Rise of Bitcoin “Documentary & Guide for New Apes”

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The rise of Bitcoin is amazing! Are you wondering where Bitcoin or BTC is going? Legions upon Legions of Billionaire & Millionaires are now following the trumpet call of Elon Musk. Hence the many hedgefund/institutions are buying bitcoin hand over fist.

Thus many of the Chinese BTC miners are disillusioned wondering why the inventory of their mined bitcoin has been bought so quickly as prices tick higher and higher. Completely unaware of the institutional attack coming from the federation of billionaire/millionaires. Well, they should have HODL’d their coins instead 😉

Undoubtedly the charts and even price no longer matter as corporations look to add BTC to their balance sheets. Most are currently in analysis/buy mode across the many 1000s of boardrooms of the conglomerate world.

If you are new WATCH THIS VIDEO on BTC!

The above video is for new adopters of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency 🙂 Welcome and we recommend you watch this video! Hence this tells you all you need to know to about our love for Bitcoin and the Crypto Markets. Popcorn and soda you must add yourself…

It goes through the early history of bitcoin. Also not leaving out the gory details of some of the dark early days of crypto. Also explaining the sheer belief in freedom and advancement of humanity through digital currency adoption.

Maybe you are a Wallstreetbets Autist with tendies in crypto

Wallstreetbets Crypto Bitcoin and Vlad's Wife being f*cked
“Wallstreetbets Reddit”

Indeed, if you are a Reddit-loving GME stonk-plonking WSB trader. Well, you are in the right place! In addition we support crosseyed one testicle GME autist apes and their shiny diamond hands.

It is a new world once the wallstreetbets crew discovers what Bitcoin and Crypto mean, well that is the evolution. Blockchain tech is designed to make things fair, or at least transparent in trading.

So maybe you have evolved this way, well *thumbs up, time for the real tendies then!

Retards this weekend before market opens

Quantum Analytics CFD model rise of bitcoin

Rise of Bitcoin $118,894.00 Minimum Target

above all, we see the bare minimum target calculated inside of this year. Registered across 1000s of different metrics. Besides the low-end @ $118,994.00 for BTC in 2021. The rise of bitcoin larger targets as high as around $320,000.00…

These projections are based on not the cryptocurrency world influencers/enthusiasts. Who for the most part have not a clue about prices. Rather the astute calculating Wallstreet/Institutions. Those who analyze/calculate price events daily in the financial world.

The word coming from various boardrooms/analyst meetings across the globe. This is leading to the RISE OF BITCOIN more and more day by day.

Ready to buy a spaceship? Because BTC is going to the MOON!

BTC to the Moon! Order your spaceship now!

You might think I am just kidding but the above is real. Thus for a small $100 deposit, you can reserve one now lol!

After you are on the moon, well you will need a nice ride. Thus Elon Musk has not forgoten us. Here comes the Tesla Cybertruck! Again for the same $100 deposit you can reserve this moon buggy!

Also we note Elon talking down BTC because he wants paper hands to sell, lol! He stated recently he thinks bitcoin is a bit expensive. I am sure he likely hopes the lemmings sell some coin so he can buy more!

Tesla Cyber Truck Bitcoin to the Moon!

Where to start learning about investing & trading Bitcoin?

Crypto Beginners Guide
“The Cryptocurrency Beginners Guide”

You can click on the link or image above to go to the cryptocurrency beginners guide, recommended if you are brand new.

Want to learn how to create a bitcoin wallet? How to find the best crypto signals telegram channel? Maybe how you can use different crypto portfolio strategies? Or what is the best crypto exchange to use? The best Binance automatic trader?

You likely have many questions. The rise and rise of bitcoin may have attracted you to it, but the FREEDOM and what it stands for will have you stay.

SmartOptions is here for you! We specialize in signals, trading, investing, and many other crypto-related topics on the site. Here are some resources for you.

Rise of Bitcoin conclusion…

BNB Skyrockets to the moon!

We might be biased but at least we are accurate. This year we have seen coins like BNB skyrocket. Once BNB coin was trading under $40 a token, now trading near $350.00 in a matter of weeks.

Do not be surprised if Bitcoin makes a giant move next. The rise of bitcoin has in our opinion has just started. The world is changing and digital money is the future!

The DEFI and spaceship bitcoin are just some of the many aspects to our blockchain world, so strap on and enjoy the ride!

It is pretty simple. Elon Musk is buying Bitcoin, Institutions are buying Bitcoin, Hedgefunds are buying Bitcoin, and Celebrities are buying Bitcoin! Everybody is starting to looking to buy Bitcoin…

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