Welcome to the Crypto Trading Course Review SectionBy now you know that we have been reviewing crypto signal channels andBitMEX Signal channels left and right and comparing their differences and results to help people make an easier decision in terms of choosing a provider. Since we started reviewing the signal market it has matured a lot, something we’re very happy to see. This however also means that the amount of reviews we can create on only signal channels has been slowly depleting, since the serious, non-scammy, properly formulated channels have all had their fair share of SmartOptions reviewing.Since we love writing content and helping people make decisions on their CryptoJourneys we decided to diversify a bit towards education. This means that aside from the signal provider reviews (which will never stop) we will now also review educational suites, courses, and training separately. Ever wondered if that one course is worth purchasing? SmartOptions will tell you all about it.To get this going in a proper manner these are the things and criteria we will rate a trading course or training on:

    • Quality of the material Generally speaking, video quality, voice quality, content quality
    • Understandability How understandable is the course, does it cover the beginnings, and are multiple languages available
    • Price The pricing, the price compared to the competition and the “bang for your buck” factor
    • Quality of the educational environment The usabillity of the environment that the course is hosted on, does it keep track of where you have left, is it easy to navigate, is it paywall free?
    • Usabillity of the education How usable is the material in multiple markets, are the strategies properly explained and proven, are there actual strategies in the course and last but not least: Do we assume that a trader can become profitable with this course. This part will be written by a long time trader
    • Strategies The quality of strategies shared in the course, the number of strategies and how we useful we deem those strategies to be. This part will also be reviewed by a long time trader.
All in all, we’re looking forward to taking the next step in our review profession. As you know by now this is our main motivation and lifeblood and that will never change. We will keep on reviewing Signal Channels and we will try to do that at the same pace. But for the people who aspire to become traders in their own journeys at some point, we will also review courses from today onwards.

Trading Course Review: The Crypto Mastermind

the crypto mastermind trading course

If you take a look through Crypto Facebook groups, you often come across requests of “what to trade – questions” like “I have 20k to invest, which coins will moon, so I can take some fast profits?”. Usually the lambo-moon-hodl party starts right away and everyone and his wheel-chaired stepmom joins in, to throw in the name of the coin, which they likely hold themselves. Wishful thinking at its best. Especially if someone wants a “fast return”, they are far away from the idea of “investing” into something, actually they request day trading advice unknowingly. And day trading is a tough game. Keep Reading

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