Why EOS Might Not Be The Ethereum Killer Everyone Thinks

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Ever since it became an active ICO in 2017, EOS has gained a lot of hype and recognition in the crypto sphere EOS There has been an ongoing debate between EOS and Ethereum. Supporters of EOS believe that it has the potential to overtake Ethereum in market share, popularity, and overall usage.

We don’t believe that, and we’re here to tell you why.

What is EOS?

EOS plans to create a blockchain that’s able to support industrial-scale decentralized applications. Sounds familiar? While this sounds amazing, there are two things that EOS claims that has captured the public’s imagination:

  • They claim to have the ability to remove transaction fees.
  • EOS claims to be able to process over a million transactions per second.

The project plans to act as an environment where crypto developers create and deploy smart contract dApps, but they handle the task differently than Ethereum. Unlike Ethereum, developers can use any coding language they want to deploy their apps.
But how do we know that it’s actually an “Ethereum Killer”?

Blockchain Battle – ETH vs EOS

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! The debate between these two interesting blockchains ends right here. While EOS has its own quirks, it doesn’t match up to the power and popularity of Ethereum. Here’s why:

Project Longevity

Even though EOS is planning to fix the scalability issues of decentralized apps, the project is too young to stand out on its own fully. For example, EOS has created its blockchain using Ethereum’s framework. This gives Ethereum a significant advantage over EOS. If Ethereum was to create another fork (as it has done with Ethereum Classic), all of the users within Ethereum’s community will go to that new iteration.

In this crypto chicken vs. egg debate, it’s clear to see that Ethereum has given birth to EOS. Without its blockchain platform, EOS would not have been able to correct the problems that ETH currently faces. Ethereum is a more mature project than EOS and has given it the ability to grow into a rising cryptocurrency.

When you look at the innovations that Ethereum has made, it’s obvious that it has more staying power than EOS. EOS is a relatively new blockchain whose features are still theoretical. We’ll have to wait until June this year to see how the project works before we can say it’s an Ethereum killer.

Investor Interest

Also, there are more investors that are interested in using Ethereum in comparison to EOS. In fact, China has created a monthly Global Public Chain Assessment Index to rate the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the market.

The Global Public Chain Assessment Index was made by China’s Information Industry Development. The index evaluates the project’s innovativeness, application usefulness, and technological capability.

As of last Thursday, China ranked Ethereum #1. Ethereum gained a total score of 129.4 topping major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (which was ranked 13th with a score of 88). Even though Bitcoin has been around for over 10 years, Ethereum still came out on top.

And for a good reason. Ethereum has created a foundation for a myriad of initial coin offerings where start-ups make their own digital currencies. Thus, they are able to sell their currencies to investors to receive crowdfunding financing for their future projects.

dApp Market

When it comes to the dApp market, Ethereum gains the early mover advantage. Since it has a year headstart over EOS, Ethereum has thousands of clients that depend on its framework to launch its decentralized applications.

This means that the current dapplication market has already invested a lot of time, money, and effort to learn how to utilize Ethereum’s blockchain. As a result, the switching costs from Ethereum to EOS is high and will lead to a lot of issues within the developer community.

If developers were to switch their dApps into a different application like EOS, they would have to start the process over in its new platform. This means that they’ll have to carry all of their data from Ethereum to EOS’s framework. But, this option might not be affordable or practical, so users might continue to use Ethereum’s platform instead.

Market Value

According to Coinmarketcap, EOS is ranked in 5th place. Take this in comparison to Ethereum which is ranked #2. Ever since 2017, Ethereum has remained in this spot only to trail behind Bitcoin. Even though EOS has shot its way to the top 10 cryptocurrencies, it still has a long way to go before it reaches ETH’s market value.

And let’s compare EOS and ETH’s price charts.

EOS Price Analysis
ETH Price Analysis
ETH Price Analysis

When looking at both charts, we can see that ETH has more of long-term growth than EOS. And the price value definitely shows it. Right now, ETH has a value of $682.21 while EOS has a value of $12.50.

This value is due to the fact that ETH has been on the crypto exchanges for years. EOS is still in development, meaning that it hasn’t shown that value past its ICO funding. So we’ll have to see how EOS acts in the future before we can make assumptions that its better than Ethereum. While ETH’s price seems to be already pretty high, it has lots of upsides – it is used every day for general crypto payments, and ICOs, and right beside BTC when it comes to implementing crypto payments in an online venture.

Team Interest and Community Backing

Some skeptics say that EOS doesn’t have a dedicated team. The team has a small amount of interest in the success of EOS because they have raised a rather disproportionate amount of funds and kept only a few of the EOS tokens for themselves. In the past, we found many voices that encountered “arrogant behavior” in EOS chatrooms, directly from the devs. Breaking it down to the crypto user as an “end customer” is not what you want to see as it would be far from professional if true.

On the other hand, Ethereum is created by a worldwide team of passionate developers that want to see the platform grow. And, they are backed by a community of 1,999,999 members who all have Ether accounts.

Any cryptocurrency is only as valuable as the community behind it. Since Ethereum has a large community vested in its platform, it will be hard for EOS to establish a community as dedicated and loyal as Ethereum’s.

The Verdict

The term “Ethereum killer” has been thrown around for years, with many projects claiming to be the one that will eventually dethrone Ethereum. In recent years, projects like EOS, Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, and Avalanche have all made their case as potential Ethereum killers.

Overall, EOS is a great alternative to Ethereum as it offers developers faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and more advanced features than any other blockchain platform available today. If you’re looking to develop a blockchain application or service quickly and efficiently then look no further than EOS


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  1. This article research the Ethereum-EOS battle from the so-called business point of view. Very interesting to read, thank you.

    I could add to your reasoning some thoughts about my concerning about censorship of transactions on EOS that has already started taking place. The ‘EOS Core Arbitration Forum’, (ECAF) a newly made up centralized party, has ordered all block producers to freeze 27 accounts on the network. They did so while saying “The logic and reasoning for this Order will be posted at a later date”. The order was given by a guy named Sam Sapoznik, and followed without question by the BPs.

    BPs – are the only ones 21 parties of the blockchain who have the right to vote for adding (or not) a new block to the system. That is main feature that differs EOS from Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptoes – it is not totally decentralized.

    If we draw parallels with politics, it is very similar to such a form of government as aristocracy, and it already have begun to play dishonestly, if you know what I mean.

    SUMMARY: I am skeptical of such a project as EOS. I think its no more than just a hype.

    • Great comment, thank you for adding value. Our post was not too good I have to admit, one of the weaker pieces.
      It will be definitely interesting to watch how the whole EOS thing evolves. I could imagine it will turn out as the biggest and most professional ICO scam ever. What a legit & passionate company would’ve achieved by now with these insane funds, I can’t picture that… Leave alone what this one year long ICO might have done to influence the ETH price…


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