G-Cryptotargets Review
G-Cryptotargets Review

G-Cryptotargets – Flow Traders with Cashback Feature

in BitMEX Signals


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Risk Awareness




Price/Performance Ratio


Yay! 🙂

  • Great Scalps
  • Sometimes winning trades with super tight stops
  • Good hit rate
  • Flowing trades, that kick in quickly
  • Mirror bot
  • Unique Cashback Feature

Nay! 🙁

  • Suggested Allocations are way off sometimes
  • Sometimes typos, clumsy mistakes in the trades
  • One bot trade without stop went wrong
  • Support answered important question too late
  • More and more trades without proper stop/loss appear
  • Dangerous risk management

G-Cryptotargets Review

+++ High Risk/High Reward Trades with Scalp Auto Trader +++

~ BitMEX Signals | Mirror Trading Bot | SmartOptions Cashback ~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Damn, what a ride! Our customer insights reviewer and I are watching G-Cryptotargets for quite a while now and I can say it was fun to be with them. The group, mainly from Belgium and around, is a funny troop and comes with good signals (though with a catch, but later more on that) and some unique ideas and features. One is the Mirror Bot, which copies their scalp trades to your account, which are often to fast for posting it as a signal to the channel. Furthermore, it is the first channel offering a Cashback feature for Smartoptions readers – quite a neat idea you will like.


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Signals Review

First off, G-Cryptotargets is nothing for the faint-hearted – you gotta be a risk-taker to be with them and use strict money management – there is no way around. But, boy – the frequently offered signals come with quite some flow. These are not carefully crafted signals, made by some mad scientist traders, sitting hours and hours in a TA lab drawing circles, lines, and ratios over charts. These are KISS – Keep it simple, stupid – trades by traders having a good catch on the charts as they see it. As said, you will get a lot of signals and the risk to lower your hit rate increases obviously with every single one them. Statistically, one should be able to hop on some very nice win streaks with G-Cryptotargets, but mind you – proper bankroll management is everything with this kind of trading.

That being said, their accuracy/hit rate is very good. As I experienced it, trader Glen has withdrawn temporarily after two losses – I really appreciate that with this kind of trading. This way he wants to avoid overtrading/revenge trading and he can come back with a fresh mind once “mentally recovered”. If Glen is in flow chances are high, he provides a series of winners. Taking a step back is the right attitude, one you want to see with a grownup trader, not this “I told ya, I told ya – I was right and you were not” – one like his former cocky former partner, which is happily gone now.

If you see someone being overly confident into their own trades you should become very cautious. If I see a trader that acts like he thinks this or that trade can’t fail I raise two eyebrows and take a big step back, as EVERY trade can fail – it is a thing of probabilities and there is nothing like a fail-safe call. G-CryptoTargets did well to remove the trader showing such an attitude.

A general word of warning (not minted on G-Cryptotarget in special, but surely helpful anyways): Your Money Management means your protection, and especially with channels that can show off a very high win rate, you want to bring this up on the table for yourself. Thinking “oh that hit rate is above 80%, going all in until I hit a winner is a good idea” is a safe way to reduce your equity, especially if the RR is not right.

All in all the calls shared in the channel have a great success rate and I believe one can earn good amounts of BTC with G-Crypto, if you apply your own money management and ignore the allocation recommendations which can happen to be a bit off sometimes. There are very active trades with many calls, and some calmer days – G-Cryptotargets, however, are always concerned to deliver for their customers. I’d just wish they’d be concerned the same way about the risk. Scalps with 25x lev (and tight stops, to be fair) and extreme capital allocations per trade (one example has shown 50%, has been corrected later on) can come up. But they are getting better with this issue. Looking back to February, we can find these kinds of leverages recommended:

G-Cryptotargets - Flow Traders with Cashback Feature 1
High Leverage Examples from the Past

These times are over and the maximum leverage I noticed in recent times has been 20x. Don’t get me wrong, for professional traders, it is not uncommon to use high leverage, to protect capital (yes, leverage is actually a tool to de-risk), though you gotta know on how to work this thing out. This doesn’t have to put you off from the great signals this channel offers but must raise your awareness to keep up with your own rules. One more thing: even if suggested by this channel, we want to bring up our dogma which is to NEVER put more than 10% of your balance into one trade. 10% is already an insane amount and on the upper border of the risk scale. On the other hand, I have to say, there have been trades with super tight stops, that worked out nicely – a big plus on the Risk/Reward site from this perspective. Trades that work out and come with a risk of just 2-3% is really unique.

The Auto Trader (Mirror Bot)

The auto trader/mirror bot as they call it is included in the subscription fee and mirrors the trades trader Glen trades on his master account. The mirror bot generally receives some more trades than the channel alone, as additionally many fast scalps are issued here. The mirror bot has used up to 20x leverage on altcoins. The profits have been between 5 to 30% max and have shown a maximum loss of -60% in an accident. In my test period, the mirror bot has opened 18 signals where three have been lost. One time he did not apply a stop, which was tragically, as exact in this very moment, the Tether FUD appeared and printed this loss into our accounts. Glen is very aware of this issue and applied several steps to secure this won’t happen again. If I experienced one thing, it is that there are mistakes happening with auto traders in the beginning. They hit, they smash you to the ground, you get back up on the feet again and do that mistake never again. If you signup, you can be happy Glen learned this lesson in my test period and not in yours ^^.

