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Happy Birthday, Cryptomedics! (incl. Fat 25% Birthday Coupon)

Happy Birthday, Cryptomedics! (incl. Fat 25% Birthday Coupon)

by SmartOptionsJanuary 8, 2019

We are following this group almost since its inception, and it was great to follow their progress throughout a year. Their recently added educational programme is just one achievement, which makes their members rave about them. Staying alive one year in the Crypto Signals Business is like five years in the normal world. A companies birthday is always a good point of time to have a look which goals it reached so far – and of course, it is YOU that will get the presents today:

Cryptomedics have come a long way from where they started. The project “CryptoMedics” initially started as a 2-man show (Damian and Jonny) because the creators were unhappy with the signal groups they joined before, as well as many scams going around. (actually, they got scammed at that time as well). Often, something good comes out of the worst experiences, as this resulted in an extraordinary company with growth and engagement from all kinds of angles up till a point where the team got strengthened by other professionals who loved the insight and knowledge the CryptoMedics team houses. So, after one year of consecutive successes in the Crypto markets, let’s review a list of steps they have taken and let’s take a look at what we can expect shortly from those guys!

The CryptoMedics Success Map:

  • predicting the BTC dump in Dec 2017 (due to futures launch), followed by their trader XHB predicting 3-4k already in February 2018
  • gathering a team of professional traders (TA) and market analysts (FA)
  • providing 24/7 support chat incomparable to other brands
  • discovering Holochain as the first brand in crypto
  • switching to margin trading in June to record almost 1000 % ROI in a few consecutive months
  • achieving three months in a row, the Provider of the month accoladed by our Signal Performance Tracker
  • switching to scalping in December 2018 to counter market stagnation
  • enrolling over 200 paying members with over 70% recurring payments
  • creating tremendous educational value (webinars, live trading sessions, portfolio consultancy etc.)

Let’s have a look at their future roadmap:

  • a full A-Z Educational course on becoming a profitable trader and making a career out of that profession, created by a retired daytrader
  • courses about how they do Fundamental analysis and how they implement those skills to spot high ROI potential projects
  • a bot which forwards the signals they make in a clear, unobstructed manner
  • a video collection dedicated to our ELITE investors, helping them on various things in the Crypto markets, ranging from help with TA to help with FA and last but not least: how to trade correctly and get the most return out of our entire service
  • Also, SmartOptions had the opportunity to take a look into their future roadmap and there is also a few real bombs about to go off soon. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to release this to the public yet
. Anyway, those guys have provided it so far, so stay tuned

We wish you guys all the best for the next upcoming years!

Keep it rocking!

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