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Throwing some Eyeballs on HPB – The High Performance Blockchain

Throwing some Eyeballs on HPB – The High Performance Blockchain

by SteveJune 7, 2018

Blockchain Plans

Yes, we planned about a post about the High Performance Blockchain since months, as we think it is an amazing project with huge upside. However, crypto space is so full of amazing topics you can’t write about all in time. Our friends of CryptoMedics helped out and allowed us to post this piece, which gives a good entrance to HPB and has provides a glance on great upcoming fundamentals for this coin. 

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is a new combination of hardware and software blockchain architecture It includes a chip accelerator engine and underlying blockchain platform.

HPB is high powered blockchain using parallel processing. It is called “the Chinese EOS” but the major difference is they will be using accelerating hardware chips as well.

This is truly one of the most innovative projects in the crypto world. They intend to combine software with accelerated hardware to significantly improve ease of use and speed of data transfer and access. They will be able to do 1,000,000+ transactions per second.

The software will be open source.

Their market is the huge companies and industry that use large amounts of data: Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent – these are absolutely massive Chinese companies. Baidu is their Google, Alibaba multinational e-commerce, retail, Internet, AI and technology conglomerate. It’s the fourth most visited site in the world after Google, Youtube and Facebook.

Other target markets include the IOT, financial industry (UnionPay in partnerships), medical industry, governments and supply chains. Absolutely huge, multibillion-dollar industries with enormous amounts of data being transferred every second all over the country and world. The goal is to make it easier to use and speed up the data transfer and transactions.

The founder is Wang Xiao Ming. He’s been an early blockchain innovator in China for years and has written three books on blockchain technology and spoken at multiple crypto/blockchain events. He’s been connected with NEO since day one. The rest of the team has been assembled from Huawei, Intel and other major Chinese companies.

Advisors include the executive president of UnionPay, a noble prize winning physicist, and the president of the very successful Dongfang Fuhua Fund.
Investors include NEO (this alone should get you interested), TimeStamp Capital (Major Chinese investment), Lei Zhen (founder of OKcoin), and more.


This is the exciting part. First, they are partnered and work closely with NEO. It will be the first blockchain in the industry to support NeoVM (NEO Virtual Machine).

Second major partnership is UnionPay. This is massive. They do 80% of all Chinese transaction data, which equals out to a turnover of $12.5 TRILLION(!) per year. To help visualize that, they are bigger than Visa and Mastercard combined. Imagine hearing a coin is working with those two companies directly. This is one of the biggest partnerships ever in cryptocurrency.

They also have more high value partnerships that have no been announced yet. After partnering with UnionPay, they will have no issues making further partnerships, that’s how big UnionPay is.

Past and upcoming news

Q1 2018 – HPB TestNet was launched (V1.0). HPB will become open source and the community
will be able to test the network

Q2 2018 – HPB plans to launch MainNet. The main net is launched and active deeper
collaborations within the industries

Q4 2018 – Launching industry implementation solution plan. HPB will collaborate with industry leaders on exploring and developing the platform to test the value of HPB within actual businesses

2019 – HPB final version goes online. HPB will launch the official version.


HPB Bi-Weekly Project Progress Report — 05/10/2018

HPB Bi-Weekly Project Progress Report — 05/25/2018

Latest Q&A

– Website:
– Twitter:
– Reddit
– FAQ:

Exchange: KuCoin

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  • Petter
    June 12, 2018 at 6:43 am

    This is the next bomb in crypto! The lack of exchanges is the only reason this is not a top 10 coin

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