020

Are you a member of one of these crypto cults?

I will list 7 Crypto Cults that I think are completely bizarro, but for crypto actually very normal!? Yes normal in crypto is anything but in the real world. There are more weird crypto cults out there than you would imagine, mainly thanks to youtube and patreon that supports many of these absolute wack jobs and snake oil salesmen & women. Now I find them entertaining and like reading a trash novel or binge watching cat videos online you might find them interesting too!

One thing to note is that this selection was randomly picked ahead of time it is not a top 10 list or anything like that, but if it was I would put John McAfee at the top, because there is nobody more of a carnival act as that f*cker! If you read the Bitcoin Ben Crypto Crazies article, then you know where we are going with this πŸ˜‰

Again these are people in the crypto space who promote/influence/educate or in this case mostly just entertain very very bored people who ran out of cat videos and wish to keep the party going!

Bitcoin Ben, Google Take Down

Google deletes Bitcoin Ben
Google deletes Bitcoin Ben

UPDATE: Channel was taken down by google, seems to be a coordinated attack on crypto influencers and the space in general * Oct 6th 2020 *

Bitcoin Ben – Not part of this list, but have more as a warning, wow this poor guy who quit his job as a truck driver and obviously started drinking early in the am about 8-9am when he does these videos. In this one he is drunk as f*ck! Omg even college kids don’t look that phucked up in the am, poor bitcoin ben is lost his sh*t and should really get help, very sad and super obvious. The only way you would not notice how drunk he is, well would be because you are just as drunk as him. Sad phucker of crypto obviously as seen in this video.

Again watch his above video you can see he is very drunk, if you want to see his article “THE CRYPTO CRAZIES – BITCOIN BEN

Now his crazy rants make more sense he is an alcoholic trump supporter, again get back to work and get a real job. Stop spending all your time on youtube with conspiracy theories that are rotting your little pea brain and making you look like an absolute fool. I use to like you Bitcoin Ben, but now I think you are just a sad pathetic f*ck who is not worth watching. Again this is just my opinion based off of what I can see, but man I hope his wife and family step in to help him.

If you want to help Ben, please write him a message to support him getting help with alcoholics anonymous, thank you!

John Mcafee – Simply put this guy reminds me of taking a really really big sh*t and then no matter how much you flush it won’t go down! He is without a doubt the #1 crypto cult leader of world. This man on a drug induced binge went over and picked up a hooker in Miami one night and then later on ended up marrying her! :-@

Like Donald Trump he is a seriously deluded narcissist, but to his credit he looks great for his age! Unknowingly he must be take some form of drugs combination that f*cks up his body so much that it reduces the aging process. John McAfee is both a rape & murder suspect, Presidential candidate, a fugitive from the U.S. government, wanted dead by drug cartels “at least that is what he says.” I am just getting started, the list literally goes on and on and on.

The Crypto Cults Top Leader

In the above video he states he is a mathematician and he would eat his own penis on *LIVE TV* if it did not go to above $500k & later $1 million by 2020, well he later reneged on that offer after seeing bitcoin languishing where it is today, too funny :))

In the above video John’s many prostitutes talk about him having them sh*t in his mouth, niiiiiice! This is one classy guy…

Crypto Cults John MacAfee wears panties as a mask
John MacAfee the Defacto Leader of the Crypto Cults

MacAfee Ditches his GHOST coin, once again proving where he goes trouble follows, why anybody in the crypto space wants to work with this proven loser is beyond me! His latest attention whore efforts is now focused in Europe, where to the horror of which ever unfortunate country that has to deal with him, for he has decided to wear woman’s panties “likely week-old soiled ones.” As a face mask against the covid 19 :/ Does anybody else get the feeling he should have been institutionalized for his mental illness long long ago? BIG MISS there! Anyway check him out if you want to watch a freak show…

Naomi Brockwell – If you have ever had a thing for librarians well this wackadoodle lady is for you! She looks like she belongs in a Pee Wee Herman movie. I would say she is hot if she did not dress like my grandmother!? :/ Anyway you might recognize her from different videos where she sings parody songs about bitcoin and crypto, and if you don’t remember her well they are not that great so I can’t blame you.

Yup she is nuts!

Below she introduces one of the top people on the U.S. most wanted list, Edward Snowden who sought asylum in Moscow, Russia. She prolly would even sh*t in John McAfee’s month, if it would get her enough views I bet, so give her a call John!

