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How To Claim Your Callisto ($CLO) From The Ethereum Classic Hard Fork

How To Claim Your Callisto ($CLO) From The Ethereum Classic Hard Fork

by SmartOptionsFebruary 20, 2018

Due to the popularity of our post about the Ethereum Classic hard fork, we receive email requests on how to claim the hard forked Callisto ($CLO) coins, which you are eligible to get if you hold Ethereum Classic ($ETC) by block 5500000. So here is a summary of all you need to know to get your Callistos.

When will the hard fork happen?

You can check for the current block. The calculations when the fork will happen are between the 2nd and the 5th of March.

Will my exchange support the hard fork?

This is hard to say, as Ethereum Classic / Callisto has no official response by several exchanges up to now. Technically, the free coins are also dropped for $ETC held on an exchange, but it depends on the exchange if they issue them to you.

Which wallets support the hard fork?

These two wallets are guaranteed to issue the Callisto coins:

  • ClassicEtherWallet
  • ClassicMask

MyEtherWallet – it is not yet sure if the MEW devs will support Callisto as there is no official reply for that yet. However, you can use your MEW account on ClassicEtherWallet, as they go well together and are compatible. To be able to use your MEW wallet for holding Ethereum Classic coins ($ETC), you have to follow this steps.
As you don’t physically store ETC in a wallet like MyEtherWallet or JAXX, you always should be able to claim along with your private key. Your ETCs are, like any other coin,  stored in the blockchain and wallet are only an interface to access those in a convenient way. Your coins could also be transferred by command line if you know how, so basically it should not depend on the wallet itself to claim those Callistos.  This means, technically it should be possible to get the coins with every wallet (besides wallets on exchanges) that hold ETC on block 5500000, as you basically have ETC on the ETC blockchain, tagged along with your private key. The snapshot will be generated and if you private key held ETC, CLOs are issued. However, if you just want to receive it the easy way – simply go with one of the first two wallets. The free Callisto coins should automagically appear in your wallet after the hard fork.

To stay updated, you might want to keep an eye on their official Twitter account and their Reddit.

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  • March 5, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    your article says its going to tell you how to receive your CLO Token and then goes on to not explain how to get the CLO..whats the Token address how do you claim it i Have classic mask and its not as easy as your making it seem

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