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Signals Thursday #3 – Interview With Verified Crypto Traders

Signals Thursday #3 – Interview With Verified Crypto Traders

by SteveSeptember 20, 2018

Our Signals Thursday goes into round #3 and this week we interviewed the Verified Crypto Traders – a telegram signals provider that offers a well-rounded authority pack with everything one might need to succeed in the world of crypto trading. Verified Crypto Traders is not a simple one-man-show – it is a network of traders, working together to offer a constant news stream, sophisticated signals, and golden education with tips by pro traders you won't find on the web. CEO Ivo is a busy man – however, we are glad that he found the time to answer our questions. Especially the voice of the team of VCT traders, which introduce themselves in this post, is pretty interesting.  VCT offers a horn of plenty of things to its members. You really seem to be on a mission and want to educate the mass. Besides the obvious of earning money – can you tell us about your long-term goals with Verified Crypto Group?

Verified Crypto Traders (Ivo): I believe that cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the Fintech industry and could radically change the global wealth distribution. Therefore, it's important to be on the cutting edge of this paradigm shift. Our goal as a company is to allow our customers to earn profits and sleep better while trading with us. I believe that to share is to multiply. As a trader's hub that shares their trades and even provides live trading, webinars, and such like, would you mind introducing your featured partners – maybe they want to introduce themselves?

Verified Crypto Traders (IVO): We have a team of 10 people. From sales and support to ICO/ coin researchers and 3 Traders. The traders have a background in the financial sector or in trading itself for multiple years and we believe in quality over quantity.

Verified Crypto Traders (Erik): My name is Erik. I have a background in Engineering/Mathematics, and I specialize in the abstract modeling of time-based geometry/energy. I spent most of my career working as an engineer for Apple, and many of the top 10 hi-tech companies. I discovered charting and stock markets when I was a teen. I had seen a picture of a seashell fib pattern overlaid upon a chart to demonstrate natural price levels. I immediately got hooked. I wanted to know every aspect of charting price/time, so through the years I studied and observed until I was able to improve my skill and knowledge. I have studied the broad spectrum of TA methods/ideas, slowly observing which ones have real validity and to what degree. Charting simply shows us what was, is, and will be of the markets. I observe, I plan, and I execute. Real trading is one of the easiest and most difficult things someone can ever learn to do.

Verified Crypto Traders (Nate): Hi I'm Nate. I've had almost 5 years of experience with blockchain technology, with part of that getting into trading.  My background is in science and technology research and development. I love the technology behind Bitcoin. I also love studying charts and identifying asymmetric high probability trade setups. I'm very excited to work and learn with you all!

Verified Crypto Traders (Ivo): Not to forget about our latest addition to the team: Tomas, who cannot be with us today. He started with Crypto at the beginning of 2016. He became interested in trading Cryptocurrencies because of the high volatility and profitability of the crypto market. Tomas taught himself how to trade through endless nights of study and research. Now, his total income comes purely from trading. In 2017, his first contract as a fund manager was purely earned through merits. Now he has more than 10 investors under contract and he trades not only for himself but for various managed investments. In addition to that, Tomas plays a key role in different social groups as a personal coach and Technical Analysis expert. He has a wide and international network of followers and enthusiasts who love his work under the pseudonym TJ Trade Corner. His trading style is mostly based on hidden patterns in commonly used indicators, volume and momentum indicators, advanced natural movement patterns, as well as, very fast access to any influential news. What is the most important thing you want your subscribers to know? Is there anything that makes you go nuts reading in your chat room?

Verified Crypto Traders (Ivo): Educate yourself to a basic level, but always strive to become better. I will advise them not to be too obsessed about being right. Sometimes you learn more when you are wrong. People that are only looking to be right all the time find it hard to learn. Tell us a bit about your personal history as a trader. How did you come to trading and especially to crypto, assuming you started with fx first.

Verified Crypto Traders (Ivo):  I started with Crypto 2 years ago. I was building a startup in the IoT sector and came into contact with IOTA project. Soon afterward I started trading and learned technical analysis from friends which are traders as well. As an entrepreneur, you learn how to solve problems and spot chances, Crypto was the perfect fit because there are still so many opportunities and people that need help so they don’t make the same mistakes we made. Can you tell us about your personal views on the crypto ecosystem? What do you think about “the bubble”, how will crypto evolve and what is the missing link for mass adoption and the crypto takeover in your opinion.

Verified Crypto Traders (Ivo): The bubble emerged when people saw that they could earn a lot of money by trading Crypto. Everybody jumped in and the price shot up. This was not a sign of a healthy market. After the downward trend we experienced in the last 8 months, we are eventually progressing to a healthy market volume and price. And all signals indicate that this will continue because large investors are starting to embrace the crypto market. We are only at the beginning. Last but not least, what are your personal gems – do hold any cryptos for the long-term with no intention to sell them in anytime soon?

Verified Crypto Traders (Ivo): IOTA, NANO, BAT, and AGI are my long-term holdings. IOTA and BAT are companies with trusted partners and technologies. NANO is a challenger, and AGI is doing something totally new in an industry (AI) that is poised to attack the future.  Thank you so much for taking the time for our questions! We can't wait for all the good stuff yet to come with Verified Crypto Group.

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