SIGNAL RESULTS March 2022: Bitcoin on the Rise

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After suffering a really bad start to the year in January, and an uncertain February market, the crypto market came back strongly in March. A 9% increase in BTC’s worth has helped it almost fully recover from the blows inflicted on it at the start of the year.

Altcoins have also performed really well, with some cryptocurrencies outstripping Bitcoin. Ether rose 15% while both Cardano and Solana boasted a whopping 27% rise! That said, the whole of March doesn’t show a green hill in the charts. The bulls have only dominated the market in the second half of the month.

All in all, the crypto market has performed well in March and that translates into our crypto signal provider’s performance. We’ve seen a considerable improvement in the performances of almost all of our top crypto signal providers. Take a look at the performance charts below.

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Telegram Crypto signal results March 2022
Telegram Crypto Signals
Discord Crypto signal results March 2022
Discord Crypto Signals

Although the charts show Fat Pig Signals on top, it’s actually UCS that takes the #1 signal provider spot again. This is simply because both Fat Pig Signals and UCS have an incredible 100% win rate, however, UCS issued more signals than FPS and hence, deserves the top rank.

Universal Crypto Signals has retained its spot on the top with its trademark 100% win rate yet again. This comes with a healthy 22 total trades issued by them in March. Fat Pig Signals are our runners-up for March with a 100% win rate but a lower number of trades. They gave out only 15 signals this month. Nonetheless, they’ve successfully recovered and made their spot make in the top 3 after dropping down to the fourth position in February.

On the third spot, we have Verified Crypto Traders which has quietly made its way back into the top 3, restoring the age-old Big 3 dominance: UCS, Fat Pig Signals, and VCT.

Monthly Signal Results

Universal Crypto Signals
1) Universal Crypto Signals
  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Universal Crypto Signals has lived up to its reputation of being a high-quality source of crypto trading signals yet again. The folks behind UCS have retained their #1 rank from January and February. Consolidating their supremacy even further with an undefeatable 100% win rate and an ample 22 total trades in March.

Beware of scammers trying to impersonate reputable signal providers’ admins! You might encounter a scammer impersonating Saviour from UCS, it’s better to confirm their official Telegram usernames before having any conversation.

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Fat Pig Signals
2) Fat Pigs Signals
  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Fat Pig Signals has recovered from the fourth spot in February, drastically improving its win rate to 100% from last month’s 75%. They’re back in business, bringing fat and juicy profits to the table once again.

Verified Crypto Traders
3) Verified Crypto Traders
  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Verified Crypto Traders‘ Margin and Spot Signals’ performance differs greatly. VCT Margin has a 78% win rate whereas the Spot signals have a 91% win rate, equalling out to an average of 84.5%. As expected, VCT has lived up to its reputation of being a quality signal provider channel with unmatched expertise in trading. They have gained two ranks since February to be back in the top three.

4) CoinCodeCap

CoinCodeCap has been missing from our monthly signal results update for a few months now, but they are back and with a bang. CoinCodeCap Spot signals have performed marginally better at an 88% win rate compared to its Margin counterpart at 79%. With an average win rate of 83.5%, they’re trailing right behind VCT at the fourth spot.

  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals
5) CryptoSimplicity
  • Discord Signals

With an 82% win rate, CryptoSimplicity has secured the fifth spot in our March crypto signal rankings. They have dropped down two ranks from February, but not because their performance has deteriorated. Their win rate has actually improved from 78% to 82% with a remarkable 34 total trades in March.

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Onward BTC
6) OnwardBTC
  • Discord Signals

OnwardBTC was not performing well for the last couple of months, but they’ve come back very strong with a drastic improvement in March. They had a very weak 53% win rate last month, but they’ve completely transformed their performance and boast an impressive 81% win rate this time. We hope this improvement continues in the upcoming months.

Sublime Traders
7) Sublime Traders
  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Sublime Traders have dropped from their 6th position from February. But this is only because other signal providers performed better. Sublime traders have actually improved their performance from last month. They had a 60% and 56% win rate for their Futures and Spot signals and in March, these percentages increased to 60% and 81% respectively.

8) 4C-Trading
  • Telegram Signals

4C-Trading has been struggling for a few months now. But at least we can say there is an improvement from last month. woes continue in February too. They had a bleak 34% win rate last month, but they’ve improved considerably with a 46% win rate. Not to mention the incredibly large number of trades they issued this month!

4C-Trading issued a total of 60 trades in March. That’s two trades a day!

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Final Thoughts on March Signal Results

All in all, March was a good month not only for the crypto market but for our signal providers too. All our signal providers experienced an improvement in their win rates and overall performance and this promises great things for the months to come!


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