Crypto Cults - Naomi Brockwell

Anyway she now spends far too much time marketing and talking about strange things of interest to her, but hey if you are drunk one night and want something or someone to watch on youtube, then check her out!

jsnip4 – This crypto influencer is a strange Alt-right cult leader has a following of Non mask wearing, Antivaxer, Qanon, Trump army, white trash rednecks from all the info I have gathered. I mean if we think about it, this is normal as many alt-right wing people are older retired fat sickly angry white men who need to be represented by other fat sickly angry white men.

Jsnip4 lives the rural sh*t hole part of Tampa with other trailer park country bunkins, who due to their lack of education are completely unaware these non-mask wearers are responsible for spreading Covid-19 all over the USA. “Note that America having 25% of the worlds cases even though we are only roughly 4% of the worlds population” Thanks Snippy! In some of his original videos he noted the Covid-19 was a HOAX brought to us by the democratic party wtf!? :-/

“Just remember Snippy you guys are likely responsible not only for all the extra cases & deaths, but also the NFL preseason and maybe even the regular season will be cancelled due to your non-mask wearing, so much for seeing the GRONK and Brady play this year! You f*cking losers!”

BTW as a conspiracy theory which I would subscribe to, that Jsnip4 is a Human/Tortoise alien hybrid as seen in this picture as proof! πŸ˜€

Jsnip4 Crypto Cults Leader Human:Tortoise Hybrid
Jsnip4 Human/Tortoise Hybrid

On the bright side this conservative angry older white males demographic loves anti-gov based investments like Bitcoin, Crypto, Gold & Silver, also they are buyers of commemorative Trump coins in bulk :)) Almost all of them are waiting for the financial apocalypse/reset, which imo is truly ironic. You see none of them have an education to understand how the basic economics of a grade school lemonade stand works, much rather the effects of our macro economic system in parabolic decline.

Since they can’t count they are perfect victims for scammers and high risk alternative investments such as “ICOs – Initial Coin Offering” Just about any sh*t coin you can think of or “STO – Security Token Offering” as they are now called.

Jsnip4 gets crypto cults leaders status again like many others here by begging on Patreon for like minded alt-right wing trump supporting MAGA patriots. He for sure will be featured in a future article that will go more in depth about this silly crypto influencer/character. So if you have your MAGA hat on feel free and check out Jsnip4!

Craig Wright – Oh boy now we get to Craig Wright who as a Crypto Cults leader is for sure not going to disappoint! In past remarks he has threatened the end of Bitcoin with either dumping his HUGE hoard of BTC, but still Bitcoin remains… He has also stated knowledge of an incoming execution of some fatal flaw in the BTC blockchain to destroy it totally, but still Bitcoin remains… BTC is undeterred by this individual and all of his bizzaro rants, if you want to watch a guy that seems to have another deluded narcissistic I am god complex, well Craig Wright is for you!

In November of 2018 he hard forked Bitcoin Cash to create BSV to his credit, giving the crypto community another alternative coin like Bitcoin Cash that most don’t want. This altcoin crypto fight between Roger Ver and Craig Wright was like watching two sissy men slap fighting each other imo, could have done with out it thanks!

Many abuse him for being FAKETOSHI = Just a leech of other great programmers who helped create Bitcoin and took financial benefit but did nothing of real value other than being around at the right time. I myself don’t really know or care if he is or is not the creator of Bitcoin, as so far nobody can prove it either way so what is one to think on this? Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

He seems often somewhat abused by the community like the poor fat/geeky kid in school that nobody liked and would act out because of it. Maybe if people tried being nicer to him they would get a better response?

Crypto Cults Leader Craig Wright

In any event he is a very interesting character and it will be fun to see if he has to pay Ira Klienman the brother of the late Dave Kleinman who many say the real creator of Bitcoin the close to $5 Billion in BTC, that a US judge has ruled he owes him. If you have read the courtroom drama of this unfolding, well it seems more likely that Craig Wright might join John MacAfee on the high seas as they both run from the law! Again another crypto cults leader added to the mix. Feel free to watch him on the coingeek channel where he often appears.

Clif High – Here is one of the most well liked WOO WOO people around, and currently is busy with a soft war vs the CCP – Chinese Communist Party which I support simply because they are so f*cking evil! But Covid-19 a bioweapon created by the Chinese communist party? You can’t argue this with him because like most wackadoodles on the internet live in a delusional world with out any objective reasoning.

There is some evidence that Clif High suffers from mental illness as he stated his brother is schizophrenic, well duh listen to what Clif High says in his videos, any thing stick out to you!? Now he sounds like Mr.Wizard from the 80s, or Bill Nye the science guy, but don’t let that fool you! He is 100% NUCKIN FUTS!

