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Technically speaking we already covered the 4C-Trading course back when it was created under CM branding. However, we never dived too deep into it and aside from that, it had quite some quality updates and additions in the meantime. Hence to why we’re writing a proper review on the course today.

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Let’s start ourselves off with the content list. The content is plenty, it’s a lot actually. As the author says “You can never learn enough.” We agree with that statement. The course starts off with the trading basics, not the utter basics like “what is shorting” but the actual important basics about risk management, traders mindset and keeping proper track of your trades. Every module that this course offers goes a little step deeper into the career you’re trying to build as a trader. The author lays out the bright side but also the rough stretches of road on this particular path.

4c-trading course

Trading Course Review

From Candlestick Reading to Triangle Trading Strategy

4c-trading course – Table of Content

We recommend you to check the total contents of the 4c-trading course here:

The beauty of the 4c-trading course in our opinion is that unlike other courses this course ends with an episode focused on “Putting it all together”. Which is basically an episode explaining how to calculate your profitability, where to start trading and how to patch together all the concepts in the course.

Aside from that: This course gives you fully usable strategies but aside from that the author heavily motivates you to build your own trading strategy, he also gives a proper guide on how to actually build a trading strategy. Unlike the “strategies” you can buy online, which more often than not don’t even work that well anyway.

4-C Trading Course – The real meat on the bone: Developing a trading strategy

4c-trading course: Quality of the material

The quality of the material is very good, a lot better than it was during our first review. The slides presented are clear and concise and the material is understandable. In the meantime the author is spending time on re-recording every single video in the course and therefore the quality of the material can only go up from where it is right now.

4-C Trading Course: Guidelines from one of the videos

4c-trading course: Understandability

At this point we will note: For this course it is preferred that you at least know some basics, even though the author covers a lot of them (like support and resistance for example) it still will come in beneficial to keep some terms at hand. Aside from that: We understood this course fully without issues, at this point in time the course is available as an English spoken video guide. The author however ensured us that there will be subtitles for English and at a later point in French along with some other global languages. The author speaks understandable and clear English and doesn’t sound “in a hurry” at any point.

The Price

4c-trading course: The pricing is $999 or free if you’re a member of the 4C Ecosystem (Granted that your subscription of choice includes the course). This is actually on the lower side if we compare it to direct competitors (who range between $999 and $1999). In terms of “bang for your buck” we consider this one of the better courses since it includes almost everything you need to go from zero to a profitable trader for a price lower than the competition. Not to mention: This course actually offers proper video explanations and full strategies. Unlike some of the text write-ups.

Quality of the educational environment

4c-trading course: The usefulness of the environment is quite high. It keeps track of where you have left off, has a comment section used by only paid members (to keep the questions and answers streamlined) and it worked without any hiccups on our side. At no point we saw any hiccups or issues with the environment and the subscription part is easy to go through.

Usability of the education

4c-trading course: Well, in essence, we had quite an easy path to walk on. The usages of all the concepts in the course are thoroughly explained and the author repeats multiple times throughout the course how important it is to patch those concepts together to get a bigger picture. We have found that both the explanations and the trading ideas/strategies are very usable in real market circumstances and we believe it to be a very solid foundation towards a profitable trading career.


We had some time to play with the strategies, mainly backtesting and some live forward testing. The profitability of the strategies is sound and exactly what you can expect from a well-created trading course. We’re quite confident that you will not find these strategies or trading ideas elsewhere and among the courses that we’re reviewing this was a fresh wind.

Future of the course

Luckily we had the chance to talk with the author about the future of the material. And there is quite a lot of interesting stuff in the cooker. First and foremost: All the material is being re-recorded, rebranded and updated. Of course this takes a lot of time but we appreciate the effort. Aside from that there are 2 complementary and new additions planned for the course. Mainly a section devoted to mechanical trading and building trading systems. And on top of that we caught on on the fact that a “Rags to Riches” course is being developed as well. Including (but not limited to) mindset, business and general wealth accumulation (not only in trading).


Before we go we obviously want to cover the feedback we have personally received about the course. We had the luck to interact with multiple students who are following the course and the general consensus is the same: This material will give you the ability to grow into a profitable trader. Granted that you’re willing to invest the time and effort into learning about it.


We are very happy to see another provider having a professional approach with unique features and a Dashboard. The support is good, the trading signals are rock solid, especially the big swings on Bitmex.

First and foremost we have to say what we always have to say: Education will make you as good as the time you’re putting into the education. It’s just a general fair warning that applies to everything in life. Education, books, schools and degrees are usually very well thought out concepts: But if you don’t invest the time in it then you will not receive the benefits of them.

4C Trading Coupon
Discount code
25% discount on all subscriptions and 4C-Trading BOTs.
Looks like you found a 4C-Trading referral code! You will receive a 25% discount by using...Show More
Looks like you found a 4C-Trading referral code! You will receive a 25% discount by using this 4C-trading discount coupon. Show Less


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