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SIGNAL RESULTS MARCH 2021 “XRP to the Moon!”

SIGNAL RESULTS MARCH 2021 “XRP to the Moon!”

by Erik VonApril 8, 2021

Signal results for March are here! We once again will rank in order of how each signal provider did overall during the start of spring. Also again we had another super month with bitcoin threatening to break the low 60k range resistance and floods of new cryptocurrency traders joining our ranks.

A few mentions were the near physic friends network call from VCT on XRP of which recently went above $1.10 from the .40 range and under. A shout out to Fat Pigs for their flawless performance in the DEFI space once again with stunning returns. We also would like to welcome Sublime and Onward BTC to the ranking system and hope to see more of their success in the future.

Signal Results March
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Monthly Signal Results

Universal Crypto Signals
1) Universal Crypto Signals

Again Universal Crypto Signals holds the top spot with 100% flawless performance. With Signal Results in March, they had nice moves in the market with some very nice altcoin trades. The exactitude of the trades was profound, with many members very happy on the performance side of UCS.

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Fat Pig Signals
2) Fat Pigs Signals

Second only to UCS is Fat Pigs Signals, a fan favorite with very happy members who are almost cult like in nature. I am sure they could make Trump jealous! As well the performance in the DEFI space has been fantastic. Add the trade numbers and win rate you have a top contender here.

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Verified Crypto Traders
3) Verified Crypto Traders

Solidifying their place in the top 3 it does make it hard to choose between the top 3 as they are very compeditive. With a high number of trades due to the number of traders at VCT and their combined success overall. One stand out is the Platinum Group inside of VCT with the long XRP trade before anybody could guess it was going to be a winner, great job!

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4) 4C-Trading

We love the number of trades we seen in 4C, but a bit of a mixed bag in terms of risk/reward on many trades. Reports by users of mixed success in trades, yet the stats state a brighter picture. Still, if they are able to catch a big win streak could be an all-star performer in the future!

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Onward BTC
5) Onward BTC

A welcome new addition to our ranking system in SmartOptions, we welcome Onward BTC. A good solid start for the month of march and we hope to see great things from this group in the future, they are amazing educators for new traders especially, so keep an eye on them!

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Sublime Traders
6) Sublimetraders

Some seesaw results but a good amount of trades are noted for Sublimetraders, if they like some of their peers catch a good win streak with the sheer number of trades they have, well they can do great things in the future!

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Coin Observatory
7) CoinObservatory

Still nothing to report here, maybe in the future we can get good statistics/numbers from this group.

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Monthly crypto signals conclusion…

The past month was stable with a few all-star trades in the DEFI and altcoin space. BTC was lackluster but still sticking in the mid to upper 50k range. Signal providers overall proved to navigate the conditions well enough to keep members green.

UCS stands out with the 100% win rate, Fatpigs with their DEFI focus and happy customers, and last to mention the astounding XRP call for VCT.

Many of the signal providers are in wait and see mode, with a slight positive bent for the coming month, time will tell and we are sure to have the popcorn ready for next month’s results! So until then have a great and profitable spring trading time.

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