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ICO is short for Initial Coin Offering, often a good opportunity to get into a new project as early adopter. You buy tokens from a project for a special price often with bonus tokens, stacked with your purchase size. However, this form is often used to scam newbies, many projects are doomed to fail. Here we check the whitepaper, the team, the vision, check for pitfalls and conclude if an investment is worth it or not.

User Report: How I got robbed with an OTC (Over The Counter) Trade

Experience Report: How I go robbed with an OTC Scam
Experience Report: How I go robbed with an OTC Scam

Recently we saw someone in a chatroom telling about a sad story. The guy got robbed in an Over-the-counter deal in a Telegram group for such kind of transactions. Obviously, he is still angry about what happened and searched for a way to spread a warning to the community, trying to effectively reduce the number of scams and learn from his expensive lesson, so he can pull something positive for others out of his pitiful situation. We want to help him and make sure our readers won’t fall for the same scam. Thank you, Samo for compiling your story into an interesting read. And now read and scare while reading this cryptocurrency thriller. The following content has been contributed by Telegram user @samurai007 – Please contact him if you have further ideas, hints, information for his hunt. Keep Reading

ICO REKT “Sh*t coins, that are not even worth Sh*t…”

ICO Sh*t Coins
Don't even own Sh*t!

In short ICOs are REKT… Period end of story… How did we get here? What can we do to FIX IT? I have spent the past month doing a deep dive into many different matrices of ICO prices/holdings along with how the ICO companies are progressing with their plans… In doing so I am left disgusted and dismayed of the pure greed and absolute fraud-ridden landscape that makes up our current ICO space. Many ICOs were nothing more than money grabs by greedy well-spoken liars. Hence with the realization the downward one-way ticket to ride of many of the ERC-20 Tokens, along with the magic unicorn Ethereum that shat out these magic poop coins. Smart contracts? For who? Smart for the ICO teams/sellers who raised the funds maybe, but not for the investors/hodlers of the tokens. The majority of these ICO companies will slowly sell their ETH at some point going forward and simply fold/vanish/disappear. Only a very minor few will survive the ICO apocalypse as each of them turns into the living dead… Etherum is a poisoned well of this coming ICO apocalypse IMO. I will share with you below my thoughts findings and a solution to pull Ethereum back to shining star status, btw if you are an anonymity nut, well phuck off this article is not for you. Privacy is one thing, but anonymity is the calling card of criminals/thieves in business/money. Keep Reading

Become a DYOR ROCKSTAR and find those ICO Gems!

How to DYOR for ICOs
How to DYOR for ICOs

In these bear times, we don’t trade much besides doing DCA down to the bottom for some major coins. But what we love to do instead, is to make our Crypto funds work for us meanwhile by investing some of our equity in the right ICOs. You might have seen our recent ICO SCOOPs, where we put much work into. We try to bring you more of these reviews in these circumstances and carefully select/research the projects. But you should not rely on us alone; we want to educate you and enable you to become a DYOR ROCKSTAR! Just tangle along these metrics and should find those gems yourself: Keep Reading

[ICO SCOOP] GAMB – The Marketplace On The Blockchain


The Gamb ICO: Providing a decentralized Marketplace e-commerce platform,
directed by the first global alliance of merchants on the blockchain

If you are a regular reader of SmartOptions, you know how much I value the progress of crypto in e-commerce. To me, this is one of the most crucial steps for mass adoption, as it gives cryptocurrency, not blockchain technology alone, the right to exist: it is system-immanent for a currency, that it can be used for everyday spending. Now, this branch is starting to develop, and while there are parts of e-commerce which have been spoiled to a high degree by the big boys like Amazon, Google and the likes, an urging need arose to free merchants from their vice-like grip on the business. Vehicles like Amazon Marketplace might be a good place for consumers to land a great deal, though they have a devastating effect to a large array of industries – in the long run, they will harm brick & mortars to a level that it might affect local or even whole economies, in general, one day. Their market share became way too big and more and more they control the e-commerce landscape by dictating prices and demanding exorbitant fees – this centralized market environment controlled by such behemoths has become very unbalanced. This is why I think it is time for the GAMB ICO to shine – a decentralized marketplace, governed by smart contracts – created to build a strong Merchant Alliance (the token holders) who define rules and regulations and hardwire them into the platform, guaranteeing transparency, trust, and sustainability. An ICO with a real-life use case, that could help independent and owner-operated stores to survive this current monopolist game. Keep Reading

GAMB – The Marketplace On The Blockchain"]

