It is not a swimming pool, but a shark tank. Learn here how to choose the right exchanges, how to analyze the charts and trading them. Day Trading is not for the faint-hearted so be sure to learn first, otherwise, you will surely lose money by doing it. We will show you how to read Buy/Sell walls, guide you to the best crypto signal groups, and explain how to trade cryptos with leverage on Bitmex. We will provide a Bitcoin price analysis from time to time and check centralized and decentralized Bitcoin exchanges for you.In the market, you have to develop your own strategies to find out if you are bullish or bearish on a coin or token. Trading cryptos is not the same as trading the common financial markets, as cryptocurrencies are still a young market. If you want to learn how to trade the crypto currency market, you need a good knowledge setup, which should contain fundamental analysis, as well as technical analysis like charting, price action, and trend analysis. Due to the high volatility, every transaction contains risk for your trading account - especially if you use financial instruments like leveraged or margin trading. While there are trading courses which can teach you to develop a trading plan and execute a strategy, you will have to work on your psychology as well.We are often trading a virtual currency against another one, so the outcome depends very much on the development of the Btc price and the total crypto market cap. If you want to learn to trade you will have to estimate your risk appetite first and consider then the trading platforms you want to use. As a day trader you can basically gain capital in two ways: Either on a common crypto exchange like Binance or on a mercantile exchange like Bitmex. Different to forex trading, the crypto exchange market is not yet regulated, which brings risks and so you have to act mindfully.Please never invest more than you can afford to lose. We share some trades ore a trading strategy from time to time for demonstration purposes, though we are not financial advisors and these trades are from an educational character, so we don't encourage to copy them. Happy and profitable trading!

The World’s First 100% Accurate Bitmex Indicator – REKTICATOR 2000

Bitmex Indicator: Rekticator 2k
The only 100% accurate Bitmex Indicator you will ever find.

Calculate your likeliness of getting Rekt on Bitmex

While the clickbait-ish title of this post (yes, I admit that) is meant to be quite funny, though the topic of this post is quite serious. Due to our Bitmex Signals & general Crypto Signals Post, we are in several trading chatrooms by many signal providers (we stay in all channels we recommend to make sure, the quality remains of what we are suggesting you guys) and the things we read there, are screaming “I WANT TO GET REKT” way too often. Sure, you might have joined one or more of these channels to get advisory and guidance – which is a good thing if the channel is operated in a good way and you want to encounter your insecurities. The thing is, we see the same mistakes made on Bitmex over and over again. We don’t judge that, we’ve been there ourselves years ago and we know this is just the way our brain and our emotions work. But this habits will kill your balance sooner or later. Experienced traders know that. So, we created a “Bitmex indicator” for you to check yourself if you are trapped in the common pitfalls of trading.  Keep Reading

Bitcoin TA or the Highway…

Does Technical Analysis on Bitcoin work?
Does Technical Analysis on Bitcoin work?

Do you hate Technical Analysis or think it holds no weight in your day to day trading ideas? Think again. TA is not simply drawing lines and figuring out Fibonacci ratios to grow your investments. It serves trading bitcoin as Rambo served his country, often unloved but for sure a needed unsung hero for us to abuse… Keep Reading

Demystifying the Bitcoin Bart Simpson Pattern

Bart Simpson Pattern on Bitcoin
Bart Simpson Pattern on Bitcoin

On every Bitcoin price discussion you face, may it be telegram channels, may it be Reddit, Facebook or Twitter you will find people screaming “There, there – that whale-driven manipulation Bart pattern on Bitcoin” – Ricco, who is our technical analyst at Smart Options, has been trading since the 90s and knows inside and out the common chart patterns. When we discussed the recent hype about the “Bart Simpson” – pattern, he immediately sat down to make a video, as he is allergic against – quote –  “overhyped garbage” – quote end-. See Ricco demystifying the Bart Simpson pattern now: Keep Reading

[Save the Date] May 19th – Altcoin.IO launches Plasma DEX beta


A project we are eyeing since the beginning is the decentralized exchange And finally, we will be able to see the Plasma featured beta on May 19th.

To innovate, you have to experiment. You need to try different things until you hit upon the one idea that beats the rest. We spent months exploring whether state channels were the right basis for our decentralized exchange (DEX). We learned a lot from the experience, but to deliver the DEX of the future, we need a better solution.

This better solution is Plasma, which has been introduced by Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) and Joseph Poon (Lightning Network).

Smartoptions is looking eagerly forward to test the DEX and has a big red cross on the 19th this month.



May 19th – Altcoin.IO launches Plasma DEX beta"]

Auto Averaging With The 3Commas Bot


Safer trading with bots? I can see you raise that eyebrow and normally I would totally raise mine along with yours. Not so in this case. We wrote already about 3commas in the past and recommended their very versatile tool with a team of super active developers. But their recent addition is just great and needs a small introduction. We will show you how we use the recently published auto trading bot, and how to use it in the best way to sleep tighter with your trades running. Keep Reading

Trading Bitcoin without emotions.


