Hodl That! #13 - QLC CHAIN/ QLINK
Hodl That! #13 - QLC CHAIN/ QLINK

HODL THAT! #13 – QLC Chain: Calling for Profits


The telecom industry is starting to receive interesting changes in its infrastructure and usage. And QLink (which has recently rebranded to QLC Chain) has been the first ICO that’s making changes in the right direction.

With a dedicated development team that previously created NEO’s blockchain, a group of advisors that are experienced with blockchain technology, and a long-term project plan, QLink is starting to gain some traction within the crypto community.


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An Overview About QLC Chain

QLC Chain (previously known as QLink) is the first decentralized telecommunication network. It plans to create a platform that enables wifi sharing while creating a project that will redefine mobile networks.

QLC Chain’s goal is to target the current telecommunication networks and increase the security and efficiency of these existing networks. They plan on doing this by:

  1. Decentralized Wi-Fi sharing
  2. Wi-Fi Sharing hubs
  3. Repacking mobile data for better content distribution
  4. Decentralized SMS software

QLC creates its blockchain with NEO’s NEP-5 system. Users will be able to create smart contracts between content producers, telecommunication companies, IoT terminals, and enterprises.

The company is divided into two integral parts on its blockchain – service, and infrastructure. For the service part, the information such as the content record and the billing data will be placed on Qlink Chain. The infrastructural information will be recorded on NEOs blockchain.

What Problem Does QLC Intend To Solve?

As of now, the telecommunication industry is very centralized. While mobile providers offer a multitude of services, but they aren’t flexible in distribution and packaging. Customers that use these traditional plans are forced to stay in long-term plans with this current business model.

This centralized structure creates problems such as expensive user fees, security issues and inaccurate billing, all of these increase the costs for customers. These inflexible plans and terms lead to unhappy customers and harm telecom businesses’ revenue.

There are some major trends that are arriving that have yet to be addressed by the telecom industry. This includes IoT, network security, and mobile connectivity. The current billing and operational structure aren’t suited for the upcoming IoT boom. Qlink estimated that there are over 300 million wifi hotspots in the world. Price is also becoming a huge factor because companies are competing to see who can offer their service at the lowest prices.

The current revenue of the telecom market is $750B. Within 2 years, we expect it to grow to about $1 trillion. This gives Qlink enough time to compete and capture some of the market share.

What Solutions Does QLC Provide?

QLC Chain’s platform is not only decentralized, but it also has a Qlink chain, a public chain, end users, and operators. The platform will use its blockchain to solve the issues discussed above and provide mobile data access, wifi sharing, enterprise-to-peer service, and content distribution on its app.

Key Aspects of QLC

Here are some of the main aspects of QLC and how its system works.

Public Chain: Assigns digital identities and helps register telecom assets. This helps telecom assets get placed on NEO’s blockchain.

QLink Gateway: This gateway acts as a protocol that helps users connect with operators. The technology will allow users to access telecom services via smart contracts.

QLink Chain: The technology will act as the platform’s operational chain and hold all important data. This chain uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and will deliver a higher transaction rate.

Data Access: Like WiFi sharing, QLink has a P2P marketplace for data sharing. This allows users to have customizable packages and a good billing process for their billing providers.

Content Distribution: QLC allows content creators to place their content on its platform and buy an exact amount of data that they need. This feature lets them share content with their audience more efficiently.

Overall, people who use QLink’s platform will have full access to telecommunication services with smart contracts and can customize their costs and data to their personal needs.

Let’s have a look how their ICO in December ’17 worked out:

ICO Information

The quality of an ICO is based on how their development team can answer questions and criticisms within the community. And since their development team was able to easily show proof of their progress, and kept close in contact with the community they seem to stay for a long time.  The ICO has definitely gained attention from large crypto investors and the if they keep on track with this attitude good things might come.

Token Metrics

  • Tokens Offered in Crowdsale: 224,000,000
  • Tokens sold: 100%
  • Total Tokens: 600,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $3.5 Million
  • Maximum Market Cap: $50 Million
  • Public Sale Price: 1 NEO per 400 QLC


QLC doesn’t have an MVP, but their development team has shown their GitHub data on here and here.  And they released a series of images of a back-end system that’s been developed on Ethereum’s platform. You can find the images here.

QLC’s team released these links to respond to user criticism. People were skeptical about QLink because they were in an earlier stage than most ICOs and didn’t have an MVP. While this information shows that they’re working on the project, it does little to qualm user criticism. The MVP shall be released end of June and this might push the price significantly.

Development Plans

QLink has three main phases in development. Please find their roadmap here.

Phase 1: Q1 2018

QLink launched its wifi sharing application and targets users within the platform’s wifi sharing protocol. The SMS application is catered towards their enterprise clients, is planned to be given out to Android users around this time.

Phase 2: Q2 in 2018

MVP Release announced for June due to their roadmap! The content distribution and data access protocol will be released. All of the apps will remain on the public chain.

Phase 3: Q4 in 2018

QLC launches the QLink chain and its cross-chain protocol.

QLC is still in its early development stages as it’s being used on NEO’s blockchain. Since QLC is a very ambitious project, we expect some delays within their development. 

Why Is QLC Planned to Skyrocket? – Investor Analysis

When looking at QLC’s placement on CoinmarketCap’s rankings, it shows a clear sign that the coin will skyrocket within a year. Right now it’s ranked 276, which is acceptable for a project that’s still in its early stages of development.

It currently has a market cap of $35.22 million dollars. And for a project without an MVP available, this is a good sign that investors trust the company. This means that they had a unique idea and might be able to bring major changes within the telecom industry. Once QLC fully releases their MVP, then its market cap will potentially increase.

And let’s have a look at the trading volume: This token gains about $5 million USD a day, which shows quite some interest. 

All of these signs point to our leading prediction: QLC should be able to skyrocket. 

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis QLC

Technical Analysis

Qlink Technical Analysis
Qlink Technical Analysis

Pattern developed beautiful on these charts. We will sell a good portion at our visible target and keep the rest long-term.
Exchange: QLC ($QLINK) can be traded on Binance

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Overall, we believe that QLC has the potential to become a great benefit to the telecom industry. It does need to add more information on its final product, but so far the development team is working diligently to keep the community updated. The potential with the major release end of June along with the TA is great. We put some funds on QLC at the current rate and try to enter more at 0.00001423 and below. This is long-term hodl for us and we think this can give us some nice returns.


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