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Note: The RSI Hunter website has been out of function since 2017. We recommend you go for an alternative cryptocurrency indicator site like Trading View.

“RSI Hunter was an automated tool/site that helped users find cryptocurrencies that show being Overbought or Oversold.” For this tool we want to note outside of RSI it uses other popular metrics for you to look at.

Now clearly one should know that RSI alone should not be used as a buy/sell signal. It is a good starting point when researching potential entries. It is a best practice to use combinations of crypto indicators with a tool like RSI Hunter.

If you are new to the RSI Indicator check out wikipedia for a clear explanation of its history and use.

RSI Hunter Crypto TA
RSI Hunter Crypto TA

So as you can see with the above the great thing about RSI Hunter is the plethora of information it gives. As a result of this you can get on many different coins crossed with BTC. So you can explore combinations of your favorte altcoin combinations.

RSI Hunter Chart
RSI Hunter Chart

RSI Hunter matrics to use

On their site “RSI Hunter” states they are tracking 269 assets listed on Bittrex, 201 assets listed on Binance, 12 assets listed on Bitmex and 206 assets listed on Kucoin. With prices and RSI being updated every minute.

  • Bittrex
  • Binance
  • Bitmex
  • Kucoin
  • Okek

Another cool feature of RSI Hunter is they show the top 3 Oversold, Neutral and Overbought coin combinations on the front page of their site. This gives you a quick glance at the market with kind of a heat map approach. I find this very useful to view every now and than seeing what is moving in the market.

“BTW we have written extensively about the many tools like this in the “Crypto Tools” section of the site.”

RSI Hunter Choices

3 main criteria exist in the RSI Hunter settings choices for this tool. First you can choose the exchange, then the base currency, last the timeframe you wish to use.

  • Exchange
  • Base Cryptocurrency
  • Time Frame

To note that we have these choices in order to reshuffle the sites coin lists. If you want to find shorter term trades you can go as low as 5 min for the time frame. Maybe you wish to locate based off which base currency is volatile. Even if you only use one exchange or many, at least with this you have a choice.

Final Thoughts on this site…

With all different kinds of crypto indicators we can often find some things we like or don’t like. The key is to find works best for you. We believe with this crypto tool at your disposal, you can only win. It is easy to use, understand and the info here can help you scan the market for hidden gems! So check RSI Hunter when you have time.


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