Yo Crypto is back! 20% + 10 Promo 2

Yo Crypto is back! 20% + 10 Promo

Yo Crypto is back! 20% + 10 Promo 3

After a long hiatus where they were no long accepting new members, one of the most popular providers is back and ready to rock

and roll for new members! Not only are they back, but they also have something brand new to offer you. Yo Crypto now has teamed up with Cornix to offer AutoTrading of their signals! This provider mind you was so good they stopped taking members, don’t get left out in the dust as this profit machine starts cranking out those sweet sweet Auto-Trades!

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The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram

Bitmex Signals
Bitmex Signals

BitMEX Signals – How to leverage trade Crypto Markets with crypto signal providers – Version: 4.7.4 ( Last Update: 09/13/19)

The Best BitMEX Crypto Signals Providers

Best ProvidersSmartRank*
1. 4C-Trading8.5
2. Yo Crypto8.2
3. Whale Tank8
4. BitMEX Syndicate7.7
5. Verified Crypto Group7.3

*SmartRank = calculated ranking based on accuracy, risk awareness, support & price/performance ratio. The value depends on 80% SmartOptions evaluation and 20% on the customer reviews. Every customer is eligible to express his/her opinion and influence the ranking of the channel.

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 5

BitMEX is a platform for leveraged trades. You can use leverage up to 100x. BitMEX Signals shall provide you an edge over the market, as professional traders share their own setups of trades they consider taking on the BitMEX Platform. A BitMEX Guide can help you to understand the basics.

Trading cryptocurrencies is not fun right now – you can only buy and hold – and hope it will get up, but what if everything you touch just tanks. For many people, BitMEX becomes teasing more and more to trade the financial market of cryptocurrency, as it offers the opportunity to reap some profits while the other holdings on regular exchanges are dropping. BitMEX is a trading platform, not an exchange in the way you might be familiar with, which makes an important difference. We wrote an article about BitMEX and its danger of high leveraging your trades, and want to stress that leveraged trading can zero your holdings in no time – especially if you don’t know what you are doing. So keep in mind every high leverage traded recommendation is a risk for your account, due to the well-known volatility of Bitcoin and crypto in general.  The risks are obvious: Once your margin is eaten, the trade – in the worst case your account becomes liquidated.  You need a trading plan, on when to enter and when to exit the markets to make money. If you are new to BitMEX and just playing with the thought to start over, please take some time to read our BitMEX Guide. BitMEX is heaven and hell in one – it can help you to stop the bleeding of your account value and it can cost you everything. Our selected providers will help you to make the first case happen: Growing your BTC holding while the world falls apart – ready for the next bull run!

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Bitcoin Weekly Update – 19/07/2019

Bitcoin Weekly Roundup
Bitcoin Weekly Roundup

Bitcoin, which has been gradually declining for several days, experienced a strong upturn on Thursday, July 18. Indeed, it went from $9400 to $10700 in a few minutes, some people think it was “THE” dip and that we will now see a parabolic increase for Bitcoin. At this moment, we do not consider this to be an unconditional signal for a recovery of a bullish trend with a new ATH in the coming days. To see this, we would need confirmation of several price zones that we will present you. 

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Torque Trading – The Rising Star

in BitMEX Signals
Torque Trading Review
Torque Trading Review

Torque Trading Review

Added 07 – 2019 / Pure Trading Signals for BitMEX
~ Extremely good explained signals, based on great technical analysis | Trading Signals by a Mathematician | Caution: High Leverage~

+++Trading Signals precise as a sniper+++

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

We’d like to welcome you to quite an interesting review. The review about Torque Trading. You know at SmartOptions we keep our quality control quite high. So you might ask us: Well why would you list such a new and small channel? The reasoning behind it is quite simple. We have known the main trader from Torque Trading for over a year now. He was quite active in another signal channel where we initially fell in love with his clear and concise trading style. After a period of inactivity, the trader decided it was time to create his own signal channel: Torque Trading!

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The Evolution of Crypto Payments in E-Commerce

The Evolution of Crypto Payments
The Evolution of Crypto Payments

I try to use crypto often when paying stuff online. I found some great online shops where you can pay with crypto, and I like doing it to support the idea as a whole. Recently, however, I was checking the conversion prices against the Bithumb price and became a bit surprised. The retailer added a substantial premium for paying with Bitcoin. I found it weird, the payment provider advertised low fees. Was it retailer adding a premium to the price? I had to look deeper.

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“Crypto Bytes” TV – Episode 1


Welcome to the first episode of “Crypto Bytes” here we will give regular updates of the market, signals and important happenings in the Crypto/Blockchain world, we hope you will take a bit of a byte! 

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