G-Cryptotargets Review
G-Cryptotargets Review

[SUSPENDED] G-Cryptotargets Review

in BitMEX Signals

G-Cryptotargets Review

Review has been suspended. High Risk Channel with Gambling attitude. Take care if you decide to join.

Please be careful

G-Cryptotargets has a great gambler on board. Unfortunately, they often suggest oversized positions and also not to use any stop loss. This can erase your account very quickly. Furthermore, they offer a “Pool” programme, where Glen trades customer accounts. As far as we can allow ourselves an opinion, we think G-Cryptotargets is not a trustable channel. We would never suggest anyone to take part in such a programme. The risk level is ultimately high and we saw such things never going well in the end, hence we don’t want to be connected with such a service in any kind, form or manner.

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