How To Spend It? Pay Your Everyday Expenses in Crypto!

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Everyday expenses in crypto and how to: Traveling, services, online shop purchases, gift cards, freelancers. So much more as well! Nowadays you can pay literally for everything with your crypto funds. Yet still, you have to search for these possibilities. Nonetheless, this article shall give you a neat roundup on how to spend your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Thus you can do this for almost everything available. Hey, it is a Crypto CURRENCY – so let’s use it and go shopping!

Everyday expenses in crypto: Traveling

For paying everyday expenses in crypto, keep in mind surcharges different services might overcharge you with. Know what you pay!


Since Expedia has stopped accepting Bitcoin, Destinia is a valuable alternative, accepting Bitcoin for payment. Flights and accommodation can be booked successfully. They calculate in mBTC which seems a bit uncomfortable at first for novice travelers but is actually no issue – 229 mBTC = 0.229 BTC, easy. The website is the most professional of all visited bitcoin travel sites. Making it easy to pay everyday expenses in crypto.

To the victor goes the spoils! Dig and and do research as the crypto payment options will change and some very quickly!


CheapAir recently stopped taking Bitcoin payments but is now on track again. On Twitter, I’ve read some troubles people had with their booking service (appearing at the airport, no flight possible). However, I have no personal experiences with them. As we are currently on the look to book something, I recognized that the prices are higher than other sites.

Everyday expenses in crypto

Everyday expenses in crypto: Your Local Shops

Above all there are several websites that maintain maps or directories with local brick & mortar businesses that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here is a list for you:


Everyday expenses in crypto: Try to hire Freelancers

Alternatively if you run a business that is fully operated on cryptocurrencies. It can be comfortable to hire freelancers and pay them with Bitcoin or Ethereum. These two websites are the most active ones. As they have many workers available, hungry for some corn. An A for paying everyday expenses in crypto.


Gift Cards

If you want to buy something in a store, that does not accept cryptocurrencies, you can do that with gift cards instead. Of course, you can use them obviously as a gift for family & friends as well. Thus here are two shops where you can purchase all kinds of gift cards with your Bitcoin.



How sexy is that? You have a date with a futuristic crypto lady, you have dinner together and then you just scan the QR code the waiter shows you. Here you can find restaurants that accept  Bitcoin:


Yep, there is a whole universe of purchasing options with these online shops, accepting cryptocurrency. Hence making it once again easy to pay everyday expenses in crypto.
Check out these stores for a neat Bitcoin shopping experience:



Gold & Silver

Also diversifying your assets is never a wrong thing. Are you heavy on Bitcoin and want to lift up some gold or silver? Besides, these two websites offer precious metals in exchange for your cryptos.

Pay Everything in Cryptocurrencies

And the best for the last! There are two (reliable) options to literally buy the entire internet with your crypto holdings!

…and the second option is our secret tip Revolut, which we will provide a fully-featured review in a few days.

Do you buy a store with your cryptos online? Did we miss an excellent shopping opportunity? Let us know in the comments!


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