The above picture is the average person freaking out when the market does not go their way. This is Jill, PLEASE we repeat! Don’t be Jill… “Jill is an adrenaline junkie, unfortunately she is an adrenaline junkie in trading crypto. Jill will buy a coin just because somebody on trading view screamed that it was going up 500% next week! Jill will sell any coin as soon as she reads on coindesk about some China news of them banning exchanges/ICOs, which they do about a few times a month it seems. Jill trades with her thoughts and feelings, she is always right even though she only loses money. Jill thinks it all is a conspiracy by the government/Hollywood to keep her down.”  In short as you see here, Jill has issues and has no idea what she is doing. Unfortunately the majority of newbie traders have this un-solid emotional state. Jill is caught in the EMOTIONS trap vs real objective knowledge. When starting out in something new, you will be in that realm. It is normal until you learn the ins and outs of trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here are some steps you can use to learn to control your emotions and help you have a more happy and safer journey in your crypto trading adventures. Keep Reading

How to use TA to scale in and out of Crypto Trades for extra profits!


Crypto Currency trading can be a wonderful and horrible thing at the same time. You fall into the depths of hell when you are faced with losses and you float on air amongst the heavens when your alt coins have big rises. In both cases, you are a victim to emotions and likely lack logic that is needed to stay balanced in your efforts to simply profit from the markets moves. I can tell you that true profitability comes from grounding yourself not only as a trader but also as a person. Any fool can make or lose large amounts of money in this space quickly. If you are wise and follow some of the guidelines, using your own good logic and discipline, which I hope you will develop. The amounts of your future gains could very well be staggering indeed. Keep Reading

Finally: Bittrex with Major Platform Upgrade


Bittrex, a former top exchange that lost many of its traders to more modern platforms like Binance, is finally progressing and just released an open Beta platform. The more simple UI and the current state can be seen on

Bitcoin Misery Index in a Trader Perspective


This article is exclusive content from the premium channel by – We permitted to publish it, for a further introduction, as their service has been recently reviewed in our crypto signals posts.

I would like to start by talking about the sentiment analysis, which in my opinion is more important in the cryptography market than in any other market, I have been observing this in my 6 years experience on Crypto Currencies trading.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) are part of this market, I have been investigating this for a long time, every day I use the social networks to map the feeling of the community to use it in my analyzes. This has given me good and bad indications over time. In every new FUD released in the media, we see a big capital outflow, and few ventures to invest in a fearsome market. The good side of all this is that we are kicking out the weak hands and getting stronger with the carriage ride.

I am very optimistic in the long run, even with the current market conditions, the weak holders cannot see the structure of the market they are in, the conditioning and the psychological state do not let them see beyond the lines, It does not allow them to see where this market will drive us in the long run. It is natural that in every market there are good and bad times. If you can not deal with volatility and dives, then get out of the market and stay out because this market is not for weak and emotional people, if you do not have a strong psychological and if you are not open to sudden changes, you will be devoured alive!

Only the strong will keep their investments, they will buy down on the lows when everyone is scared. The strong will benefit when all the weak, frightened, and emotional abandon their positions by surrendering to a FUD. Remember that at this point I will be there buying.

Before talking about the BMI, we would like to let you know that not everything is lost for the emotive ones, we have a solution: – a team of specialists oriented to the market of cryptography that uses Technical and Fundamental Analysis and is ready to help you psychologically and emotionally.

The BMI (Bitcoin Misery Index) was created by Thomas Lee, a Wall Street strategist and co-founder of Fundstrat Global, BMI measures bitcoin price consistency (+ 7.07% over the last 90 days), using the end of the day plus volatility, the results are given on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is “totally miserable” (bitcoins holders are willing to distribute all their bitcoins) and 100 are “totally happy” (where no price in the world would be enough to sell your currencies).

In this 6 years on the crypto world I have noticed and confirmed that sentiment is very important in the market analysis, we also use Google Trends to analyze the sentiment of the market based on what they are searching for.

Access our website and see our Technical Analysis and Fundamentalist made for Bitcoin:

Marcos Trader
Chief Analyst

Free Telegram Channel:

How To Short Cryptos In The Bear Market (and get rek’t on BITMEX)


We are in a bear market right now, and whilst there are first signs for a starting uptrend that will take us all to 40, 60, 100k (of course), we likely will see a few dumps until this is going to happen. When we started with Cryptos everything was so easy – money was lying literally on the street. You bought some coin or token you never heard before, just held it and one day, magically, it’s value has doubled, tripled, quadrupled and we all have been able to feel a bit like a modern Warren Buffet. Yeah. Those have been the good times – and then the bears took over. Bitcoin goes down and tears all the altcoins along with it. Too bad, we can’t profit from falling prices, right? But who said, we can’t actually? There is Bitmex… (and with the opportunity comes also a very sad story, read on…)

Keep Reading

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