FTX Exchange Review “7 keys to the Powerful Nefelibata of Exchanges!?”

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Review overview


Our FTX Review is going to be very different from most. As this up-and-coming crypto derivatives exchange is in its own dimension. We don’t break out words like Nefelibata “Cloud Walker” too often. thus FTX exchange deserves special mention because they have broken what the traditional crypto exchange model has been, and they have done it for the better!

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We highlighted FTX exchange in our “Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges” post. Noting that they are growing fast and strong. There are some key reasons for this, one being the ability to trade many different assets now.

FTX Review – Founders & Location

FTX exchange started back in the summer of 2019, providing users with a plethora of trading products. Furthermore, you have Crypto Options, Leveraged tokens, Perpetual swaps, Move contracts, Prediction markets, and now even Stocks too!

FTX Founders

Founded by Sam Bankman-Fried & Gary Wang who are the founders of Alameda Research Ltd, a leading quantitative trading and crypto liquidity provider. Well known for their venture capital exploits and their close ties to the silicon valley money pool.

Though incorporated in Antiqua, they have offices in Hong Kong. FTX exchange is a strong up-and-coming crypto derivatives trading platform with many options for their users.

The 7 Keys of FTX

The 7 keys of FTX are as follows. Futures trading, FIAT, Leveraged Tokens, MOVE contracts, Prediction markets, Spot markets & now Stocks as well.

  • Futures trading
  • FIAT
  • Leveraged Tokens
  • MOVE Contracts
  • Prediction Markets
  • Spot Markets
  • Stocks

The above gives them their Nefelibata status as “Cloud Walkers”. The FTX exchange earns this with all the options they give their traders. A wide selection of tradeable digital assets is very welcome indeed.

By combining all in one shopping this crypto exchange opened up more options to traders. Hence traditionally one would need several accounts of different brokers to trade all these digital assets, but you get that with the FTX exchange alone.

FTX Review 7 Keys

FIAT Gateway

Noted in our FTX review is the FIAT Gateway. You get the option of not only stable coins and other cryptos to deposit with, but also FIAT currency.

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • AUD
  • CAD
  • CHF
  • HKD
  • SGD
  • ZAR

The above currencies can be deposited and withdrawn with FTX. Considering how long they have been around this is very impressive. Although considering all of their asset options, maybe this is just par for the course.

Along with popular cryptocurrencies for FTX you have again more interesting deposit/withdrawal options due to close relationships with Binance and related groups such as Bitmax.

  • Bitcoin
  • ETH (Ethereum)
  • BCH (Bitcoin Cash)
  • LTC (Litecoin)
  • BNB (Binance Coin)
  • BTMX (BitMax Token)
  • TRYB (BiLira)
  • USD Stable coins (USDT, USDC, BUSD,PAX, TUSD & HUSD)

Many Options with FTX

Trading FTX options

When you add up all the options available to you with FTX you can see the advantages. There are also big savings when you use the FTX token to trade. By using this token you can get discounted FTX trading fees.

The idea behind this is twofold. First, it attracts business by leveraging the token’s value. Second, the token’s value becomes an additional benefit. So people will want to use it as they do with the BNB token which we see has gone up by leaps and bounds.

We hope that the FTX token will have a similar trajectory in the future. Even at a fraction of the move of the BNB token, you could be looking at 5x and above returns on their token in the months to come.

Stocks with crypto

Another key feature as we noted is the ability to trade stocks with FTX. This is a very cool feature giving users more options to trade. If you want to buy and hold Tesla on FTX, well you now can!

The ability to hold stocks or synthetic assets as they call them is a game-changer. It will change the space in the years to come. This is the real democratization of trading in crypto.

This is the dream crypto has to offer. Hence because of the blockchain nature of the space, we circumvent traditional regulations and bypass the old fintech/banking structures that are dead wood, by the money zombies who only wish to be paid, not to help advance humankind…

Predication Markets

Prediction Markets

Prediction markets a sore subject. Because of how they could be used in negative ways this is a dangerous element to add to the crypto exchange. Governments again may frown on this type of asset class. Be it perfectly fine for the libertarian ideals of the crypto elite. It won’t wash with DC IMO…

The more odd feature, which maybe to some who I would classify as uber-nerds. Are the prediction markets, where the uber-nerds can trade their favorite and most popular prediction events. Not something I would be into, but at least you have this choice on FTX!

