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July 22, 2019

Bitcoin Weekly Update – 19/07/2019

Bitcoin, which has been gradually declining for several days, experienced a strong upturn on Thursday, July 18. Indeed, it went from $9400 to $10700 in a few minutes, some people think it was “THE” dip and that we will now see a parabolic increase for Bitcoin. At this moment, we do not consider this to be an unconditional signal for a recovery of a bullish trend with a new ATH in the coming days. To see this, we would need confirmation of several price zones that we will present you. 

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June 24, 2019

The Evolution of Crypto Payments in E-Commerce

I try to use crypto often when paying stuff online. I found some great online shops where you can pay with crypto, and I like doing it to support the idea as a whole. Recently, however, I was checking the conversion prices against the Bithumb price and became a bit surprised. The retailer added a substantial premium for paying with Bitcoin. I found it weird, the payment provider advertised low fees. Was it retailer adding a premium to the price? I had to look deeper.

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June 20, 2019

4C-Trading: The Ultimate Trading Powerhouse

4C-Trading Review

( Listed in THE BEST CRYPTO SIGNALS and THE BEST BITMEX SIGNALS ) Added 06 – 2019 / Most professional trading signal channel/ Trading Signals for BitMEX and Binance| Auto Trader | Education Portal | Trading Bot | Investment Reports| Smart BTC Bot| Dashboard | Coin Analysis | Bitcoin Analysis ~

+++The All-You-Might-Need Crypto Authority Package+++ {{percmaxnr}}%Average Accuracy Rate  Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

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June 15, 2019

CryptoMedics + Crypto Addicts = 4C Trading

Today is a special day – two of the groups we are working with since a very long time merged to one. CryptoMedics and Crypto Addicts fused and personally I think this was a great decision for their customers. There are no other two serious trading/signal companies who would complement so well with each other. We are currently checking everything out, and observe how the fusion works out, so we are preparing a new review for you guys right now. Until then, please check out which advantages you -as a customer- can expect from this merge:

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