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In Smart Options, 95% of Traders are LOSERS!

In Smart Options, 95% of Traders are LOSERS!

by SmartOptionsJune 5, 2017

LOSER! LOSER! LOSER! If you dislike the way this article starts off well too bad. Odds are you are a LOSER! only 1 in 20 or less of you can make money tradingā€¦ Yes take a moment and think about thatā€¦ Why is trading so hard and so few can make money doing it? The answer has to mainly do with how people treat and act towards trading as if it was easy and not a skill to learn. If the 95% of traders acted in binary options trading as they do on their jobs, well they would be FIRED! #1 our brains are WIRED to lose when it comes to trading or just about form of chance/risk based endeavor. I will give you some guidelines to help you not be in the 95%. If you don’t listen to this than the video below is for you!

You may think I am a complete A-HOLE for saying what I am saying, yet I don’t care. Why is this? I am being mean, insulting and whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa. Keep crying because your account balance is going lower as you make one stupid trade after another. I have given step by step instructions to people that worked and still they found a way to break the rules set in both money management and trades. Most simply “SHORT CIRCUIT” at some point and BREAK set rules and break set trade amounts. I had one person win over 70% of their trades in a 2 month period and than in a matter of less than 30 minutes destroy their account by doubling up each time on a losing streak. How can an overall profitable trader who took months of time to train and was doing so well, just blow their whole account in a matter of minutes and not be totally devastated. If you don’t follow rules and accept losses you will be controlled by those losses. It is that simpleā€¦Ā  In the next paragraph I will set RULES to follow but odds are you won’t and you will repeat being a loser again.

At least I would have posted them for you if nothing elseā€¦

RULES and where can I learn to accept them along with watch how a professional uses them? Here is where I can give you some good advice. FoxSignals which you can go here ā˜›Ā ā˜š to get a FREE TWO week trial of demonstrates the use of following rules day in and day out. They are one of the only binary options signal services I have found that does not chase and is stable enough to last for the long haul. Statistically they have proven themselves over the past few years. Let’s examine the set rules they seem to follow for their high probability signals. #1 Each trade setup consists of a 2 step option. 1st trade entry and if that lost a second entry at 2x the size. That is it! From there they also stop after a loss or 2 and do not keep going unlike the 95%ers! Yes they STOP! Geezuz you mother _____ moron son of a _____, you just can’t STOP! This is why you fail over and over. This is the most common theme of losers I have ever seen. You never get to improve because you are too busy making the same mistakes over and over. Worse is you use methods which I will go over in future paragraphs to exhibit this. Without the strict following of rules you will fail. There is no magic to this as the 95% repeat the same mistakes over and over. Again the point here is you need FIXED RULES you do not break!

Do not think SUBJECTIVELY about trading. Most people do not understand what subjective thinking is and why it leads them to failure. I enjoy watching the “INDICATOR CHASERS” on BinaryOptionsEdge because they demonstrate to me the 95%. All of them trying to find the holy grail that will make them rich. This you might think is again mean of me and you are correct. They are CHASERS of price indicators robots signal providers on and on. They represent the 95% perfectly with their 2 second attention span. Marketers love them because well they are free money! They will actually dislike winning traders and prefer fast action losers over slow stable winners. Yup that is right they will prefer losing! I call them the “Built in Losers” They do not stick to a plan or a system/method/signal service or anything really because they are too busy chasing the subjective action. They will never develop because they don’t stick to building OBJECTIVELY a plan/method/money management and are blind to all the things that work. Yes they are completely blind to profitable winning trading. Think about that for a moment. The reason they lose is because they can’t stick to ONE thing and build on it objectively. Well that is not even true. They are actually sticking to one thing by always changing and chasing results indicators/systems/bots and new unproven stuff. They are consistently repeating their loser ways that brokers just love!

To end this article just let me say if you can recognize the pattern being repeated by your own trading in this article, then you have made the first step to becoming a profitable trader. First one must see and then accept their weakness/inability/problem in order to overcome it. SEE that is you! Second you STOP what you are doing, and Last you accept and change the behavior to what works, or gives you the objective results you seek. It is not easy to do at all, yet if you really follow this slowly using a demo account to prove consistent profitability over time and objectively track the results of the change in behavior, the changes in your binary options trading will be amazing in time. So think objectively using 1 system one train of thought, knowing that trading is not magic but a skill learned over time. You can succeed and not be in the 95% of LOSERS. Think about it and have a great day!

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