Gambler vs Trader


Trading is a serious thing, but that’s no reason for us to take things too serious at all. Let’s have a little fun here, while we wait for the next good setup to come! Once we pulled the trigger, pushed the button, hit the gopher or to put it simple have put or call chosen, we sit there and watch our trades. Let’s compare the difference between a gambler and a seasoned trader. What happens 60 centimeter in front of the monitor, while a trade is running? Have fun!

The story of trading has two faces. One can just try to be lucky and gamble or beat the game with knowledge.

Gamblers imagination of themselve after the first deposit at BdB:

How they actually looks after their first sessions:

OK – new funds deposited! Let’s martingale our way to success.

Gambler: This really looks like call to me!
Pro: Hmm, I’d take a look on the charts. To me this looks like Gopher BoP.



And the price goes in the favorite direction for the Gambler, yieeehhhhaaa



And the price goes back to where it was before:



And it drops…



Wow, price goes back up – what a luck for the Gambler!

Whilst that, Pro was on toilet and looks in the dressing room after his wife:

Then, all of a sudden, a tick in front of the finishing line, a hefty spike…


Gambler: OTM



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