Signal Example

Here is a pretty nice trade by the Group:

G-Cryptotargets - Flow Traders with Cashback Feature 2
G-Cryptotargets - Flow Traders with Cashback Feature 3
All Targets and more achieved within 24 Hours

The Results

Overall the results are very good. The trades are rocking as long as they keep in flow. One the flow has been broken, they stepped back, which is a good attitude. To achieve consistent growth with the group, I’d go with smaller position sizing and very good bankroll management. If you know how to do that, you might see a nice asymmetrical compounding growth over time. The power of this service relies on the person trading them – avoid risk, embrace slow growth and you have a nice winner with this service, which comes pretty cheap to you. However, you should take the results sheet with a grain of salt. We saw inconsistencies due to signal edits which aren’t reflected in the most transparent way in the tracking sheet. There is a possibility the results are tuned and might differ from your own.

If you go with the bot, make sure to discuss the used % of your balance. As usual with higher risk traders, your balance might fluctuate often widely. Don’t use what you can afford to use, if you have some spare BTC for this experiment, enjoy a wild ride, which hopefully ends up very profitable.

G-Cryptotargets - Flow Traders with Cashback Feature 4

The Support

The trollbox is there for you and the team is pretty big for such a yet small channel, so you will be likely served pretty well. One thing I have to mention is, that there was a call, where the fund allocation size has been (hopefully) accidentally determined with 50%. The customers asked in the trollbox if this is correct as the entry came near. There has been unfortunately no timely reply. This would have been kinda important, hence we have to deduct points on this section.

The Critique

G-CryptoTargets is a pretty cheap service for what you get after all. They are an active team of multiple members and their setup is quite a nice start. However, there is some room for improvement:

  • Risk Management – High leverage, high capital allocation is advised too often in the signals channel.
  • Signal changes after posting it. Sometimes there had been clumsy errors with the posted signals and edited right after.
  • Through the signal edits, we saw inconsistencies with the results tracking.

If you make use of this signals, which in fact are very good, please don’t rush into them. Wait a few minutes, keep it easy – changes happen sometimes, so better to wait for the end version.

The Cashback

This is such a unique offer, it simply deserves its own bullet point. 10% of the subscription fees paid with the SmartOptions discount code will be collected in a pool. The profits of this pool will be evenly distributed to the subscribers coming from this review on a monthly basis. Isn’t that cool? Basically, it means, if you subscribe for example to the yearly plan, you might make your entrance fee back over time (depending on how many join with our discount code). We don’t know how much the folks will get each month, but hey – you will get something each month, as long as you stay subscribed! NICE ONE!

Customer Insights Review

Our community tester failed to submit his review, unfortunately.


G-Cryptotargets – this is a channel for trading fun, for sweaty palms, and much action. Customers might experience Glen’s flow – he does not overthink charts, he keeps it pretty simple and the charts reward that approach quite often. The accuracy of the channel is very good, though we would deduct a few trades from the results sheet. The profits generated depend highly on how you trade the signals. Many targets mean often smaller profits. I usually aimed for target 2 and once hit just trailed the stop, which worked nicely. You get allocation suggestions along with the signals – ignore them if they exceed 10%, this is my personal opinion. You get leverage suggestions, ignore them if they exceed 10x as recently stops not always work with aggressive pumps and liquidation is always around the corner. Bottom Line with G-CryptoTargets is: we simply added our own risk awareness/management to these great signals and had much trading fun with this great service for just a few bucks.

After all, a channel which comes with great signals and room for improvement in the areas of risk management/risk awareness and more precision when posting the signals. A bargain channel for advanced traders that know how to play these great signals for maximum profits.

Update: Decreased RISK AWARENESS rating, as more and more trades without stop loss appeared. Be careful, guys.


  • Website: www.g-cryptotargets.com
  • Telegram Contact for signups: @gcryptotargetserik and @gcryptotargetsdieter
  • Discount Code: 15% with SMARTIO20
  • Pricing:
    • Monthly membership: 0.0250 BTC
    • 3 months membership: 0.0600 BTC
    • 6 months membership: 0.0900 BTC
    • 1-year membership: 0.1200 BTC
    • * Membership fees also payable in ETH, BCH and XRP.
  • Auto Trader: Yes, Mirrorbot
  • What makes the channel unique:
    • Extraordinary support
    • Accuracy (almost 85% accurate calls)
    • +6600% profit in just over 3 months
  • Exchanges: 99% on Bitmex (there is also an Altcoin channel, but I did not check it)
  • Results Tracking: Sheet on Google Docs
  • Signals with technical analysis (for manual entries): No. They provide their signals without technical analysis but often they do give the technical analysis for our signals in our premium chatroom when our members are discussing the signal.
  • Trading Timezones: UTC+1
  • Free Channel:https://t.me/G_cryptotargets
G-Crypto Target Reviews
G-Cryptotargets - Flow Traders with Cashback Feature 5

In this review, we check the reliability, accuracy, and support of G-CryptoTargets. The quality of the signals in this channel have been tested for quite some time and lead us to a positive outcome for this Discord server. The initial editor's rating was 6.7 - the overall rating is influenced by 20% through community votes from the comments section.

Editor's Rating:

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  • Get unbiased well-researched & merciless coin reviews
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