Top 10 Buy the Dip Crypto: Altcoins to Buy When Everything Dips

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BTFD! It is as important today as it was in 2017. Knowing what to do when the market goes down is one of the keys to growing your crypto portfolio and increasing your net worth. Successful crypto investors know the importance of buying the dip.

If you’re up for making this smart decision, you might still need some research on which cryptocurrencies to buy when everything is tanking. It would be best to make this call carefully because you can’t rely on every altcoin when there’s a bloodbath in the markets.

We’ve created the best ‘buy the dip crypto’ coins. Read on to learn all about them.

Best Buy the Dip Crypto Coins

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • BNB
  • BAT
  • ADA
  • OMG
  • LTC
  • LINK
  • DOGE

#1 Bitcoin ($BTC)

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is the essence of Crypto itself. If you trust in Crypto, you trust in Bitcoin. The flag bearer of the crypto markets is here to stay and is a staple investment in any crypto portfolio.

Exchange: Binance


Like Bitcoin, Ether is a giant crypto asset you can bank on when everything tanks. Ether comes with one of the greatest utilities in the crypto market and is widely used for its prevalence in the smart contract arena. You can allocate a part of your portfolio to ETH during market crashes, which will not disappoint you.

Exchange: Binance


Like it or not, $XRP has room to grow and surpass the market cap of $ETH recently. The centralized banker coin gets much hate from the blockchain community, but you could use it to take some nice profits with you if you can catch it in the dip.

Exchange: Binance

#4 Binance Coin ($BNB)

The cryptocurrency backed by the world’s largest crypto exchange is not going anywhere, no matter what happens to the market. Binance has also recently announced that it will issue Proof of Reserves for its BUSD stablecoin, which means we can also rely on BNB.

Exchange: Binance

#5 Basic Attention Token ($BAT)

Basic Attention Token is the altcoin behind a blockchain-based digital advertising platform. The digital advertising platform gives fair rewards to users in return for attention and offers advertisers higher ad revenues. Given its high utility, the BAT token has been rising steadily since 2021 and is also a good buy for the dip crypto.

Exchange: Binance


Cardano is a hype project to research all blockchain-related problems scientifically – and find solutions. If you believe in the future use of blockchain technology – you might see why $ADA should grow more and more. However, keep in mind that until now, it is Vaporware. So we like to trade it for the short-term, but to hold it long-term, we need more substance.

Exchange: Binance


$OMG has recently finished its downside curve and is rising in waves. OMG Network is gradually soaring and gaining market coverage. This underrated altcoin is getting more attention from the market now.

Exchange: Binance


Usually, $LTC follows the path of $BTC, so you might not see it in a dip while $BTC runs, though you might find it at a good price once Bitcoin drops. As it seems proven (history-wise) that Bitcoin recovers like a Phoenix every time it drops, you might want to take it with you to watch out for some cheap Litecoins once Bitcoin falls.

Exchange: Binance

Chainlink (LINK) is a crypto framework for creating Decentralized Oracle Networks (DONs). A DON brings real-world data to blockchains, making hybrid smart contracts possible. In other words, LINK is a very high-utility but the dip crypto you can invest in when the market crashes.

Exchange: Binance

#10 Dogecoin ($DOGE)

Dogecoin is one of the best altcoins to buy during a dip. Although just a cryptocurrency that started as a joke, it soon became the world’s largest meme-coin. With big names like Elon Musk rooting for DOGE, Dogecoin looks like a good altcoin to buy during a dip.

Exchange: Binance

Best Crypto to Buy the Dip

If you are in Crypto for some days, you know what happens if Bitcoin runs right: the alts are bleeding. But instead of going all panicky, we decided to BTFD – we Buy That F#cking Dip! We see the market in cycles; understanding and exploiting those rights is important.

Right now, BTC is recovering from its recent drop, as it seems to be noticed as a “safe haven” asset, aside from the commonly known financial markets. Kim Jong Un is doing wild things again; the financial markets react (in a way that most asset holders don’t like), and people panic selling. They search for shelter in this thing they heard about so often recently, this Bitcoin or so.