This crypto cults leader is the founder of halfpasthuman web bot reports, that uses linguistics to predict future events. When crypto was popular he would do reviews and use his web bots reports to talk about future price events of the crypto currency market.

As the ICO/ALTCOIN collapse occurred and people complained about how inaccurate his reports had become, so he just turned off Crypto completely and now goes on about the CCP and Covid-19. He has flipped back and forth in what I consider delusions from creating laser weapons to cures for cancer. Outside of what one might think of him, he can be very entertaining, but GAWD help you if you start to go down his alien bioweapon energy wave rabbit hole. If you want to see live examples of mental illness, well this is the channel for you imo!

Tone Vays – Likely one of the worst technical analysts I have ever seen online which makes sense because like ICOs over 96% of them are complete jokes. At least he uses linear based trading methods which = about 50/50 coin flips, as a crypto cults leader he is more of a marketer trying to sell indicators and seminars where he pretends to be a master trader :/ Uhmmm K, the problem is he really really sucks at trading! I have some examples of this but won’t abuse/embarrass him with this here.

His shilling of Tom Demarks indicator called “TD sequential” that many use like Elliot Wave as a way to predict price turns in the market is nauseating. If this poor guy only knew how basic his understanding of market dynamics is maybe he would just stop. It is like watching a farmer plant crops by using sun and water alone, paying no attention to maybe Seasons? Weather? Insects? Fertilizer? The list goes on and on how bizarrely simplistic and useless his understanding of Technical Analysis is.

What makes him interesting is the plethora of different people and viewpoints you can get from him and his channel. He is a BTC maximalist which imo for most is a good thing as there are so many sh*t coins that have no real value or purpose that dilute the crypto space, for that I give him credit and agree with him even!

Crypto Cults are cool to join as many here want to be part of the revolution of Crypto, in this case you will likely be marketed to heavily so be prepared to bring your credit card, opps I mean crypto πŸ˜‰

CryptoViewing – Dick Algier the least obnoxious and at least fairly well educated, though again no matter 100% completely bat sh*t crazy alternative reality thinker here. He use to be a newscaster and can be added to the list of angry white males, which make up most of the alt-right crypto cults leadership in this article. He does what is called remote viewing, like Clif High does with his web bot and critical thinking skills *rolls eyes, but this time it is on crack. Dick has Remote Viewing Abilities! Here is the definition of what remote viewing is btw.

“Remote viewing is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception or “sensing” with the mind. Remote viewing experiments have historically been criticized for lack of proper controls and repeatability.” Wikipedia

Crypto Cults Remote Viewing Chart
Crypto Cults Remote Viewing Chart

In layman’s terms the above remote viewing chart says it is just a bunch of made up delusional BS for people to promote on youtube lol.

During the Covid-19 pandemic Dick thought it would be a good idea to go run away to what seems to be a 3rd world island in South Asian Sea, being that he comes from Hawaii, with a good health care system and one of the states least effected states in the U.S. by the Virus, yup 100% Bat Sh*t! So he basically ran away from his island to go on another island, now that is hilarious!

Outside of his ability to predict future events with his focused mind, we have the Hellier Goblins here of which him and his group went on extensively about in multiple videos 😐 Once again using their magical mind powers of crypto cults leadership and like minded matrix views went to explore some Goblins that seem to be just hanging around loitering.

It amazes me how useless all these demons/aliens/goblins/dogmen and whatever else, are just loitering human stalking seeming unemployed time wasters. Why can’t you get them on to do a youtube video instead of a bunch of over privileged white males who are boring as f*ck in real life. I guess they are so boring that these guys need secret clubs societies and to chase aliens/fairies to give meaning to their lives.

To be fair Dick is a big supporter of Crypto and goes on in his video about his different experiences using/holding/growing his various crypto currency bags, so as a crypto cults leader he is enjoyable to watch and I can see him relating to many crypto users out there.

I really don’t get it but whatever, again like many of the Patreon beggars you can support Dick by joining his channel, so if you want to get into remote viewing and maybe predict when the next bull market in Crypto will come, well feel free to join Dick now!

All you have to do to become a crypto cults member is repeat this over and over ” I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money! So let us repeat that 10 times as I end this silly article. Anyway hope you enjoyed it, until next time!

  • I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money!
  • I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money!
  • I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money!
  • I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money!
  • I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money!
  • I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money!
  • I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money!
  • I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money!
  • I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money!
  • I will join one of the crypto cults on patreon so they can buy crypto with my money!

*just starts to scream randomly crypto cults! crypto cults! crypto cults! crypto cults! crypto cults! crypto cults! crypto cults! LoL well they are crazy why not join them right! Nah… :))

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