8 Reasons Why You Need SmartOptions

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SmartOptions is your golden resource if you want to know all the ins and outs of trading Crypto.

We strongly focus on the best trading signals, crypto news, trading tips, and, recently, gold and silver trading. We also work nonstop to deliver great deals and discounts for our customers using various trading tools and platforms.

SmartOptions has been around since 2017, starting by sharing trading signals, news articles, and thought pieces about everything trading-related. Our goal is to create a knowledge-based environment for our readers. Over the past five years, SmartOptions has successfully built a community of trading and crypto enthusiasts.

8 Reasons Why You Need SmartOptions

SmartOptions is here to bring the trading and crypto world closer to you, and here is why you should join our large community of readers and experts: 

1. Objectivity

SmartOptions takes pride in providing only fair and objective information for our readers. We are sick and tired of companies trying to promote their partners by disguising their articles as informational while the sole purpose is profit.

This creates mistrust within the community, which we don’t stand for. With numerous complaints about deceitful resources, it’s difficult to know who to trust.

We collaborate with some partners to offer our customers discounts and other fantastic deals. However, our clients know well that we don’t support overpromotion and do not work with clients who demand otherwise. We only collaborate with brands we have tested and are highly regarded in the trading community.

2. Signal Tracker

SmartOptions also offers a handy signal tracker to track each trading platform’s monthly performance. We have a column chart to showcase each provider’s total trades, wins, and losses.

A table with all trading providers is divided into categories for more accessible visual analysis. 

Accordingly, the analysis includes criteria such as:

  • Period
  • Number of trades
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Canceled
  • Open
  • Win % (rounded)
  • Risk reward %
  • Trading results from 2021

Our “Performance of individual signals” section at the bottom of the page allows you to check individual provider charts and monthly comparisons.

3. Frequent Discount Coupons for Other Tools & Services

Thanks to our years of operating within the crypto and trading communities, we’ve established dozens of collaborations with companies and services frequently used by our readers.

We have all used these connections to create an ever-evolving coupon gallery for our readers with dozens of handy discounts and perks, such as free memberships and rewards. Some of our discounts run up to 40%. 

Our team frequently updates the discount code section with new additions, hoping to give our readers fantastic deals to thank them for their loyalty.

You will find discounts on SmartOptions for the most popular tools and services used by traders and crypto enthusiasts, such as:

4. The Latest Trading Tips in Crypto

The big thing about trading, in general, is timing. You must be in the loop to ensure you act on the freshest information. One misstep can cost you thousands of dollars, which no one wants.

That’s why you should regularly have access to the latest news. Our team works nonstop, sorts, researches, and publishes the hottest information, and provides our customers with valuable insight into the market through our signal-tracking feature.

5. Something for Gold and Silver Trading Audiences

As of 2020, SmartOptions also included a Gold and Silver trading section on our website to ensure we cater to various trading audiences. We discuss the history of gold, current trading opportunities, and the latest news.

So, suppose you’ve already ventured into gold and silver trading, or you’re only considering it now. In that case, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the current state of the market. You can even pick up a coupon or a discount code from our website to score fantastic deals on various trading platforms.

6. Expert-Vetted Product and Service Reviews

We also offer popular product and service reviews for our readers. We aim to provide them with the best information and save them from wasting money on faulty providers.

It is easy to fake reviews and deceive trusting customers by offering outlandish promises and not delivering on them. We’ve all been there, so we pledged to provide only high-quality, independent reviews.

All our reviews are comprehensively researched and vetted by experts before being posted on our website. Our team tests different trading services, tools, and other resources to create a comprehensive knowledge base for our readers.

We also offer signal reports to thoroughly analyze the market and provide valuable insights into what’s to come in the upcoming months.

Our reader and user reviews are essential, and we ask everyone to share their input about our offered channels.

7. SmartOptions Useful Knowledge Base

The SmartOptions team has worked hard to create a knowledge base for our users, ensuring that even the least experienced ones can enjoy our content. If you’re starting out and trying to get acquainted with the trading world, check out our knowledge section.

We also offer helpful guides on trading and using various trading platforms and tools suitable for users of all knowledge levels.

8. Inspiring Community

Our community is composed of thousands of crypto and trading enthusiasts who are passionate about these industries. We love communicating with our readers via social media, and we’re always open to hearing suggestions and thoughts.

We also collaborate with different trading brands and providers to give our reader base great deals and discounts on various products and services.

Finally, we want to create an exciting environment for our audience by sharing our website’s love and passion for trading and cryptocurrencies.

Get the Latest Trading Signals from SmartOptions

Want to access the most recent information and improve your return on investment? Visit the SmartOptions and follow our social media channels. 

We offer valuable trading, signal tips, and insights on the best investment time. Our experts regularly track the market, ensuring you always get the most honest, helpful, and current trading signals and information.

Head over to our home page and see why thousands of traders choose Smart Options as one of their primary trading resources or sign up if you are a signal provider and share your signals with our readers.


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