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HODL THAT! #1 – Hodl Me For Xmas

HODL THAT! #1 – Hodl Me For Xmas

by SteveNovember 29, 2017


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In our new format HODL THAT we will provide some selected coins from time to time, which we purchase at the given levels and just hold them for 2-4 weeks.  This is just for the patient ones – prices go up and down, that is the nature of the market. Profits should be in right before Christmas, so you have some extra funds to spend on your loved ones.

We carefully took a look at the markets and checked which coins are worth the wait and could give us juicy profits from 50% to 100%. We consider that the used capital will be locked until the targets are met, so we use only amounts we don't need for other activities. Best practice for us is to use the buy targets, check-in if the orders became active, set our sell targets and simply.close.that.charts! This is because the longer you stare at the charts, the more likely it is that a) one gets weak hands and sells in a loss (eek!) or b) takes profit to early just because it is just green and we could trade this and that instead.

As always we don't select shitcoins, only stable, established projects that are good bets – so if the targets would not be touched (yes, there is always a probability), we just keep them longer, as these are coins that are not likely to die anytime soon.  For the target levels we often give more then one. We sell 70% at Take Profit (TP) 1 and 30% on TP2.

HODL THAT! #1 - Hodl Me For Xmas 15


SysCoin had recently some nice amounts of hype and healthy growth. Currently trading near strong support it is a good time to get into it, within the marked zone. If this trade would go wrong, we still have some supporting BIG news in January and February, so it should be relatively safe to enter into this one.

HODL THAT! #1 - Hodl Me For Xmas 16

Current Price: 
Entry: Anywhere between 0.000024 and 0.000027
Target: TP1 0.000045 | TP2 0.000055
Buy $SYS instantly with USD: Changelly

HODL THAT! #1 - Hodl Me For Xmas 17

HODL THAT! #1 - Hodl Me For Xmas 18


Oh NEO – what gains we had with you due to the recent fake rumors and what a drop we saw right after. It is trading sideways now for a while and ready for a huge breakout anytime soon. We can see NEO broke through the prior resistance which became solid support. Right now it is trading at support and with a nice chunk of real news coming up, we expect to see a good moon shot.

Current Price: 
Entry: 0.0035
Target: TP1 0.0055 | TP2 0.000067
Exchange:  Binance (pays GAS for holding!)

HODL THAT! #1 - Hodl Me For Xmas 19

HODL THAT! #1 - Hodl Me For Xmas 20$STEEM

Steem is a solid project with a social crypto network behind, where you get paid in Steem for good content you publish. Currently $Steem trades on a VERY cheap price. There is so much room upwards, we would be really puzzled if $Steem goes any lower. See how low $Steem trades right now on the weekly chart below. We expect a good run with steem, once all the fresh money in Crypto comes back into alts.

HODL THAT! #1 - Hodl Me For Xmas 21Entry: : 0.00010
Target: TP1 0.000135 | TP2 0.000156
Buy $Steem with USD: Changelly

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