Signal Results February 2021 “The Crypto Bullrun is Intact!”

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Signal results for February are in order to rank how each crypto signal provider did during the month. With the recent explosion in telegram crypto signals, we have seen a giant influx of traders to all the different groups. The results from one crypto signals group to another went very well… Most taking full advantage of the new highs in both BTC and ETH.

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Monthly Signal Results

Universal Crypto Signals
1) Universal Crypto Signals

Once again the best crypto trading telegram signals can be spotted in universal signals, having several key trades of large returns, being higher than maybe all the trades of other groups. Thus this was a fantastic month for UCS as the best-paid crypto signals for February.

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Verified Crypto Traders
2) Verified Crypto Traders

VCT’s crypto signals were above spectacular, have a bit of an unfair advantage as there are several different traders in VCT one of which had trades in GME Gamstop & almost perfect calls in high/lows of BTC for the month. Selling above 57k and buying under 44k.

Fat Pig Signals
3) Fat Pig Signals

Fatpigs had a very nice month with 38 winning trades. Neck and neck with VCT for their telegram crypto signals, only lacking in entry/exit perfection. But still an astounding 100% win rate! Along with a large number of trades to boot!

4) 4C-Trading

4C-Trading had a turbulent month, with the volatility of their smartbots of which they had to explain to members some descrepencies in performance. Again a great signal provider that will look to advance once again with smartbot variance decreasing hopefully in the future.

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Sublime Traders
5) Sublime Traders

Our newest addition to the SmartOptions family is Sublime Traders, their results are slow and steady across the board. February was a difficult month for this signal provider due to the extremes in some of the flash-crash-like movement. Again a new month is here and lets us watch this crypto signal telegram group improve over the coming months!

Coin Observatory
6) Coin Observatory

CoinObservatory is still in the process of including their data for collection of our monthly crypto signals results page. We look forward to seeing some of their incredible trading stats as they have had some very impressive wins in the past.

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Monthly crypto signals conclusion…

The past month provided some challenges as the bipolar nature of the market and a few hiccups with flash-crash with up and down movements. This made trading a bit more complicated for some.

Crypto trading is not an easy task for many, but the above crypto signal providers are a proven group of traders who bring consistent results over time.

Still, the bull phase of the market still seems intact and many crypto telegram signals groups are rocking into march!

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