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Next Gen Crypto Altcoins, will the game change? Prior superstars, trusted by many, could write narratives about their Near-Death Experiences. They are still in the coma room and don’t look like the soft whispering of their hodlers could inject life into them again.  The world of crypto is yet young. Thus many of these projects will fail hard.  Here is what we see over the last 6 months. You can observe how Next Gen Cryptos arose. Using advanced tech, inbuilt price stabilizing mechanisms, and brand new ideas. Which made use of the blockchain to build the base. Ushering in new coins and tokens, which have much room to grow.  For our Next Gen Crypto, we find a selection of our favorite buy & hold projects.

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HOLO (HOT) Next Gen Crypto

Holochain (HOLO) is a decentralized hosting platform that aims at providing decentralized applications for crypto-users. Holo’s HOT token is built on the Holochain network. Holo has largely been used as a framework for distributed applications. Users of the Holochain network are offered a distributed autonomy which is built into the network’s architecture and protocol. For the next gen crypto the Holochain masternode should gain much traction in the future, all we hear often is about the Holochain-masternode and the expected exponential growth people are looking for.

Despite the gloomy market conditions depicted by the major coins(read Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple in the past two months, HOT tokens have seen a spike of over 55%. HOT has generated critical acclaim from reputable personalities and firms, this has been one of the reasons for its remarkable strides. A decentralized system with few bottlenecks coupled with a seamless validation mechanism has seen the token become a favorite for many investors. The ability to share, access, and store data has also become a major pull factor for HOT.

Exchange: Binance

ICON (ICX) Next Gen Crypto

The ICON network built by Korean Fintech, Dayli. ICON (ICX) is designed to be a link connecting different networks and communities across diverse locations. Hence the network has been popularly branded the blockchain of blockchains. ICON allows anyone to create a blockchain project and link it to other existing projects on the Network. ICON’s uses smart contract features that allow the linked communities to remain autonomous, hence value can be exchanged in real-time without compromising on privacy.

There are several reasons why investors should take a keen look at ICX, chief among them is the credibility and reputation of the team behind ICX and their partners. The next gen crypto of this one is really nice. The Dayli group is well renowned in Korea for launching over 40 successful Fintech products and companies. ICON itself also boasts of several reputable partners in the financial, medical, and academic industries. With such reputable founders and partners, holders of the ICX coin might see some nice gains in the future.

Exchange: Binance


Next Gen crypto

ALQO is a great German/Switzerland project. We wrote already a lot about ALQO, what it is and how it works.  There are three good reasons to hold ALQO – but these three reasons have a single name: The Libra Effect. This effect makes ALQO literally a passive income machine (and that while sustaining a low supply coin.):

  1. Firstly, their masternode concept is a working one, where you (yet) can build a node pretty cheap.
  2. Secondly, they have very easy cold stakeing which has just launched on (just hold your XLQ there and become rewarded).
  3. Lastly, the Bitfineon share pool. The last one is very interesting. Bitfineon will be Fiat to Crypto exchange from Germany/Switzerland, sitting on a proper legal base. They deeply integrated XLQ into their platform as base currency – The good thing is they are ABOUT TO LAUNCH in Q4- yes, it is not yet live, but the launch is slowly pricing in.

In like manner, we found it smart to be in XLQ early when we posted about it. Undoubtedly, or next gen crypto XLQ is a good choice. The exchange will pay XLQ from the shared pool and let XLQ holders participate in the success of the exchange. To us, these are three darn good reasons to hold XLQ (besides its premium quality tech which combines a plethora of projects and the low supply).

Exchange: CryptoBridge

Telcoin (TEL)

Based on Etherum ERC20 technology. Telcoin aims at bridging the gap between service providers and blockchain technologies. Moreover, the project aims at offering access to cryptocurrencies and financial services to people leaving in remote regions with no access to banks or financial services. Indeed the mission of this project is to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by banking the unbankable, Telcoin presents a unique and solid business model. Geared to tap into this vast potential of Next Gen Crypto functionality.

Telcoin hopes to interlink network providers and subscribers to leverage the remittance market and the e-commerce potential of low-income individuals. While 40% of the world population has access to banks and financial services the remaining 60% has no access to any kind of financial services. If successful the project is going to generate massive returns for its investors.

Exchange: Binance

Polymath (POLY)

POLY is a token-based projected that is aimed a tokenizing the securities market. POLY aims at transforming traditional security assets (stocks/securities) into digital assets on a blockchain platform. For sure this is NextGen Crypto, as the polymath securities token platform has three main layers application, legal, and protocol that are geared to ensure that tokens issued over the platform comply with guidelines from regulators.

While the coin has not generated much hype in the industry or witnessed massive upsurges in its prices, it still offers lots of potential due to its ability to solve a real-life issue. With the growth in cryptocurrencies destined to continue, ICOs and STOs are bound to be a mainstay of the crypto-ecosystem. Thus it is likely for POLY to grow steadily in our opinion.

Exchange: Binance

With the Next Gen Crypto it is whatever floats your boat. Diversification is key. A healthy portfolio should have more than five coins/tokens in it and should be rebalanced from time to time. Also, we’d not to suggest to buy in all at once – far better is to use the technic of dollar/cost averaging, by buying a fixed amount of investment dollars, for example, each second Friday (in a a fixed rota).

Next Gen Crypto Coin Neo

Next Gen Crypto In conclusion…

Updated 4/21/2020 – So much has changed in the space, it has become a free for all. Some tokens fly to the moon. Others languish. Though don’t doubt that a once dead project can be brought back to life in this currenty market ruled by DEFI. NEO has had a resurgance the past year, which many did not see NEO coming back. But NEO did! The whole ecosystem of DEFI has changed the game completely.

Others we thought would be popular like the Holochain-masternode were not so successful from what we can see. Also we don’t hear much about the Holochain-masternode in talks very much anymore. DEFI has flipped the script. Neo is still rocking but many find it old school and want yield farming or token lending services. You can’t go anywhere with out hearing about DEFI, so how is that not Next Gen Crypto? It is, just nobody saw it coming, and come it did!

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