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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it is Signals Thursday and today we want to introduce to you the man, the legend behind one of our most successful Bitmex Signal channels with an astonishing accuracy and success rate: Ronny from Yo Crypto! In all the time auditing Yo Crypto, Ronny has been the calm man in the background – while we had a chit-chat with most of the other channel owners, Ronny didn’t give us many clues about his work and person. The perfect target for the fourth issue of our interview series. Today, we got a bit smarter about who he is but also learned about the one altcoin gem he is holding and not even thinking about selling it anytime near. Your results have been very impressive – and the most important thing – consistent. Would you enlighten us a bit about your trading technique? What do you consider for your entries? How the hell can one be so successful?

Ronny (Yo Crypto): Keeping things simple has been our success mantra. We never follow any channel and we never try to be fancy. I post trades in the channel with a thought that I am trading myself and it would be my money if it makes a loss. For me, quality is more important than quantity. It would surprise you that most of the trades I post, I do not invest in them personally as I think that I would get emotionally attached to them and would be biased and would eventually make mistakes. I actually know about a bit about most of the traders in our bitmex post – you manage one of the most successful groups in our selection, but you are still a complete riddle. Who are you? Does Yo Crypto consist of multiple traders?

Ronny (Yo Crypto): It all started with Poloniex trollbox. It was around September’17 when iIused to be very active in Poloniex trollbox. My altcoin picks used to do well and I was becoming a hit there and that is when I casually thought of starting off a Free altcoin channel on Telegram. Towards around September’17 en,d we started this channel and it became an instant hit because of the quality altcoin calls that were being posted by us. With success, you get complimentary leechers who were completely leaking our calls and earning money and that is then when we decided to open Yo Crypto Platinum Club which is a paid channel.
Gradually, when the altcoin season started to die down, we shifted to Bitmex signals in around April and got huge success.

With regards to the team, earlier we were a team of three, however, currently, we are a team of two (Yo Crypto and Me). Yo Crypto plays a role of an advisor and everything else is being managed by me single-handedly for now. I have few traders with me, however, they are not full-time but are superb when it comes to trading. That is it about me and my team. 😉 Many people are trading your signals now, they all should be in a good profit now, but still there some guys crashing their accounts. What do you think they do wrong and what are mandatory things for long term success on bitmex?

Ronny (Yo Crypto): We are continously sending messages in the channel about ground rules that members need to follow while trading on BitMEX. The major problem is that people want to get into crypto just to become a millionaire in a day and that is what get them rekt. BitMEX system is designed to make few people rich out of many and those few people are successful only because they know the nuisances and risks involved in this exchange. If a traders follows the ground rules (always pinned in our channel) then it makes sure that they are in the game for long. Tell us a bit about your personal history as a trader. How did you come to trading and especially to crypto, assuming you started with fx first.

Ronny (Yo Crypto): I have zero forex experience to be frank. I was always attracted towards stock market and used to follow a lot of indicators however was scared to trade as i did not have much money to lose. But what I did was I kept on building my confidence by analyzing markets and one day crypto happened. My friend informed me about it and i thought to pursue crypto because of the euphoria and gains people were making around that time. But when i got into trading I made my rules very clear and in first few trades I could take out my initial investment and I was just trading fearlessly with the profits I had earned. My analysis kept on giving me confidence and I never stopped learning. Most of the learnings I used to get through my failed analysis. I am still in a learning phase and I believe that there is a lot for me to learn to become a pro trader. For a person to be successful, learning should never stop 😉 Can you tell us about your personal views on the crypto ecosystem? What do you think about the bubble, how will crypto evolve and what is the missing link for mass adoption and the crypto takeover in your opinion.

Ronny (Yo Crypto): I am taking everything day by day. For me, there is no bubble yet. We are still in the evolution state and it is very heartening to see that blockchain technology is being adopted so widely. I believe that we all have a great future ahead. We just need to be patient. is your personal opinion on manipulations on Bitmex? What do you observe, do they increase/change how they operate? What are you thoughts how these influence the crypto ecosystem?

Ronny (Yo Crypto): We got to live with such problems and at times it is really disappointing. However as and when the crypto market matures these problems also fade away. The best example to quote here is the pump and dump groups that used to operate earlier, however, now they are to be seen nowhere. BitMEX issues will also get sorted overtime. We just need to focus on the amount of profit that we can gather with the opportunity it throws. Growing BTC is our ultimate motive? Last but not least, what are your personal gems – do hold any cryptos for the long-term with no intention to sell them in the short-term?

Ronny (Yo Crypto): Aahhh. I would just name one coin here and that is $ICX. I truly believe that this coin will make a huge difference in near future and I am not selling this anytime soon. It is a steal deal right now?

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