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Bullish News Everywhere – But Where Is The Moon?

Bullish News Everywhere – But Where Is The Moon?

by SteveSeptember 17, 2018

Since the inception of crypto itself, there has never been more bullish news about this particular market within a month like in September 2018. The signs of a bull market are everywhere and we can sense the smell of starting rockets – but why, oh why, doesn't reflect all this news to the price?Ā  We are getting hammered by optimistic news all around – now the price has to follow.Ā  Due to our analyst Ricco, the markets are more than ripe for a fat reversal, see the video above.
See what has happened this month alone, and this is only an extract of the most important things that have happened, accompanied by even smaller headlines:

  • BitGo Custody gets Approval for US Institutional Investors for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP & 72 other Cryptos (Source)
  • Morgan Stanley is Building a Bitcoin Swap Trading Product (Source)
  • The Winklevoss Twins fromĀ Gemini have launched the first fully tested and licensed stable coin. (Source)
  • The EU Commission recognizes cryptocurrencies as an asset class (Source)
  • Nasdaq starts to developĀ cryptocurrency analysis tools (Source)
  • The Citigroup begins exploring crypto custody solutions. (Source)
  • Coinbase exploring Bitcoin ETF with Blackrock (Source)
  • Gibraltar starts to dive into Crypto (Source)
  • And then we have BAKKT…
  • so much more positive major and minor news, all popping up in September

When Moon?

We saw those fatĀ 80% retracements before in Crypto bear markets and each time the prices flip back even stronger. The crypto markets are known to react strongly to the positive news, but this time it is different: the price moves are not yet reflecting the strength & power of all the above. So are we doomed to tangle around 6-7k? While the blockchain itself finds more and more adoption in several industry branches, cryptocurrency coins and tokens itself have yet to prove their ability to serve the masses. As we wrote here, we believe the crypto markets have yet to deliver – also technical solutions, but we are developing fast into this direction with the Lightning and Sharding protocol.

We Are Currently Accumulating Energy.Ā 

We are starting to have better tech, new tools, a better infrastructure – the market did not stop to mature with the prices – and one major reason why our '17 rally has been stopped out: the missing custody solution to meet the demand of institutional investors, which are very much needed for the safeguarding of cryptocurrency assets – institutions need to know that their funds are safu. Even this has been tackled when Coinbase launched its Digital Asset Custody. Furthermore, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup have announced their plans to introduce a custody solution based on customer demand.

We know smart money is, well, SMART and all these positive facts led us to one conclusion: The prices of the major coins are suppressedĀ – they are only collecting energy and starship will be ready to take-off soon.Ā  Maybe “Moon” is outdated soon and will become a meme for understatement in crypto.

Now grab some popcorn and check out the video above to get an idea about the technical outlook of Bitcoin. Like Trump says: Billions and Billions andĀ Billions andĀ Billions andĀ Billions and Billions and…

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