FTX Trading Fees and Misc Charges

Some of the more interesting things to note of this FTX review is their trading fees structure that is very much time consuming to try to figure out. They are for the most part simply put very much cheaper than most other exchanges as a whole.

FTX has no deposit/withdrawl fees, and there are no trading fees on futures settlements. If you trade from your wallet or use the OTC trading, again all free outside of the quote prices.

They have tight spreads due mainly to their high liquidity and deep order book. From most exchanges, I would say you can save 10-20% over a Binance/Bitmex or similar crypto exchange if you watch carefully even more!

Using the FTX token you can save an additional few %s all the way up to over 50% on your trading fees if calculated correctly.

  • 33% of all trading fees generated in FTX markets
  • 10% of all the fees generated by their Socialized Gains/Insurance Fund
  • 5% of fees earned from misc fees taken in by FTX

This is a nice cluster of saving that FTX offers its users. All you have to do is take advantage of the FTX Token and trading options.

KYC and the Tiers

With our FTX review, we want to note that they are very keen on KYC/AML policies. As most exchanges should be too. No need to run afoul of any governments as long as the exchanges pay attention to the laws of the land.

FTX has tiers for their exchange. You have 1,2 & 3 Tiers. No KYC docs required for limits of $9k a day. The only difference between Tier 2 and 3 is the latter offers unlimited fiat vs unlimited crypto withdrawals with Tier 2.

Trading Interface & usability.

The interface of FTX is not only simple to use but very intuitive as well. It is no-frills indeed, but most will appreciate this as well. Like other platforms, they have tradingview charts built-in.

MOVE crypto asset

The look and feel of the FTX trading interface is fast and snappy. No time is wasted on unnecessary frivolities. Unlike most platforms where they shave time off order entry due to screen refresh delays.

Trade Gamestop on FTX for the SQUEEEEEZE!

Gamestop Short Squeeze

One of the fun things about FTX is the ability to buy stocks like GameStop (GME). If you have been under a rock you might not know that the heavily shorted GAMESTOP Corporation was recently hit by the Reddit short squeeze gang Reddit Bros “Wallstreetbets”. Reddit Bros have crushed Steve Cohen’s (Point72 Asset Management) & Dan Sundheim’s (D1 Capital Partners) out of Billions of dollars! LoL power to the people!

There is a lot to say about the Wallstreet bets people indeed and let us not get lost in the FTX message here. Trading Democracy #1. Because that is what it really stands for when you are able to do all of the neat features of DEFI in terms of speed/flexibility. No longer are we stuck waiting for a bank to settle or take forever to get simple tasks done. The bank or brokers can go F themselves!

DEFI waits for no man…

DEFI waits for no one and plays by its own rules. Clearly, the FTX Review that we have here basically is lined up for the future of what our world can be. Simply put a better place of freedom and more fairness. It does come at a cost and that is knowledge.

Knowledge is the key to success in our future world of blockchain, as people will have to be smarter in order to thrive! There is no waiting or trying to get by with some half-baked schemes. You need to be smart!

Gamestop Reddit Group

Gamestop was a big favorite of mine buying it recently with a $55 average and a target above $200, all of which happened in a few weeks. Indeed, it was pure butter! Technically an easy trade for me to see with all the forces from heaven to hell involved in this silly drama, so much they even brought many of the players to testify before the U.S. government :/… Yeah, we have issues for sure!

Here is the thing though. If you wanted to trade Gamestop on FTX, well you could! So this was an amazing feat for us to achieve in the crypto space. Once again showing the advantages of blockchain.

With many other stocks such as Tesla, AAPL and many others with a growing list at FTX. This for sure is a big advantage to using this broker. For instance, this is a chance for users to trade stonks, nice! A nice 4-5x trade all crypto traders normally look for 😉

FTX review

FTX In conclusion…

FTX is a powerhouse of options for users, we highly recommend you check them out! Evidently, with their 7 different asset classes you can’t go wrong in our opinion.

Simple easy-to-use platform with tons of assets to trade, great speed, and amazing partnerships with Binance/Bitmax along with others. Thus we note a great growth story here and expect to see them shooting up in daily volume metrics in the days to come!

Hope you enjoyed our FTX review and can’t wait to see you next time, until then… Enjoy!!!

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FTX Exchange Review “7 keys to the Powerful Nefelibata of Exchanges!?” Our FTX Review is going to be very different from most. As this up-and-coming crypto derivatives exchange is in its own dimension. We don't break out words like Nefelibata "Cloud Walker" too often. thus FTX exchange deserves special mention because they have broken what...