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July 9, 2020


The Cryptopia CRUSH

Cryptopia is arguably one of the most prominent cryptocurrency scams of this decade. The losses sustained on account of this crypto scam make it one worthy of note and one to pick lessons from against future occurrences of such scam schemes.

Although, unlike many Crypto scam schemes, the signs signify that Cryptopia was initially not intended to be a scam scheme. This Crypto platform was on the rise and moved gradually up the ladders before it came crashing down. Their schemers designed many cryptocurrency scams that have peaked the news to ploy people into the loss of their crypto assets from the onset. The Bitcoin rush scam of South Africa for [...]

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February 1, 2018

Cryptolume.Co – Advanced Data-Based Crypto Analysis

There is a new tool around that brings fresh air into the business of Crypto Tools. is data-fed dashboard with tons of visualized information and can provide some excellent insights and convenient overview for the advanced trader. Trading cryptos is different to trading FX due to the lower volume in general. This makes technical analysis, in general, a bit tougher and one is right to consider volume-based data before entering trades. Crypto is a young market, and therefore easy to manipulate. Volume and some indicators can give you hint if something is in the bush – can help with that. However, you should find your nerd glasses first!

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December 16, 2017

ICOs – A Two-Sided Medal

There are several new projects that decide to make crowd-sales in which they offer investors early opportunities to purchase a share of projects that includes tokens/coins at a (probably) good price for the particular Altcoin tokens. You wonder about that “probably”? Well, it is not uncommon to see an ICO token below the ICO price, once it hit the exchanges. Legit ICOs can give you a nice return, but these are hard to find in a shark tank full of scammers.

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December 13, 2017

Electroneum Wallets to be released today – Trade on Cryptopia

The long-awaited release of the ELECTRONEUM wallets is scheduled for today at 12:00 PM GMT. The asset is listed on Cryptopia and can be traded there. We expect a huge dump, as many people have been waiting very long for this moment. The ICO has been marketed very strongly and raised the hard cap fast. Miners have been able to trade it already, while the investors had to wait for the wallet release. The wallet had been deactivated due to a security incident, which should be solved now by HackerOne, which also did some intense pen-testing in the last weeks.

For BTC wallets and beginners tips check out our beginner's tips article.

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