April 2024 Signal Results: Bitcoin Halving Impact and Top Signal Providers’ Performance

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In this article, we delve into the April 2024 Crypto Signal Results, examining the significant impact of the Bitcoin halving on market trends and the performance of top signal providers.

In April 2024, the cryptocurrency market experienced remarkable volatility and significant events, especially the long-awaited halving of Bitcoin. The halving, scheduled for April 22, was a key driver of market sentiment, pushing Bitcoin to a new all-time high above $73,000 before a slight correction. This period of high interest and speculation around Bitcoin influenced other market activities, creating a mixture of bullish and bearish trends in different cryptocurrencies.

In the March Signal Results, we saw that most of our trusted signal providers had good results, and some were even impressive. This pushed general optimism around the wider market as the signal providers navigated the complexities of the divergent April market trends in the cryptocurrency space.

Continue reading the April 2024 Signal Results to see how the providers performed.

April 2024 Crypto Signal Results

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Crypto Signal Results (click to expand)

Fat Pig Signals icon to illustrate their february results

1) Fat Pig Signals

Fat Pig Signals continued to showcase their trading expertise in April 2024, maintaining impressive performance metrics. With a total of 5 signals, they achieved 4 wins and only 1 small loss. This month reaffirms FatPig Signals’ strategy that fewer trades can still lead to significant gains. Their ability to generate substantial returns with a limited number of trades exemplifies their strategic insight: trade less, gain more.

Fat Pig Signals chart

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2) Binance Killers

Binance Killers have once again proven their skills in the crypto signals arena with their performance. With 41 signals, they secured an impressive 37 wins, had only 2 losses, and 2 signals canceled, resulting in a high win rate of 94.83%. This stellar performance earned them a well-deserved second place in our ranking. Binance Killers continue to showcase their ability to identify profitable opportunities. However, it’s worth noting that they occasionally recommend using a high amount of leverage, which might not suit all traders. Followers are encouraged to adjust leverage settings according to their personal risk tolerance and trading strategy.

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3) WallStreet Queen

WallStreet Queen has been in our signal results ranking since March 2024, and they have continued to showcase their trading strategies in April 2024 with exceptional performance metrics. Out of 33 signals, they achieved 28 wins, only 2 losses, and 3 canceled trades. This impressive performance results in a remarkable win rate of 93.33%. Their strategic approach and skillful execution demonstrate that they are not simply competing with the big players but also establishing new standards in the trading community.

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Verified Crypto Traders icon

4) Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders (VCT) performed well across both their Spot and Futures Channels, although we have some concerns about overtrading. The Spot Channel issued 14 signals, achieving 9 wins, resulting in a win rate of 64.29%. On the other hand, the Futures Channel demonstrated high activity with 98 signals, securing 79 wins and 18 losses, resulting in a win rate of 81.44%. We believe that this level of activity might be excessive.

Verified Crypto Traders chart

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Sublime Traders icon to illustrate their february results

5) Sublime Traders

Sublime Traders continued to demonstrate strong performance, particularly in their Algorithm for Scalp auto-trading. The Scalp Channel achieved remarkable success with 88 trades, of which 86 were wins, resulting in an outstanding win rate of 97.73%. Meanwhile, the Spot Channel showed a moderate improvement, with a total of 7 signals, securing 4 wins, 2 losses, and 1 canceled signal, resulting in a reasonable win rate of 66.67%. The Futures Channel performed much better, with a high win rate of 80%. Despite the mixed results in the Spot and Futures channels, the sustained excellence in the Scalp Signals Channel highlights the potential and reliability of Sublime Traders’ algorithmic trading approaches.

Sublime Traders chart

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CoinCodeCap icon to illustrate their february results

6) CoinCodeCap

CoinCodeCap showed a mixed performance across their channels. In the Spot channel, they didn’t perform well, issuing 13 signals, resulting in only 5 wins and 8 losses, achieving a low win rate of 38.46%. The Margin channel performed better, with 11 signals leading to 6 wins and 5 losses, resulting in a win rate of 54.55%. The High-Risk channel saw a high level of activity with 40 signals, out of which 19 were wins, 18 losses, and 3 canceled, resulting in a moderate win rate of 51.35%. While these results indicate a decent performance, we expected more improvement, given the group’s past success.

CoinCodeCap chart

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OnwardBTC icon

7) OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC showed signs of gradual improvement despite ongoing challenges. The Signals Channel recorded 54 signals, achieving only 25 wins resulting in a low win rate of 46.30%. Meanwhile, the Trading Bot Odin Channel generated 16 signals, with 6 wins, 9 losses, and 1 canceled trade, resulting also in a low win rate of 40%. These results indicate that while OnwardBTC is making slight progress, particularly with their trading bot, there remains significant room for improvement in their algorithm. To reach the success levels of competitors like Sublime Traders, further efforts are essential.

OnwardBTC chart

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Universal Crypto Signals icon to illustrate their february results

Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals (UCS) finally shared their April 2024 results, and they did a good job despite earlier delays in reporting. In the Spot channel, they nailed it with a perfect 4 out of 4 wins, keeping their 100% win rate intact. For the Futures channel, UCS managed 50 wins out of 63 signals, with a 79.37% win rate. This is great while slightly lower than their March performance.

Universal Crypto Signals chart

Final Thoughts on April 2024 Crypto Signal Results

The crypto market in April 2024 was marked by significant volatility and key events, notably the Bitcoin halving, which influenced market sentiment and trading activities. This period saw Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high before a slight correction, reflecting the intense speculation and interest surrounding the halving event.

The performance of our trusted crypto signal providers for the April 2024 Crypto Signal Results during this tumultuous month showcased a range of strategies and outcomes. Top performers like FatPig Signals and Binance Killers achieved impressive win rates, showing how you can master it and why they are on top. Others, such as OnwardBTC and CoinCodeCap, faced challenges once again. Still, we believe they can improve their strategy and get better results in the coming months.

The reasons for the absence of UCS remain unclear, but we are investigating the situation. We are committed to keeping you updated and will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.

The market is extremely bullish, and we hope to see this continuing in the coming months.

Beware of scammers trying to impersonate reputable signal providers’ admins! it’s better to confirm their official Telegram usernames before having any conversation.



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