Review: Alan Masters BitMEX Signals

[Signals Review] – Alan Masters BitMEX Signals

Due to their popularity on Tradingview, a review about the Crypto Signals by Alan Masters has been requested quite a few times, so we figured it is time to provide one about these guys. They are pretty long in business and always appeared legit to us, but – of course – we need a deep dive into their work before we can recommend them to our readers. For the group of Alan Masters, we started a small experiment: We decided to take the community opinion into consideration and added an additional hurdle: we audited the new prospect still ourselves, though they had to grant a free membership to one reader of our Telegram channel, which we randomly selected. This member will provide a “community review” added to ours a bit later and only if he vouches for the channel, we might consider it to  add them to the Bitmex Signals post and issue our seal. But now, back to the Alan Masters BitMEX channel and what we have observed there. Keep Reading

– Alan Masters BitMEX Signals"]

OinkOink! Say Hello to FAT PIG SIGNALS

Fat Pig Signals
Fat Pig Signals

Now, these guys are funny (and successful!). We just finalized our audit for FAT PIG SIGNALS and listed them in our Crypto Signals Post. See how they slap the bear market left and right and read their review. Don’t forget to join their infamous chat room. Oink! Keep Reading

Signals Thursday #8 – Interview with CRYPTOPRO400

Signals Thursday #7 – Interview with CRYPTOPRO400
Signals Thursday #7 – Interview with CRYPTOPRO400

Signals Thursday is back! We will start this second edition with CryptoPro400 – the red hot newcomers in our Discord Signals Post took the ranking by storm. Fantastic success, an upcoming autotrader and almost unbelievable gains. We had to sit down with them and ask them a few questions. Enjoy the interview with their main trader. Keep Reading

Wanna Learn To Trade? Consider an Internship at Trend Mentors!

Learn To Trade with Trend Mentors
Learn To Trade with Trend Mentors

Lately, we got many requests of guys who want to learn to trade and if there is a decent course out there. We watched out and there are quite some decent offerings, but I am not a fan of video course that pushes knowledge, even if it is good and leaves you alone with that. Learning to trade, does not work like a “video in – ready trader comes out” – model. The opposite is the case, the charts are your teacher, and your wallet is the direct feedback for your learning progress. Keep Reading

HODL THAT! #15: GIN COIN – The Drunken Master(node)


When I was in search for a hosting solution for my ALQO masternode (which we featured in our last  HODL THAT! issue) I found the crypto masternode hosting service by GIN (of course right after signing up for a much more expensive service) and got in touch with GIN COIN. The service has lots of hype in Masternode Country, as per the easy setup and the bargain prices. But today we want to get deep into the project behind and not the service alone they offer. We wanna get drunk with some good ole Gin – a GIN masternode.  Keep Reading

Black Friday: Crypto Signals Firesale


Everybody checking their BTC wallet, please! Black Friday is knocking on our door and with these knee-deep Bitcoin prices we could save twice, if the prices are calculated in BTC. Good Crypto Signal groups will never come that cheap again – so you better log into your wallet and select one of these Trusted Signal Providers you’d like to follow.  Here are the Signal Groups which provide you with a  juicy discount: Keep Reading

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