Why is BTFD Important for Crypto?

“I want to buy that one that always goes up!” “I want the same thing this PayPal guy has bought. However, Alts are bleeding, and we don’t jump out of the window; we fill our bags instead with top-notch coins likely to recover fast, and we often buy in this state of the BTC / ALT cycle.

Some cycles are very important, and others not so much; we all wonder when the next bull market will come. Unlike the stock market, crypto moves in its own space/time, often more akin to dog years, and just when things seem all too slow, it is BOOM! SO BTFD! I will repeat over and over, “BTFD! Why, you ask? This is the BTFD mantra to remember to get great prices when things are down in the dumps.

Price explosions from nowhere cause extreme FOMO and FUD in this chaotic cycle of seeming insanity. That is ok. Altcoins are longer term, as many of us sometimes forget; the future of them and Crypto is just starting, and many dreams are still to be born in our magical internet money choices of the future.

Until we get our next bull market, all we can do as longer-term holders is BTFD! Like the stock market, you have to wait to be great! Short-term money traders come and go; the long-term guy’s bank, so think long-term!

BTFD Coin Brothers inspirational video

In conclusion and again we repeat: –> BTFD!<–

We know it can be tough to show strong hands in a dip. If a Bitcoin run causes a dip, always keep in mind to watch the dollar value of your total holdings; this can be very calming. If you ask yourself where to enter these coins in their dip, check for the prior support levels and spread averaging buy orders on those. Other than that, let the above video inspire you to what? That is right, BTFD!

Before we End

A few things to note here before we end this piece to give you the full guide on the culture of BTFD because that is what it is nothing short of a culture of die-hard crypto traders. Below, you can find the definition of BTFD. We want to repeat it to you repeatedly until you just BTFD!

A great example from the past was if you BTFD on the real estate, stock market, or many mutual funds and ETFs, you would have made a killing while everybody panicked the smart money would buy the f*cking dip!

As Crypto Traders, we are the ugly redheaded stepchildren, or as Cartman from South Park would say, “Soulless gingers who, compared to equity market gods of old, are just little b*tches!” Meeaaaah, Meeeyeah, and all that and a bag of chips.

Below is a chart of Bitcoin showing exactly how the herd mentality of stock market maker traders rushing out to sell their Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as the market declines; all these panic sellers are not thinking BTFD, but instead are SELL SELL SELL! This is why these short-term traders will likely lose their shirts in trading margin on Bitmex instead of BTFD!

BTFD Bitcoin Price Drop Chart
BTFD Bitcoin Price Drop Chart

The above example is exactly what most traders don’t do 🙁 Instead of buying, they sell into a panic and later will likely regret their bad decision as they look back on BTC, which is above $100,000.00 a coin, going “COIN DAMNIT! SHOULD HAVE BTFD

BTC Maximalists BTFD

Do note that BTC, for most maximalists, is the only coin they want to BTFD, but in my thinking, you need to diversify the BTFD as you never know who and what will change the market; an example of this is with ETH (ETHEREUM). Many think this is the future coin to take over BTC and leave the Bitcoiners sucking dust as it goes to the moon! The main reason is the advantage of smart contracts that ETH offers users, so in the future, you might see various schemes and such things as DEFI tokenomics come into play.

DEFI is considered the next growth area with yield farming and lending/borrowing functions of the marketplace for arbitrage opportunities for crypto holders. Even with gambling or other forms of trading, ETH gives users choices for the future.

Nobody can tell who the next market winners will be, so diversifying your portfolio of BTFD coins is smart, to say the least, as you will give yourself a crypto gold portfolio of diversity, protecting and taking advantage of any changes in the crypto market that might happen.

Final thoughts on Buy the Dip Crypto

These are my last thoughts on BTFD, and whatever you envision for the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency future, we are all in the same boat. Keep your ear to the grindstone and prepare for the next BULL RUN! At some point, the BTFD you have done will make you a superstar as you buy your next few Lambos according to what colors you want 😉


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