Onward|BTC Review
Onward|BTC Review

Onward | BTC – The Simple Way Of BitMEX Trading

in BitMEX Signals

Onward | BTC

Starting from $19.50



Risk Awareness




Price/Performance Ratio


Yay! 🙂

  • One Entry - Max. Two Exits
  • Motivated Young Channel
  • Great Price
  • Very clear structured signals
  • Good trade logic

Nay! 🙁

  • Hit Rate must must improve

Onward | BTC Review

+++One Entry – One Exit | Simple BitMEX trading | Low Budget | Good Risk:Reward+++

(listed 05-2019)

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Most of the super big crypto / BitMEX signal groups are a scam to be honest. Hence I am always on the hunt for small groups, nobody knows yet, or which are about to start. Frankly, I never saw a 10k+ channel that has not been a scam. Watch out for the gems and don’t be one of the sheeple, going where everybody goes.
Recently, some recommended me a firestarter from Switzerland. They are swing traders as we like it – one clean entry, one clean exit, next trade. They are dead cheap and we are sure they are a good add-on to your signals arsenal.


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Usually, at this place, we show off a list of the offering of the signal provider. For Onward | BTC this would just show:

  • Swing Trading Signals

Onward | BTC does not offer a whole set of features, instead, they focus on providing simply signals. Great signals I really like, but more on that in the next chapter.

Signals Review

The signals by Onward | BTC are designed like a precise Switzerland watch – a round thing. You get in, you get out and if you are lucky even with a very juicy profit.

Onward | BTC does not provide laddered entries, they are exact spot entries. In the beginning, the same goes for the take profit points, but recently they started to provide two profit targets. We’ll have to observe how this will play out on their results sheet. For $59 a month you will receive a few selected signals: one entry – one exit (OK, sometimes two).
They run a 24/7 Twitch channel, where you can see their charts waiting for entries, for example, accompanied by mostly really bad music.

This is not for the overtraders who want to get into trades daily, this is for the patient ones that can hold a trade for some time and therefore reap really nice profits as a reward.
Onward | BTC started their business in February with 6 signals, in March 7 signals and April has 13 signals and May 14 signals so far. All trades since the channel inception in February would have given you a total return of 354% of accumulative profit, while this number has a lot more meaning with Onward | BTC as for other channels with staggered entries/exit.

While Onward | BTC is profitable after all, the accuracy needs improvement. If one takes every posted trade, the customers should end up with profits – however, it is likely that one will not be able to catch all of them and this is the difficult point when it comes to low accuracy.

The risk management is a bit meh for the most trades. We are averaging at 30% for a loss, but you cannot compare this to these scalp channels with near targets and staggering. Swings need a bit wider stops, or you will get stopped out every single time with a volatile instrument like crypto.

You can see on the example trade below, Onward|BTC has some nice swings to play off here, and I believe in his trading skills. In my opinion, we might see an increase in accuracy, but this is fortune telling. Important to me is, that he doesn’t play trades like woohoo there is consensus, there is Justin Sun as a Speaker, let’S long Tron. He analyzes the charts and keeps up with his TA. Losers are part of the game – after all, you need to be profitable.


The Support

There is no customer chat group and it is a fact I appreciate. Way to often I saw that customer chats f#cking up the mental game of the trader. The channel is still pretty small, yet very professional. As there is no customer overload and the motivation is high, I am very sure they will provide top-notch support. If I had questions, I got my reply within a few hours max.


I like this channel for its different and professional approach. For 59 bucks you can’t really go wrong, adding some extra swings to your portfolio. It is not a channel I’d invest big in every trade, but one where I can go in with small trades and just relax. The stops are wide with an average of 30%, but this is expected with this trading style – usually the hit targets will weigh this out as they are far from entry as well – it is all about the ratio between stop and target. Pretty unique is the One Entry / One Exit mentatility, which I find very refreshing. Especially when it comes to calculate the outcome for the customers, it is the single most transparent to see what could come around with a subscription. The trader seems to be an honest standup person and to me it would be a good time to lock in cheap prices and yeah, and to just take these nice trades with me.


  • Website: https://www.onwardbtc.com
  • Discount Code: No discount code. Already very cheap.
  • Plan:  19.50$/month
  • Auto Trader: no
  • Special Features: 24/7 stream on twitch and youtube where people can talk with Onward|BTC. They give exact entries and exits. We never ladder an entry or let a trade ride. We are sure about our signals, that's why we share the signals on a picture. They are always online and help also with bitmex issues (education, what is short, long etc etc.)
  • Exchange: At the moment bitmex only. But signals can also be used in other exchanges if they want.
  • Result tracking: Sheet on Google Docs or on thetheir website
  • Signals with technical analysis: No, but shown on a chart
  • Trading Timezones: 24/7 (But based in Switzerland, so likely most in CET)
  • Free Channel: https://t.me/onwardbtc_official
Onward | BTC Review
Onward | BTC - The Simple Way Of BitMEX Trading 3

In this review, we check the reliability, accuracy, and support of Margin Whales. The quality of the signals in this channel have been tested for quite some time and lead us to a positive outcome for this telegram channel. The initial editor's rating was 7 - the overall rating is influenced by 20% through community votes from the comments section.

Editor's Rating:

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  1. how cani trust this sites and chanells no names no adress no phone what if they scam my money what cani do? :p answer me tnx

    • We are the top site for Telegram Signal providers and you think we would still be around if we promoted scams lol? This is crypto which in some countries is not even legal as many still think we are drug dealers or money laundering and still we have a long way to go to educate people about crypto which is happening more and more every day just like BTCs price is rising and rising a little bit here and there oh yeah baby jump on while you can, if not stay a boy and not a man!

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