Halo Platform Main Net launches on May(…be…) 21st

Halo Main Net Launch

We are fans of HALO, along with being early investors in this project ourselves, as we really believe in the vision of it.  While delays with development progress became a bit out of hand, it might be one of the many cases in Crypto where patience pays. We saw early investors sell the HALO coins at laughable prices OTC, though we think they might be very sad to see the price of it in a few weeks/months. The Main Net shall launch on the 21st of this month and the UX already looks very polished. The past has shown that these dates can be somewhat “flexible” with HALO, but we think this was for the good. Major cleanup work had been done and there is nothing wrong with the aspiration to start through with a fully working product. You can download the Featherlight client for your OS here and get yourself a first impression with the quality of the UX provided:

[ICO SCOOP] Interview with The Tip Token


A few days ago, we wrote about a possible diamond in the rough we might have found: Simple user handles for crypto wallets ids, an easy way to tip or to send money the crypto way, simply said an everyday token for everyone: The Tip Token.  ICOs are often a scam or just bollocks, born in the smallest room. We found this to be different for the idea of this French ICO, led by Nicolas Nups (LinkedIn), who will be my guest today, answering me all the uncomfortable questions my skeptical mind has woven. Welcome, Nicolas!

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Interview with The Tip Token"]

[ICO SCOOP] – The Tip Token – The People’s Crypto Payment


Recently I visited a pub with a friend from Scotland. We had a great night, and once we decided to leave, I recognized that I forgot my wallet (the real leather one). He paid the bill, but as Scottish, as he is,  he noted that I should pay my part of the bill soon. I just took my smartphone, opened the PayPal app, put in his email address and paid my dues. Imagine this project in crypto. “Please spell your wallet ID again. 0x-what? Hold on, what was it again, 0xc2f86e13b486cf7b78238485b778f8fd8e58ed4d4?” You see the problem – sending small payments from person to person or tipping someone is currently a mess if you want to do it the crypto way. But then, we found an ICO, which neatly solves that problem and could become an important cornerstone on the way to mass adoption. Let’s dive into TTT – The Tip Token.

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– The Tip Token – The People’s Crypto Payment"]

[ICO SCOOP] HOLD – Lend. Borrow. Earn.


Rich in cryptos, poor in fiat? This is something we observed quite often. Many people hold cryptocurrencies for thousands of dollars, but live a life with an average or below average standard, when it comes to their everyday needs. A general fiat-bridge into the real world is a demand. How about a fiat-bridge that enables you to spend your crypto funds as a kind of short-term loans without the need of selling them? On the other hand, there are many people just holding cryptocurrencies and while it is nice to have them growing in value in bull times, it feels like seeing your investment melt away in bear times. We found an ICO, starting soon, which addresses that problem in a smart way. HOLD is a progressive concept that should work out quite nicely, as it offers the ability to borrow money for short-term fiat purchases (with your crypto holdings as collateral), and to earn interest for your holdings as a lender  – and all that with a prepaid credit card in-between as the connection to the real world’s fiat system. In a nutshell, HOLD is a peer-to-peer lending platform that provides instant cash advances against cryptocurrency collateral and the option to earn quite competitive interest for lending your capital.

Keep Reading

HOLD – Lend. Borrow. Earn."]

The Numbers Game – Calculating The Future Of A Coin


Did you ever try to find the next super cheap coin or token, which you can buy for just a few cents/satoshis? Nothing can go wrong with a 5sat coin, right? Once it shots up to a dollar you’re a made man – so why not take a chance? Or another route: Why not research Coinmarketcap and spread buy orders over all these cheapos?
Keep Reading

[ICO Scoop] Sonder – New Crypto Lifeblood for E-Commerce


As an e-commerce professional for over ten years, I am all ears when it comes to ICOs that target the online retail niche. Yes, there are a few crypto payment gateways available, and you can use them in a crypto environment, but frankly, they are not made for the masses. I see customers flipping way too often when it comes to a simple PayPal transaction – no way they will send money in an irreversible transaction to a wallet address and wait for six confirmations and 32 minutes to get a success message. Aunt Marry just won’t do that to purchase her new fire-red KitchenAid online.  If you want to pay in cryptos, many people welcome the added privacy – PayPal, for example, is the opposite, you have to tell them the color of your undies, in front of being able to use their service – and just don’t talk about the fees for retailers… But are crypto payments any better until now? Not really, you also pay high fees, the transactions are traceable (see Bitfury), and they are often slow as hell.  I mean the crypto payment gateway tech is cute for the current state, but honestly, it is yet far away from being usable for the masses.

E-commerce is growing more day by day, and it became already a fixed part of the modern life. Cryptocurrencies are on their way to achieve that, too – but there is a gap when it comes to connecting both. This is the bottleneck SONDER is attacking with their ICO, which is about to start soon. Keep Reading

Sonder – New Crypto Lifeblood for E-Commerce"]
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