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May 21, 2018

Why EOS Might Not Be The Ethereum Killer Everyone Thinks

Ever since it became an active ICO in 2017, EOS has gained a lot of hype and recognition amongst the crypto sphere EOS There has been an ongoing debate between EOS and Ethereum. Supporters of EOS believe that it has the potential to overtake Ethereum in market share, popularity, and overall usage.

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March 6, 2018

Crypto Portfolio “For The Next Bull Run”

Our crypto portfolio is under examination today. The next bull run seems to be around the corner. Hence there are odds that we can see it starting by mid of March. We did some research on how we will design our crypto portfolio for this scenario. So let’s take a look at how we would spread our funds for it. Thus this is more our long-term investment to exploit this upcoming bull run of Bitcoin.

As we have seen many good coins tanking hefty within the last weeks, we stay very conservative in this approach. In which there are many undervalued coins and tokens out there. Such as we have to look at the amount of ICOs popping up. Look at the number of new projects [...]

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January 18, 2018

HODL THAT! #5 Ethereum Hard Fork Free EtherZero

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November 30, 2017

A Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide for those who want to succeed.

Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide: Is beginner’s guide to Cryptocurrencies trading and Holding. (Hodl) Celebrating the historic moment of Bitcoin crossing the magical 20k mark, we went a step further in the direction of mass adoption. Most will come and try to get their feet wet with cryptos now. For those, we want to present a brief entry into the Crypto world.

Overview of this Cryptocurrency Beginners Guide: