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At, we are dedicated to improving the crypto space. Our mission is to enhance the integrity and transparency of the cryptocurrency industry. We proudly present Crypto Legal, a leading law firm specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain legalities. Since 2017, the company has consistently defended its clients’ rights and delivered exceptional service. Their expertise and commitment to a safer crypto environment align perfectly with our mission.


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Since its founding in 2017, Crypto Legal has defended its clients’ needs in cryptocurrency. By prioritizing clients’ legal needs, the firm – based in London, UK – has established enduring relationships locally, nationally, and globally. Regardless of case complexity, their organization provides exceptional services for corporate, commercial, and personal blockchain matters.

“We at Crypto Legal understand the nuances of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. We provide tailored legal and forensic solutions using our extensive knowledge,” the company states.

The team consists of skilled legal and forensic professionals with expertise in:

  • Asset recovery
  • Financial cyber-fraud
  • Blockchain technology
  • AML and regulatory compliance
  • Claims and disputes

With a global presence, the firm offers services worldwide. With over 40,000 curated entries, Crypto Legal boasts one of the largest lists of fraudulent cryptocurrency companies. This tool helps people and companies safeguard against crypto fraud and scams. The company commits to updating the list regularly, ensuring industry safety. They emphasize accuracy, dependability, and applicability, valuing integrity and transparency in the Bitcoin industry.

Access to Resources

These lists are freely accessible via the following links:

The Financial Services and Markets Act 2023 defines the regulatory framework for crypto assets in the UK. The company offers significant advantages in handling disputes, claims, and AML investigations. This includes proof of funds, wealth declarations with crypto exchanges, and navigating fraud cases.

This framework recognizes cryptocurrency assets as property, imposing extensive regulations according to property laws. This guarantees clarity with explicit directives and clauses for handling and possession.

Benefits of Hiring a UK Firm

Hiring a UK firm like Crypto Legal allows clients to leverage the Financial Services and Markets Act 2023. Clients benefit from additional legal protections beyond the act, strengthening their court positions regarding crypto assets.

Personalized Service

The company’s size and structure enable individualized client service. Partners and principal associates protect clients’ investments, deliver optimal protection, and ensure efficiency. Crypto Legal prioritizes their client needs and works diligently to meet them.

For more information, visit Crypto Legal’s website at:


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