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Blood Moon (incl. Altcoins Accumulation Sheet)

Blood Moon (incl. Altcoins Accumulation Sheet)

by SteveDecember 2, 2018

This ongoing bear market surely bashed some Altcoins pretty hard. The bears slapped them hard left and right and gave them a final kick into temporary oblivion. Well, I think this is a good and needed progress: We need a complete wipe-out catharsis to vacuum clean the cryptocurrency market cap from this shitcoin pollution and catapult those worthless tokens to Orbit. But this post is not about my thoughts on Altcoins, but about some in-depth research a guy named “Anthony Bull” has done.

I value the knowledge he shares in the Margin Signals chat room day in and out.  Thankfully, he is willing to contribute his research to our readership and allowed us to share it here. He did a technical analysis based on support and resistance points for 26 coins and tokens and figured out good long-term entry prices and paired it up with an awesome strategy.

He looks for higher market cap coins and tokens you can buy for dead cheap prices, sell off most of your chunks at target 1 and let the rest of the holdings run further, so to say to play this risk-free or at least risk-minimized. We are grateful for Anthony's share, and in our opinion, this is a research goldmine. Enjoy!


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Anthony checked 26 coins in the Google Docs Sheet we will be sharing at the end of the post, which provides very good diversification. If we want to reduce the fuzz, we could start with the  following ten coins and tokens on Binance (stated % = Potential return if exiting provided prices & % of position exited):

BTC – 936%
(These are important if you are trading, helps with future capital growth, so might as well pick it up while it's cheap).

The next ones are major players who have fallen a bit, so very possible to see them go back to their highs, but more importantly, they likely have enough people looking to buy in that they could at least rise up a fraction of their All-Time High, and if they can't keep going, you can at least trade out and get your money back.


NEO – 3800%
ADA – 3808%
LTC – 4800%
XEM – 3377%
NANO – 6000%
DASH – 7179%
(Note: it's at this price yet, but the price looks like it could bottom between $30 – $9 – if it does, it is a good idea to play this)

Long Shot plays, these could fail but worth a shot

QTUM – 6517%
ICX – 5200%
TRX or XVG – 8333% / 4889%
(both are terrible coins, but they have the potential to get pumped up in price;
so buying these are pure gambles, but a small buy-in could net healthy returns, and if you lose, well the buy-in was small)

I think it's important to note that these based on price history and that the plan here is to not HODL all of your position, but exit some as we approach key resistance levels. If market cycles hold true, then Cryptocurrency will rise again but it will also fall again, and you want to accumulate healthy profits to buy even more when the next cycle goes from Bull to Bear.

How to work with Anthony's Altcoins Accumulation Sheet:

First off, please copy a version of the sheet to your own Google account so that you can work interactively with it. Anthony did a great job to deploy everything needed from price pulling to account size calculation. We will run this on a separate Binance account, to avoid conflicts with our day trading.

If you want to express your gratitude for his hours of work, please consider signing up with his Binance and/or Bitmex link.

Initial Notes for the work with the sheet:

Step 1. State how much you are willing to lose (B38)
Step 2. Adjust percentage allocation in line with what you want (Column B)
Step 3. Sell when you think you should, don't have to sell all, but sell some at least, Jesus Christ

General notes:

  1. I sell 1/4 at each resistance, 1/4 held for potential new high
  2. If no new high is formed, I sell all and restart at the bottom
  3. I place stop Losses at new lows, which would indicate to me further downside action is possible
  4. I don't expect a moon in 1 month; this could take 2 – 4 years
  5. Very high potential growth and Reward to Risk are moonshot gambles, so I don't go all in just because the number is big

Have fun playing with the sheet! We think this is a neat strategy to get profit off Altcoins on a possible way up, but keep in mind patience must be granted here. This approach is active portfolio management with rebalancing in a well-planned manner.

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