[Save the Date] May 19th – Altcoin.IO launches Plasma DEX beta


A project we are eyeing since the beginning is the decentralized exchange Altcoin.io. And finally, we will be able to see the Plasma featured beta on May 19th.

To innovate, you have to experiment. You need to try different things until you hit upon the one idea that beats the rest. We spent months exploring whether state channels were the right basis for our decentralized exchange (DEX). We learned a lot from the experience, but to deliver the DEX of the future, we need a better solution.
— Altcoin.io

This better solution is Plasma, which has been introduced by Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) and Joseph Poon (Lightning Network).

Smartoptions is looking eagerly forward to test the DEX and has a big red cross on the 19th this month.



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